How to Deal With Going Bald At a Young Age

What’s up readers?

Today we’re discussing something that a lot of young men across the world struggle with…

GOING BALD at a young age (under 30 or even under 23).

That’s right. It happens to some men.

First, I’ll give you my backstory and qualifications to write on this topic.

Basically, all the men on both sides of my family were noticeably bald by 25 or younger.

Ever since I was about 8 years old I knew that my beautiful hair would disappear.

My baldness kicked into high gear right after my 22nd birthday. It became noticeable to other people shortly before my 23rd birthday. Currently approaching my mid 20s and it’s pretty f*cking noticeable and makes me look about 35 years old.

So yes, I’m overly qualified to write about this. Anyway, I’ll write this as if I’m having a conversation with my younger self.


hot girl in stairway


Seriously, girls don’t care about balding on men. It’s just not how they are biologically programmed.

Women don’t look at men and say, “Ew. You’re balding, I don’t want to have sex with you. You creepy loser. Get away from me.”

Actually, they say that all the time lol. I’ve literally had women say that to me.

Women also tell me they want a nice guy that treats them like a princess, buys flowers, and licks their toes. Despite that, they fuck the most mentally (and physically) abusive guys while putting Mr. Flowers and Toe Licker in the friend zone.

As they say: “Nice guys finish in a tissue; assholes finish on her face.”

I think I messed up that quote.

Short story, don’t pay attention to what a woman says about anything. Ever.

Just don’t.


The only caveat with balding is that you probably won’t get many Tinder matches… Vietnam is great for Tinder, so you’ll do fine here. Women don’t actually know what they want in a romantic partner, for reasons I won’t get into on this website, so they just say they want a hot guy that treats them like a Queen. And on Tinder all they have to go on is a picture, so they swipe right on good looking guys.friend zone


Ok. Moving on.

You can also go on Vietnam Cupid. I guarantee you none of those sweet Asian girls care if you are bald. Click the photo below for an article I wrote on mastering Vietnam Cupid.

Sexy Vietnamese Girl

“Can I take medicine like Propecia or Rogaine?”

Sure. You can take Propecia or Rogaine. It might extend the inevitable by a few years.

I took minoxidil (generic version of Rogaine) for about a year when I was like 20. I think it made my hair grow back a little bit, but it gave me the worst dandruff of my life. Seriously, I had massive snowflake sized pieces of dandruff. Not to mention it made my hair super greasy and gross.

Propecia is a different ball game. It has very minor side effects on some men that include depression, anxiety, breast enlargement, and sexual dysfunction (!).

I read a report about a guy that lost the ability to have an erection…


Imagine that, you have your hair, but your wee-wee doesn’t work.

Kind of defeats the whole purpose of keeping your hair.

Seriously, you don’t want to mess with your endocrine system and DHT levels.

Avoid Propecia.

“Can I get a hair transplant?”

Sure. A good one will run you over $25,000, which is a lot of money for a younger guy to spend on an unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

More importantly, they just don’t work that well on guys that will eventually go fully bald. You’ll also be stuck taking Propecia for the rest of your life…

and probably still go bald.

“Well what can I do?”

Stop being a pussy. Shave your head. That’s what most young bald guys seem to do.

I do that, sometimes.

It looks great and makes me feel good.

 “I’m still worried.”

According to the Kübler-Ross model (5 stages of grief), you will probably suffer denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These steps were first observed in terminally ill cancer patients.

It may as well apply to balding though because balding and terminal cancer are the same thing to a lot of guys.

Most balding men probably experience these five stages.


You’ll deny that you are balding and convince yourself that your hairline is fine and it’s all in your head. Yet you still check your hairline every morning and count how much hair you lose in the shower.

You know that your hairline is receding. Admitting that to yourself is difficult. This falls into the whole, “Ignore it and it’ll go away” line of thinking.


This is the stage where you cannot deny that you are losing hair and YOU ARE PISSED OFF.

