5 WEIRD Things About Asian Women

Asian women are great, but they can be very strange. This article will describe five weird things about literally every single one of them. Yes, I’ve met every single Asian woman on the planet. Please don’t try to rebut me on that point.

As usual, if you get offended about this, then I don’t care LOL. You can send a complaint about me to the editor via our Contact Page.

1. Perfectly Straight Pubic Hair

This one applies to women of the East Asian variety… they all got straight black pubic hair. And I mean really straight; it’s as straight, and black, as their hair. Yes, it surprised me too when I first saw it.

It even forms a little mohawk when they take a shower.

I didn’t know pubic hair could be straight. Absolutely mind blowing.

2. Hairy Nipples

Most of the girls probably shave their nipple hair, but every now and then you find one with some nipple hair. It’s not a lot of hair.

The problem is that it gets really long for some reason. Even worse is when you get some stubble because they didn’t shave their nip hair before the date.

It’s just gross. I’m straight, so I don’t want to kiss hairy/stubbly nipples and get all that hair in my mouth.

Asian ladies, please shave your nipple hair.

3. They’ll Kiss Your Nipples

Another one that happens quite frequently… or so I hear in my comment section. Vietnamese women like to kiss male nipples.


Personally, I’ve only had one Vietnamese woman do this. Probably because I got super hairy nipples that are literally the size of a dime. And kissing hairy nipples is kind of gross (see point #2)…. Not like grossness has stopped women from doing anything, so that’s probably just a cope from me.

4. Little Mustaches

Another hair one. Two out of three of the items on this list are hair… I guess Asian women are just hairy people.

Anyway, Asian women have these thin little black, or white if they’re pale, mustaches. Most of the women will shave or wax their mustache. But Every now and then you see one with a soft little mustache.

Even you can’t see it, you can definitely feel it.

Trust me, it’s weird to kiss a girl with a little mustache. Like, really weird.

Before anyone asks, NO these are not ladyboys. I’m very good at spotting ladyboys. Sorry to inform you, but guys that claim they made out with a ladyboy (or whatever else) are subconscious homosexuals.

5. Padded Bras

This is by far the most aggravating thing that Asian woman do. Let me give you a little story…

You meet a cute Asian girl on Tinder. You swipe right mostly because she’s cute, petite, and has decent sized boobs.

“Nice,” you think, “Asian women usually have small boobs, but Ngoc has got some nice sweater puppies.”

So you go on a boring coffee date with Ngoc. And yeah, her boobs are big.

Your next date is watching Netflix at your apartment. One thing leads to another and you’re somehow making out with Ngoc. You take off her bra and…


Yup. You just got played. It’s called a padded bra, and they really are convincing under a shirt.

It’s like putting socks in a box for Christmas. You get all excited thinking it’s a PS4 or something exciting, but nah it’s just socks.

What kind of sick, twisted person does that?

Oh yeah, that’s right…

cute asian girl smiling


  1. yeah, nice looking skin with full of black spots!,
    30 yrs look like 50 yrs
    No, thank you! our skin even better for 50 yrs look like 30 yrs!

    1. >No, thank you! our skin even better for 50 yrs look like 30 yrs!

      cool story. I assume you try to keep your skin as white as possible, right? And you probably dye your hair red or brown, right?

      Hmmmmm, what people have white skin and red or brown hair???

  2. 5 WEIRD Things About white Women
    1. crows nest hair
    2. Hairy the whole body like monkey
    3.They’ll Kiss Your cock
    4. wear like man
    5. saggy breast

    good luck with your races!

    1. Blue or brown eyes, brown/blonde/red hair, actual boobs, pink nipples, nice looking skin, nice noses, no monolid.

      As long as they aren’t fat, then they’re pretty good looking, even without makeup. That’s why Asian women do stuff to get white features… monolid surgery, nosejobs, colored contacts, dyed hair, and skin whitening…

  3. Wasting too much time on your damn blog Neo…

    #6 Pinching and punching my arm when I laugh at them. Not sure if they do this because I’m an asshole or it’s a sign of affection.
    #7 Not true for all but many of them use a fucking fortune telling app right after sex. After that they switch to watching Vietnamese soap opera clips on facebook. Guess I only match basic bitches..

    Any sane expats hmu if you wanna hang out, preferably NOT Bui Vien. Really need to get away from Tinder sluts, coffeeshops and this apartment complex.

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