Meeting Asian Cougars in Asia

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What’s up readers?

We have an exciting article for my younger readers. This article covers how to meet Vietnamese cougars and even gives you a nice case study.

Not the animals either. Cougar refers to an older woman that pursues sexual relations with a younger man.

That’s right. It’s an unnatural fetish relationship pushed onto us… I won’t get into that here. I’ll save that for my other website.

Anyway, this cougar phenomena is found in Asia and I have some firsthand experience with it. Here are some tips for young guys (under 30, but preferably under 25) to meet Vietnamese cougars. Case study is after the tips.

Step 1: Sign Up for Badoo/Tinder

The first step is to sign up for Badoo.

Now, I know some of you guys like to go out to bars and meet girls. That’s fine and I’m sure it works, but it’s just not something I’m familiar with. I very rarely go out to nightclubs or bars, so I can’t comment on it.

Anyway, sign up for Badoo/Tinder.

Step 2: Search by Age

A very important step is to filter your search to a specific age range. Remember, Vietnamese women tend to age very well. There are some that look damn good at 43 years old even after having three kids. Honestly, it’s pretty impressive.

Just a pick an age range that you find attractive. The older you set the age range; the more women you tend to see online.

Women here want to get married before they’re 24 because it’s really hard to find a husband if they’re older. This is why some of the otherwise attractive 28 year olds can be so damn aggressive.

Step 3: Message Them

Next step is to message them. This sounds easy, but it’s actually kind of difficult with women older than you.

Remember, these women have one thing on their mind and it is marriage. They don’t want to marry a younger guy, so A LOT of them will blow you off.

However, some of them are so lonely, and sexually frustrated, that they will want to have a fling with a guy… even though they know he will pump-and-dump them.

Now, they won’t just come out and say it, but as I always say, “If they’re still talking to me, then they’re still interested in me.”

Step 4: Handling The “You’re Older than Me” Line

You’ll get the “I’m older than you” line, or a variation of it, a lot. Seriously, every chick will say this line at some point.

It’s important how you handle it.

Don’t try to logically explain it. Actually, don’t try to logically explain anything to a woman.

My preferred method is to just ignore the objection. With women, it’s only a problem if you acknowledge it as a problem.

Sometimes I say “maybe.” It really drives women crazy, which I find hilarious.

Step 5: Meeting Them

Meeting these chicks can also be difficult, sometimes. They agree, but then never show up and block you on all social media. I think they get scared and bail out at the last second.

Slightly annoying, but nothing you can really do about it.

Anyway, don’t bother taking these women on a fancy date or anything. It’s just not worth it. Save that for the 19 year old thotties.

You can invite these girls straight to your apartment and they’ll usually come over.

Don’t say, “bb u want some fuck” or something stupid.

Just invite them over to watch a movie or have some beers.texting cougar

If you live in the best apartment building in Ho Chi Minh City with an excellent view of District 1, then you can invite them over to see the view. I’m not bragging or anything. I’m just saying, living in a nice apartment makes things much easier.

Case Study: Government Cougar

I actually decided to meet a cougar before writing this article. Yes, I used the steps that I outlined above.

We’ll skip the minor details and prose. Here are the cliff notes.

She was a 32 year old government worker (wore that sexy dark green uniform and hat). Spoke excellent English. Never married, no kids. Found her online. It took her three days before she came to my apartment.

Oh, I was 24 when this happened.

Here is how I handled all the objections. I cut out all the other bullshit because it’s just not that interesting and I don’t feel like editing it.

message to cougar

message cougar

not marry


All in all, this isn’t that hard if you follow the process laid out.

This still felt weird and isn’t my cup of tea. The women are also way less attractive.

I feel like it’s a forced meme.

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