“Why did this happen to me?” and you are jealous of people that have a lot of hair. Don’t get stuck in the anger phase too long or else you turn into an angry guy posting on hair loss chatrooms.


Bargaining is the next step. This is the stage when you usually begin taking minoxidil, Propecia, and considering a hair transplant. You probably say, “I’ll be happy if I can keep this level of hair.”

You’re still probably angry and will start wearing a hat to cover up your baldness.


Yeah, you’ve accepted that losing your hair is inevitable. You’re depressed about it and think that your life is literally over.

“No woman will love a bald man.”


You have enough life experience and maturity to realize that being bald is not that big of a deal. Plus, you can’t change it without some (potentially) nasty consequences, so you just have to accept it.

Women are obviously fine with bald men. People don’t really care if you have hair. Honestly, people don’t really care that much about you in general.

Life goes on.

Unfortunately, lots of guys never reach the acceptance stage. They live their whole life depressed about being bald and try to hide it. They’re that guy that always wears a hat indoors and has had like 10 hair transplants.

Don’t be that guy.

Speaking of that, I always thought it was strange that my dad has never shaved his head, never did any hair loss treatment, rarely wears a hat, and has never had a combover in over 30 years of being bald. Naturally, he was the first person I asked about how to cope with this huge problem.

“I dunno. I never thought that much about it,” was his advice.

That’s the best way to deal with going bald. Just don’t even think about it at all.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my advice is to stop being a girly-man metrosexual bitch about your male pattern baldness. It really is not that big of a deal.

Shave your head and move the fuck on with your life.

Or don’t shave your head. Shaving your head takes a decent amount of time and I tend to cut myself since I use a safety razor.

Men have much bigger things to worry about than the hair on their head or the clothes that they wear. As long as you look well put together you will be fine. Really, just don’t like a slob (fat, smell bad, dirty clothes, etc.).

But spending time styling your hair in the morning and buying fucking pomade and hair styler to make yourself more attractive to women is literally the most feminine thing you can do. You may as well bleach your asshole so it looks good when your wife is pegging you with a strap on.

Women are the ones that are supposed to spend hours putting on makeup, doing their hair, and bleaching their asshole to attract a man. Not the other way around.

A man is supposed to spend his time building trillion dollar businesses, literally building civilizations, breaking world records, conquering the world, and pretty much everything else should be a higher priority.

Men were put on the world to make it our bitch. Don’t waste your time worrying about your hair because some marketing company run by women says you should feel ashamed about it.

Just don’t get a combover, please. Have some level of decency.



  1. With scalp micropigmentation the ink doesn’t go as deep as in the case of a tattoo. And you take in a lot of shit that can cause cancer anyway. You drink alcohol and coke, you smoke weed etc.
    As for the hat, you don’t have to take it off until you and your date are in your apartment, when it’s too late for the girl to say no.

    1. As for the hat, you don’t have to take it off until you and your date are in your apartment, when it’s too late for the girl to say no.

      She already knows you’re bald if you never take off your hat on the first date. Just wearing a hat indoors is sus. Shit, I even had a girl ask if I was bald because I was wearing a hat in all my Tinder pictures lol. I made sure to put up a bald picture after that question.

      Women really don’t care at all. And if they do care… they’re probably a dude.

  2. Consider scalp micropigmentation. It gives amazing results. Or just wear a flat bill cap – it will make you look badass too.

    1. All that ink your scalp will probably cause cancer down the road. Hats do look good, but I hate that people are always like “Oh… you’re bald” when I take it off. That’s part of why I stopped wearing mine.

  3. Another hilarious post. Totally empathize. Your dad sounds like the man. Don’t be like Joe Biden or George Costanza; be like Larry David and Michael Jordan and embrace it. Less money we have to spend on shampoo.

      1. the most beta exchange in the history. But it’s okay Nio, you can feel good about dat genetic inferiority, nobody’s perfect.

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