PSA: Vietnam Visa Law Updates (UPDATE)

UPDATE January 7, 2020: My visa lady said to wait until July to see what happens.

Quick heads up for followers and anyone that stumbles upon this amazing piece of internet property:

Vietnam just passed a law will take affect on July 1st, 2020. It states that foreigners on a tourist visa must leave every 30 days. Yes, that includes Americans on a one year tourist visa.

Source: Vietnam Star

This means if you’re on a tourist visa you’ll have to leave Vietnam 12 times per year, which isn’t really practical. They’re doing this to target foreigners that work illegally in Vietnam AND foreigners that commit internet crimes from here.

No updates on what countries they will target.

The old rules were that foreigners with a tourist visa had to leave every 90 days.

Again, the new law will take effect on July 1st, 2020. Don’t get caught off-guard by it!

Note: Vietnam has a tendency to change visa requirements before, or shortly after, enforcement. We’ll keep the blog updated as more information becomes available.

Check out my guide on doing a visa run in Ho Chi Minh City.

That is all.


  1. What are the rules on work permits now? I was told you know longer need a criminal check from your home country but can instead just get a local police check from Vietnam after you arrive. Apparently they have relaxed the 6 month rule as well. You only need to prove resident status.

    1. no clue. My friend got one without any of that: he has a non-English speaking passport, didn’t graduate high school, and no criminal check.

      pretty sure his company just paid a bribe. He did have a TEFL.

  2. We have all seen this before, every year the government comes up with a new scheme scaring people and many leave.
    I came to Vietnam before everyone was on Facebook, Whats App, Viber etc and it was a much better place. Too many changes way too fast.
    These kids are exposed to things that we never even thought about when we we’re kids.
    EXAMPLE. A high-school girl student of mine asked me in class what I thought of Necrophilia.
    Damn….. I asked her if she knew what it is and she said yeah it’s interesting.
    Vietnam was so innocent before.

    1. Yeah, we’ll see. I suspect Vietnam will make it increasingly difficult for foreigners to live here without a work permit… just like Thailand and Cambodia did a few years ago.

  3. Hi mate, is there any update to this rule?
    I ask around and it seems even some visa agents are confused…
    The only ones that seem legit are those that allows visa change of status.

  4. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

    I have been a reader of your blog front to back for sometime now, and over at SMP. You guys are very informative. My plan is to actually grind out 5-10$ SNG’s online with a bankroll, and play some live tourneys etc. The Hoiana is going to be a thing here in the near future so there is that as well, locatin wise.

    I want to use english teaching legally as a “plan B”, I also have an online backup tutoring gig just in case, but of course couldn’t do that on a tourist visa in Vietnam anyways.

    Either way,

    Cheers man, much appreciated.


    1. Thanks. Glad you like it here.

      Best of luck with the gambling. It’s a tough line of work, but plenty of guys make enough to live pretty nice.

  5. Im trying to find more concrete information on this as it pertains to me. Im showing up to Da Nang airport in just over 90 days from the wasteland that is Canada. Id prefer not to have to leave by summer and leave to a different country, but, if I had to leave every month, then, Cambodia it is I suppose with their easier visa situation. I suppose as a degreed grad with a TEFL certificate, I could maybe get a work permit and then eventually a temp residence card and avoid some of this? I’ll keep checking in here to see, thanks for this info, it is much appreciated.

    1. Yes. You qualify for a work permit. Kind of difficult to find an English teaching job in Da Nang though, but you can somewhat easily find one in HCMC or Hanoi.

      I’m renewing my visa in a few weeks, so I’ll ask my visa lady about the situation when I see her.

  6. Yep. Like I’ve been writing Vietnam is finished. Kaput. This is like my 4th time here and it’s not great.

    – Turning into a feminist hellhole with constant domestic violence campaigns and man hating policies. Even that tranny Michelle Obama is coming to nail the coffin shut with her empower wahmen speech.

    – New generation of Vietnam cunts are lazy bitches that don’t cook. They are most career oriented and play mobile pugb. Plenty of colored hair and tattood sluts as well. So don’t come here expecting traditional women / partners.

    – Real estate money is making nearly every local dude rich beyond imagination and they’re openly flirting with every semi-hot girl and taking them on trips / paying their bills while joe blow expat tries to impress them with their shitty Vietnamese or $3 coffee date.

    – Dating quality women used to be quite easy here but globalization and sugar babies are the norm now. The country is past ‘sexpat’ equilibrium and now into ‘harder than back home’ territory. This is why you keep seeing these white Chads with all these ugly flat chested boring acne ridden hicktown Bien Hoa girls.

    – Good luck doing anything outside Saigon / HCMC or Hanoi. Every other city is a xenophobic wasteland.

    I can go on and on and on but this 2020 law is a definite clincher if it passes.


  7. Saw there was another Mike commenting. I am the German who recently wrote about Germany being a feminist shithole, haha.

    Anyhow, about this visa law – how reliable is that source? How come I havent heard about it in Facebook forums for Expats? Normally they whine about everything there.

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