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This brief guide will tell you what to do when your Vietnamese girlfriend asks for money.

Every guy that has a relationships with Vietnamese women will have to deal with a few of them asking to “borrow” money. Those you that used the tips in my excellent Tinder guide for Vietnam may run into this problem. Vietnamese girls (or a girlfriend) asking for money is definitely a good problem. It means the girls are somewhat interested in you.

It might seem odd to us westerners. However, the average salary in Vietnam for a college graduate is around $300 per month. They view us as extremely rich men that can just hand out free money whenever we want. The money factor definitely explains why the women here seem obsessed with foreigners.

However, I don’t know about you, but I’m one stingy man. I don’t loan out money to my friends or family. I’m definitely not loaning money to a Vietnamese girl.

How to filter out money chasers?

I haven’t had much issue with Vietnamese girls asking for money compared to other expats, but that’s probably because I’m 24 and the girls don’t view me as a provider. Guys older than 40 might get more money requests.

The best way to filter girls is to ask. Don’t be rude about it.

“Can I ask a rude question?”

“Lots of Asia girls want foreigner for money. Do you date foreigner for money?”

I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that a woman will share her true intentions with me. Vietnamese girls want to date foreigners because they (rightly) view us as rich. We are extremely rich compared to the average Vietnamese guy in their dating pool.

This method just weeds out a few of the more blatant gold diggers. I’m talking about girls that show up and want money after the first meeting or Vietnamese girls that want an allowance.

What to do when your Vietnamese girlfriend asks for money?


There doesn’t seem to be much shame in asking for money from foreigners. Or maybe there is and the girls don’t care because their friends and family don’t know.

Anyway, my best advice is to just ignore the request. Sometimes the girl will pester you with another request, but usually they get the hint and leave you alone. For what it’s worth, I’ve never had a girl stop seeing me after I refused to give her money. I view this as the girl asking because it is an EV+ move.

Note: It doesn’t even have to be your Vietnamese girlfriend. It can just be a girl that you occasionally fuck. She will almost always ask for money if you know her long enough.

But her mom is sick…

Her mom isn’t sick. Some of the girls will give you a pity story about how their mom or dad has fallen ill.


The water buffalo died/got sick and they need a new one.


Insert sad story on why she needs money.


Not much more needs to be said on this subject. If you fall for this, then I have a bridge to sell you.

She doesn’t want to take the money

Some of these girls are more clever than others. They hit you with the sad story about how their shoes are bad or their motorbike broke and they need to take the bus.

You might decide to offer money to help this damsel in distress (lol), but she staunchly refuses to take your hard earned money. After much begging on your part, she reluctantly takes the money and thanks you.

Yeahhhhhh, you just got played. She wanted to take the money along. However, she didn’t want to look like a gold digger. She flipped the script to make you offer her money. She then took it a step further and made you beg to give her money.

Don’t fall for this crap. Definitely don’t marry a woman that pulls a move like that on you. She’ll run circles around you until you’re out of money and sucking dick on Bui Vien.

Final Thoughts

Vietnamese girls asking for money might catch you off guard the first time it happens. However, asking for money happens often and you’ll get used to it once you date enough women. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Just ignore the request and move on. She’ll either next you or keep coming back for more. Just don’t get too close to a Vietnamese woman that asks for money too soon.


  1. What do you think about indonesian woman compare to vitnamese woman. Which’s easier to approach and more open to foreigner.

    1. Never been to Indonesia. They don’t look as hot. I heard they like foreigners and don’t get many of them in Jakarta.

  2. to the women in the thread. Are there any legit reasons a girl could use help ? Say for example after you’ve been dating for 1.3 years, she’s a student, and you’ve been talking about marriage ?

  3. AH,
    you should know one more thing about vietnamese woman, most of vietnamese women care how hard you work more than how much you earn. they learn appreciate their man can give them. not just ask money from them.
    may be you have no chance to know real vietnamese woman.

  4. hi. then you should kept it and live with it.
    you never no how much worth when you invest to your woman, who be with you when you sick, when you are old, or going to die. building a family is much more than just money.
    and for me 3000 $/m is normal. I can do it!
    I remind you again, I hate western culture, the more free you want the more you are selfish!

