Vietnamese Women Aren’t That Hot

Sup expats. Got a somewhat controversial article this week…

Vietnamese women aren’t that hot. I’ll take it a step further… most of them are downright ugly.

Now, I like pushing the sexy Asian women meme because it pisses off fat white women and makes me money from affiliate sales, but we all know that white guys only like Asian women because they’re (relatively) submissive, do anything you want, and aren’t fat.

Everything else you read about Asian women is a cope. 99% of the time it comes from guys trying to convince themselves that they made the right choice by settling with a sub-par Asian woman. And the problem with white women isn’t their natural appearance or their natural behavior. It’s all about the unnatural behavior, and beauty standards, shoved down our throat by the wandering, globalist, banking elite

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Anyway, Asians aren’t that hot, at least the ones that white guys can date. As usual, rich Vietnamese guys always get the top Vietnamese women (that aren’t straight up prostitutes). I assume most of the rich Vietnamese women have had plastic surgery done anyway, which makes them disgusting humans.

This article will cover reasons Vietnamese, and Asians in general, really aren’t that hot:

Can’t Open Their Eyes

The first problem with Asian women is they can’t open their eyes. Yes, I know they can see despite their eyes always looking closed.

However, it still creeps me out. I never know when her eyes are closed or open.


Black Eyes/Hair

Ok, that last one was said in jest. This one is serious:

Asians have one type of hair color, hair texture, and eye color.

Black, bone straight, and black.

Their eyes are so black that you can’t even see their pupils. That’s assuming they even open their eyes (see above).

I’m still not convinced they even have the same vision as round-eye people like us.

Back on topic, they have perfectly straight pubes, too.

That’s all a no from me. I like the diverse colors of brown, blonde, red, blue, green, and various shades of brown (eyes). Even though I have dark brown hair and brown eyes… lol.

Don’t even tell me about dyed hair. It always looks terrible. Guys always prefer women with natural hair.

Big Lips

Some men like big lips on women for some bizarre reason – I also assume those guys like shoving bananas up their ass.

Personally, big lips look terrible, and if you disagree with me you’re a faggot. And judging by the compliments I get on my beautiful, tiny lips, Vietnamese/Asian people really hate their big lips.

Seriously guys, I don’t have any lips. It’s kind of weird. Definitely a perk in Southeast Asia, though.

Flat Nose

Another one that Vietnamese people absolutely hate about themselves – their noses. They all want to get nose surgery to have a pointy, triangle nose. Obviously, no one in the world likes a flat nose. They simply don’t look good.

Did you know flat nosers can’t see their own nose?

My mind was blown when I discovered that. I mean, I have a small nose (phew), but it’s still kind of pointy and straight. I can see it at all times.

Honestly, it’s kind of annoying.

But imagine not being able to see your own nose?


Vietnamese women more often than not will have a lot of body hair. Generally, the darker Asian women have more hair, and they all have a decent amount of hair, as pictured below…

Average dark Asian woman.

They aren’t Iranian women or Arab, OK.

They do have a surprising amount of hair, though. A lot of them don’t shave either…

Most of this hair appears on their arms, legs, nipples, and pubic area. They also have white, peach fuzz mustaches. Personally, I’m a big fan of the bush, and only homosexuals like shaved vaginas. Shaved vaginas look disgusting. I’m getting sick just thinking about them…


But I’ll pass on the other body hair. As you can imagine, kissing a girl with a peach fuzz mustache feels very weird.

Keep all that shaved, ladies. Keep the bush.

Pancake Butt

I don’t think this one even needs explaining.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows that Asian women have pancake butts. Some have nice heart-shaped butts, but the vast majority have flat butts*.

Even worse?

They always look so great in yoga pants, and then their butt literally collapses in on itself (like the Twin Towers) when the yoga pants come off…

all so tiresome

*I don’t like massive butts. A normal shaped butt is perfectly fine.

Small Boobs

Same as above. Everyone knows Asians have small boobs.

However, sometimes they surprise you with big boobs on the (clothed) first date…

But then the clothes comes off on the 2nd date. And they’re either fake, weird papaya/torpedo shaped boobs, or they were wearing a padded bra with absolutely NOTHING UNDERNEATH.


