Do White Expats in Asia Exploit Asian Women?

sad asian girl

One of the most common clichés about white expats living in Asia is that we exploit the local women for our own sexual benefit. Unsurprisingly, ugly Western women and white knights tend to push this narrative. Most likely in a jealous fit of rage because white men choose to pursue thin, feminine, and beautiful Asian women.

Angry feminist

“Women” that look this push the “exploited Asian girls” narrative.

Anyway, the following article will logically explain why white expats do not sexually exploit poor Asian women.

Yes, I know logically explaining concepts to women (and manginas) is a losing proposition. Simply put, women (and manginas) think with their emotions, which allows them to backwards rationalize anything. However, I will still publish this list because I can do what I want on my website. It also has some decent keyword rankings 😉

1.      Asian women are not stupid

Ok, that is a mistruth. Women from all ethnicities are a bunch of dumb sluts. However, Asian women still have agency in their stupid decisions.

Don’t listen to the feminists that say women can do no wrong. Women are inherently stupid and selfish, which means they can never take responsibility for the consequences of their stupid decisions. Usually they just blame men for the negative results like Eve from the “Adam and Eve” story.


A lot of expats will pump-and-dump these Asian girls and word spreads because Asians love to talk. Just look at all the Vietnamese people you see talking (yelling) into their phone.

Anyway, expat guys promise these girls the world and then leave them high and dry. The girls know this might happen from their gossip mill, but they take the chance anyway.


Dating a guy richer than any of their other dating options (read: brokeass Vietnamese dudes) sounds exciting. This leads to my next point.

2.      Asian girls want to date foreigners

There you go, I said it. Not every girl here wants to date a foreigner, I guess. However, most of the girls seem somewhat curious about experiencing a foreigner. They have heard rumors of white guys having massive meat poles and lasting longer than 20 seconds in bed.

vietnamese girl thinking

I guarantee you that she is thinking about dating a rich foreigner.

What women wouldn’t want to try that out?

Not to mention that white guys have much more sexual openness than Asian guys because of the feminist programming in the west. In other words, we don’t shame these girls for being sluts.

At the end of the day every girl just wants to be a little slut, but this thing called society and culture gets in the way. White guys don’t shame, which makes the repressed slut in every women come out. Just take a look at the state of western society as an example of this at work on a societal level.

A different subset of these girls see us a rich guy and a ticket to a better life. These ones will do anything to latch onto a foreigner as a way to exit their shithole of a country. Most of these girls don’t realize that the reality of the west is not as great as their mental picture, but I digress.

3.      Expats have a better life

You can debate that poor people have a better life because they don’t care about material goods, have close family bonds, and sleep on the ground.

Yeah, that’s a load of bullshit pushed by poor people to cope with their life situation. Poor people do care about material goods, but they can’t afford them because they’re poor. D’oh!

nice penthouse Vietnam expat

Average home of a white expat.

Living in poverty sucks. Just take a look at the working situation of the average Vietnamese person. They sleep on a straw mat on the ground and eat rice and chicken every day for dinner. An average day at work will last 12 hours with (maybe) one day off per week.

Does that sound like a good life?

Asian girls want to upgrade from that life to the lifestyle of a foreigner. Honestly, some expats do live amazing an amazing life. Even the foreigners at the lower end of western society still live a better life than 99% of people in Southeast Asia.

4.      Guys don’t care if a girl is rich or poor

This hard truth will hurt the career go-grllls that live in the west. Men don’t care if a woman has a law degree or a medical degree. Nor do we care if a woman has a high income.

In fact, a woman with a high income is generally considered less attractive. Just look at all the guys not lining up to date Sheryl Sandberg.

Guys want to marry a nice piece of feminine arm candy that will make a good mother and wife. Many Asian women meet that criteria. These girls know how to cook, clean, and make a man happy. Her income has no bearing on her attractiveness.

Final Thoughts

Those four reasons explained the reasons that white expats dating Asian women is not considered exploitation. The individual points all overlapped under one main overarching point… Asian women that want to date westerners will date westerners by their own free will.

Women here do have agency over their decisions and enter into these arrangements under their own free will. Contrary to popular belief, no arranged marriages exist between foreigners and locals.

Sure, dating some expats is a stupid decision for an Asian girl to make… but girls have made stupid decisions since the beginning of time and tried to weasel their way out of it. Just look at the story of “Adam & Eve.”

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  1. Ran back from the usa stimbling.Broke. Asian beauties welcome you back with open arms. You stab them in the back again. And again and again.

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