    1. Thanks for the laugh. A woman would leave you like she doesn’t even know you if you got sick or old. One of my favorite girls in Thailand (same same as Vietnam…) told me how she was married to a guy who took care of her for 10 years, but then he got sick – so she just left. This was the first morning after we, uh, met. While her morals are ridiculous – her honesty was refreshing. This is exactly what will happen with most women these days (Asian OR western).

  5. hi
    Vietnamse girls do not ask foreigner for money. they ask their man for money. if you are not their man, stay away from them.
    vietnamese woman dont want money of their man, they want to save money together with them!
    married is oneness, financial behavious is also oneness. there is no “yours or mine” in married or relationship.
    you live in vietnam so should learn about our phenomenon, accept it or leave us!

    1. yeah, that’s good in theory. But when I’m making $3000/month I have to be careful. Vietnamese women generally want to spend money on dumb stuff because “cheap for you!”

  6. lol. I’m not an English teacher, not in debt, and never been dumped.
    >> Oh, I read it from “How I went from $25,000 in Debt to Rich in Vietnam in Less Than 12 Months”.


    And you want to marry a foreign guy because you want a visa to visit a developed country?
    >> I didn’t say I want to marry foreigner because I want a visa. I thought that’s what Tour company is about? Am I missing something?

  7. I like Vietnamese Girls, they are kind and most beautiful . But the big problems is they can’t speak English, but i like this country peaceful and good weather

    1. Yes ! i was visited Vietnam in this June, the Vietnamese people is nice and good presenalty, i promise i will back there again with my friends.

    1. I’m here for not much longer. The funny part is that I may know a lot of you Vietnamese girls commenting here.

      Neo could be anyone 🙂

      very successful in driving traffic to your website, congratulations!

      Someone gets it. This site is 95% trolling.

  8. My french friend claim he is dating a nice vietnamese working in singapore. Say she is sweet and fuck and suck well but decent girl and definatly not eying his money. He is in late 40s and balding and huge beer belly. Lol

  9. Yeah, in my 50’s and it’s called “support” – So, do you care to support me for my rent this month? I’ve slung some free in SGN but almost always there’s some kind of tip involved. Unfortunately, when I was in my 30’s and 40’s VN was only just emerging with MFN Status….so time catches up with us all, and when you want to catch up on lost time, you pay for it. I’m not fat, bald, or ugly, I’m just not 27….or 35….or 42…

  10. I m from India, been there twice. For me (shy) very hard to get good girls in my country but good success here in Saigon. Girls never asked for money from me and yes they have insisted on paying many time (small bills only). I usually let them pay small bills and insist on paying others( knowing its difficult for them) but if like a girl and been intimate with her few times, I usually take them on a trip with me to either nearby country or someplace where I will not find girls easily. if they ask for money, I take a U-turn from them. I think I will start following Neo’s advice, just ignore the request and be like it never happened. If she comes back – yaa, if not- ok.

  11. I don’t mind SEA girls looking to men for money that much, better that than them one day becoming like western chicks – chasing a career, ‘I don’t need a man’, etc. and losing their femininity. As long as it’s small amounts <$100, not asking for a new iphone or boob job. And then give them a bit less than they ask for to keep them from seeing you as a sucker ($20-50 I'm ok with) AND get something out of it. Ideally have them come over to give you great sex when they get their $30-40. 'Oh if I was your boyfriend I could help you out with cash…' Or if I'm far away, I have them send me nudes.

    1. That’s a good point with not wanting them to chase careers and lose their femininity. Didn’t think of that.

      I’m still a cheap fucker though. I’ll pay for her Grab (like $1 each way), food with me, and that’s about it.

    2. That’s ok at your age, 24 right, she should see more value in you as a potential boyfriend, being close to her age. I was cheap too, when I moved to SE Asia at 23. Girls should be asking an older guy for money, and throwing themselves at the younger guys, if they have any sense, because that young guy could earn a lot of money when he’s older, and she won’t look like a golddigger if her husband is close to her age.

      1. Yeah, I wish I just had girls throwing themselves at me lol.

        They always think I’m a playboy because I’m such a young foreigner. Still do better than older guys, but being young has drawbacks too.