  1. I thought you know everything. I know you web cause it on the computer i use in my office. i use the email of previous user. you know, sometime kind of boring when you have a desk job! ha ha

  2. I think I am Hot, so hotttttt,
    I have a crazy traight hair, long with nature color.
    My skin is white.
    I have A good job
    I have a Perfect familly.
    I have a perfect Body.
    I alway wear appopriate when go out.
    I think I am hot like other viet girl in the street.
    but sorry to inform, I and my friend like Viet Guy and Viet Guy only. I some time thinking about married with my neighbour to close my family after listen the song name -Don’t Cry Joni

  3. the average viet girl’s face resembles a bag of smashed gorilla assholes.

    that being said, it’s ridiculously easy to plough the moderately attractive ones.

    overall, it’s a wash.

    1. Coffee.
      Invite to apartment.
      Don’t be a faggot (v important)

      It’s comically easy. So easy that I got bored with it after like a year. Looking for a steady “GF” at this point to save time.

  4. It isn’t true Neo. I met white Canadian girl in town where lived in Thailand. There were only few white people around. We went to the cafe and she didn’t like me. Then I matched her from black man’s profile and asked straight about sex and she agreed. Test it by yourself creating fake tinder profile of black man if you don’t believe me. You’ll be surprised by results. White hoes don’t like us. They like blacks. They have sick mind created by propaganda from Jewish Hollywood and porn industry of course in the hands of Jews. They want to destroy our race.

  5. Neo I created fake tinder profile of black man in both Thailand and Vietnam. Unfortunately both Thais and Viets wanted to meet him. Even some hot girls. Surprisingly in Hanoi 50% girls who wanted black guy were foreigners. 50% Vietnamese and he would still get 10% of my matches, but much more white sluts. They prefer blacks. In Thailand also 10% of my matches but 90% were local girls…

    1. White girls don’t prefer blacks lol – women don’t really understand concepts like race. They just know white guys in Asia rarely swipe right on white girls, and they can’t handle the rejection.

  6. NEO,
    may be you mixed dating with foreigner and find chance by dating with foreigner.
    I sure you, most girl in vietnam thinking about dating with foreigner is single mom, or dont have big chance with vietnamese guy. most of girls,like me, we are thinking to much about family to let go everything for a strange guy.
    most of foreigner guy dont have really patient to make initial chasing with good girls. I guest they fimilar with eating fast food instead of waiting and trying to cook!
    By the way, my co-woker is your fan.

    1. >I sure you, most girl in vietnam thinking about dating with foreigner is single mom, or dont have big chance with vietnamese guy. most of girls,like me, we are thinking to much about family to let go everything for a strange guy.

      Yeah, exactly. I’ve had Vietnamese girls (sluts) ask me why Vietnamese guys don’t like them… LOL. There are really sweet VN girls, I’ve dated a few and so have my friends, I’m just generalizing here.

      >By the way, my co-woker is your fan.

      Is she a female? I have a lot of female fans, oddly.

  7. Dear Kris,
    not just only Poland, Russian also.
    we don’t like Russia,I tell you that. not because of VISA. we just don’t like characteristic of old United Russian
    you like because girl pay you food and bed? you should shame of yourself

  8. I have to disagree with you Mike. I lived 2 years in Vietnam in 5 different cities and 2 years in Thailand in 4 different cities. Thai girls never cared that I’m from Poland. When I replied to Vietnamese girls that I’m from Poland they cut the contact. No more messages. They are passport diggers. They even pay 25 000$ for fake marriage. Thai girls don’t care about your nationality. Vietnamese girls never pay for you. Thai paid for my food and drinks few times. They even let me live in their places for free. Never happened in Vietnam.

    1. It really just depends on the “type” of girl.

      A party girl you met on Bui Vien that wears 20 pounds of makeup? Yeah, pretty accurate.
      An average looking girl that goes to university? Most of them are pretty nice. They just don’t smile much because they’re Vietnamese.

    2. Hi Kris,
      I have lived 3 years in Thailand. Not once did a Thai girl pay for me. That would be like losing face to them.
      I am glad you found a good one, but it is very rare. Please dont act like Thai women are wonderful, because they are not. You can always get lucky and find an exception to the rule in any country. I had worse experiences in Thailand. I do not want to tell them now, but I also know MANY foreigners who stay away from Thai women. Just a little warning here.

      1. bruh who cares about women paying for you. that’s empowered feminist behavior. They’re making like $400/month too.

        If you can’t afford her $3 drink, then you can’t afford the venue.

  9. Girls in Thailand are much nicer. I have to tell you something interesting. I met mixed girl who looks whiter than many white women I know. Her mother is 100% Thai her father is from Switzerland. It’s really rare but she looks like 100% white woman naturally. Brown hair, hazel eyes, white skin… I asked her was her father first partner of her mom because there’s something called telegony but she doesn’t know did have anyone before.

    1. Thais are extremely money-hungry and addicted to their smartphones. I dont think they are much nicer, they are worse to date.

  10. I said something similar a long time ago.

    Not only are the women not that hot in Vietnam but they are usually gold digging black hearted materialistic money obsessed whores with shitty attitudes.

    1. I remember.

      I’ve met plenty of nice ones. But I have high personality standards and don’t care for the super sexy types that tend to have an attitude. Most guys run into problems because they have no self-respect and debase themselves to boink a hot girl.

      Average girls and a firm personality will serve a man well in Asia because Asian girls WILL walk all over you… in a very cute and disarming way.

  11. I’m coming to vietnam for a month in the beginning of March. Whats the bar scene like picking up women if you are 40 and in decent shape but don’t want to be around a bunch of 21 year olds? Read your Tinder and 3 messaging apps guide and will be employing that but want to do some sarging also.

      1. What do you think of sugar daddying and have you done any in Nam? Like you, I’m don’t like to waste time, money, and health getting shitfaced chasing sluts. Nor do I want to deal with having a live in girlfriend.

        However, I am intrigued by the idea of “sponsoring” a girl. Afarangabroad told me 10k THB a month would be enough. If you are in good shape/nice you could potentially go lower. It seems like a really good balance. You don’t get any of the obligations of a live-in girlfriend (I probably wouldn’t even have her live with me) but get regular sex with no wasted time on game, dates, ect.

          1. Why not do something like that but scale it? If paid monthly you could probably get a maid, shopping assistant, and triweekly sex for a couple hundred a month. Seems like a killer ROI.

          2. It’d definitely work. I already have a maid and only eat GrabFood, so not necessary in my case. She didn’t live with me, either

    1. lol no. hell no. too much time and not enough money in it. This blog is enough food for my ego; I don’t need an entire forum.

      Roosh is a suspect character btw. Interesting takes on things, but suspect. He’s from a very rich part of the Washington DC area… I’ll leave it at that.

        1. I’m just saying bro. He’s from a rich part of DC, became a media sensation, and was a foil to HuffPost for years. He was even on Dr. Oz…

          I’m suspicious of people that appear on national TV shows. TV is a powerful tool, so they only let approved people on it. Cernovich (obvious shill) got his start on Roosh’s forum. That Canadian guy that ran that deep web marketplace (government op? most drug stuff is run by the government) out of Thailand frequently posted on Roosh’s forum.

          His forum has a few high post count and high rep people that only post in the non-PUA forums. That isn’t indicative of anything, but I do find it odd that his forum appears to have multiple shills that always steer the discussion of controversial topics. He had a Flat Earth thread open last time I was over there…

          In summary, I don’t fucking know. It’s all circumstantial evidence lol. The Earth isn’t flat, either.

          1. bruhhhhhh…

            Heartiste is literally an anonymous DC writer. He’s probably some small-time project out of Langley’s basement lol.

            Owen Benjamin worked in Hollywood, which should answer your question. His new assignment is living on a farm posting videos as an “anti-Hollywood” type guy. He’s too tall for regular Hollywood roles, so it’s a better fit for him.

            Yes. I can do this with every person that is relatively famous, both good and bad. WWE has actors playing the bad guys, and so does the mainstream media. That’s why my website will never get mentioned in the mainstream.

          2. Fuentes: Yes, I’d assume. He’s playing the heel to Charlie Kirk. I believe he was on the front page of Drudge, appeared on an MTV show, and has some limited support from mainstream people like Michele Malkin. He looks older than 20, or whatever age he claims. Appearance is not proof, but it is odd.

            Tucker: He’s on Fox. He also comes from a very wealthy, powerful family. Case closed. The same applies to Ann Coulter – her dad was an FBI agent.

            Like I said, if they appear on the mainstream news, then they’re controlled/fake.

          3. The entire mainstream is fake and gay. But the God Emperor was democratically elected to dismantle the Communist Chinese deep state and own the libs with the help of our greatest ally. Trust me bro, some anonymous hero on 4chan told me to trust the plan. Don’t forget muh sealed indictments.

            Just joking.

            Trump is a heel. He was selected, not elected, for his part. And he doesn’t have any real power. The US President is, and always has been, an actor that poses for pictures and signs documents. His job is to give the illusion that Americans have a choice. In reality, we don’t have a choice.

  12. There’s a reason men evolved to get erections. If the blood wasn’t going from out big head to our little head we would have a much harder time overlooking female flaws.

    So my advice to nightlife bloggers such as yourself is: always write with a hard on. :p

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