  12. You’re probably just an ugly loser. If you couldn’t get girls at home, girls don’t want you here either, unless you pay. I’ve been in Asia 10 years, never gave a time to bitch. Never been asked. Had a serious Viet girlfriend who worked in a cafe for about $150 a month. When her phone broke she actually refused to let me pay to fix it. Yes it happens. But I had no problem scooping fuck meat back home. Here is no different. It’s only different for guys who are poor and ugly back home who come to the third world where they’re slightly less poor (but still ugly).

    1. She was only with you because of the money. She could easily have a broke Viet boyfriend that shares the same culture/language as her.

      Girls that ask for money immediately are thinking short-term. Girls that never ask are thinking green card or just looking for a one night stand.

      You’ve lived here 10 years… probably time to pack it up. I see you’re in Cambodia now. LOL. That’s where all the loser expats go.

      1. You got it right Neo.

        It’s all about short and long term game, not only for Viet women but for all Asian women.

        Asian women are feminine and look for masculine men that can provide. That is natural because a woman want to bread but she needs a man to support the effort.

        Obviously, you want a woman with strong values and real intentions, not a gold digger that want an easy life.

        Keep up the good work bro.

        1. All women in general tbh. I’ve changed quite a bit since writing this post though. I’d prefer my long-term GF or wife not work and do all the housework, keep me happy, and take care of the kids (only reason I would ever get married).

          Thanks for the kind words.

      2. Girls that ask for money immediately are thinking short-term. Girls that never ask are thinking green card or just looking for a one night stand.


        I don’t think all women are falling just into two categories as you mentioned.

        Long stories short.. My curiosity about what expats think of Vietnamese women brought me here.

        I admit some are partly true but not entirely true. It’s sad that some of Vietnamese women sell themselves short just for few VND or green card. But it’s even more sad that you objectify Vietnamese women because of those small group of women.

        I’m attracted Western men not because of money or visa, but because of their masculinity comparing to Asian men. It’s undeniable that it’s very hard for single Vietnamese women to get visa. Even we have money, it is still a challenge to get visa approval from most of developed countries which I’m sure you know the reason.

        I hope you do find your match when living in Vietnam. It’s a rare change that you will change your mind about Vietnamese women. However, future isn’t bright at all if by any chance you have mixed Vietnamese daughter. It’ll be devastated when men treat or even think of her this way..

        1. >I’m attracted Western men not because of money or visa, but because of their masculinity comparing to Asian men. It’s undeniable that it’s very hard for single Vietnamese women to get visa. Even we have money, it is still a challenge to get visa approval from most of developed countries which I’m sure you know the reason.

          Most western men are the biggest faggots on the planet – just look at the comments here. You want western men because you have daddy issues or Vietnamese guys hate you for being a bitch/ugly, usually both. Money is just another perk. I’ve had multiple Vietnamese women ask me why Vietnamese guys don’t want to date them… and yeah, it was for the reasons listed above.

          You really don’t want to go to the West, and we don’t want you anyway.

          1. I feel sorry for you that you got dumped when your gf found out you were in debt. And, you had to shallow your pride to take the job as English teacher to pay off debt which I don’t think English teaching job is bad at all. Everybody has their own issues and even no issues at all is also another issue. How people make their choices in life doesn’t reflect the whole picture.

            Of course no country want foreigners coming to their country to stay if they don’t bring any value along. So does Vietnam, you came to teach, we learnt English better thank to you, native speaking speaker. Even if we paid you here to do your job, we still be thankful for that. Even if I’m afford to come to your country by buying a nationality, I wouldn’t be welcomed too. I can’t create jobs, I might steal jobs from local people, I might steal beneficial from those in need. I will come there, but as tourist maybe, at least I contribute a tiny bit to your economy and I don’t bring bad attitude to a nation.

            It must be extremely lonely journey you have there.

          2. lol. I’m not an English teacher, not in debt, and never been dumped.

            And you want to marry a foreign guy because you want a visa to visit a developed country?

            ok… sureeeeee.

    2. I also call bullshit on girls never asking you for money (maybe you have a small sample size). Every single expat I know has had a girl ask for money. Taxi money counts too.

      Whether the expat pays determines if they’re a loser or not.

      1. I always give them 1000 baht “for taxi” in the morning. The good girls will be offended you even offered, the bad girls will happily take it, and the ugly (inside) will complain it’s not enough or ask for more.

        What to do with that valuable information is up to you. Personally I’d keep seeing the good girls, treat the bad girls like the hookers they are, and ditch the ugly.

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