Vietnam: Post-COVID Life

Sup readers… those that are still here.

Coronavirus kind of destroyed my blog.

For those that still care, here are some quick updates on a post-COVID life in Vietnam.

Everything Is About 95% The Same

Of course, nobody died or got hurt from this stupid made-for-TV virus.


Things in Vietnam have opened up to about 95% of what they once were. The basic overview is the following:

  • Every business is allowed to open. However, many businesses that rely on tourism have closed.
  • The border is closed to everyone other than South Koreans, experts, and diplomats. They might reopen it on July 1.
  • You don’t need to wear a mask anywhere other than a few malls and big supermarkets.
  • Some of those malls and supermarkets will measure your temperature when you walk inside.
  • The same amount of Vietnamese are wearing a mask pre-Corona vs post-Corona.
  • Most foreigners are wearing a mask (not me).
  • Literally no one is social distancing.
  • School is back in session.
  • People don’t care if you aren’t wearing a mask.
  • People don’t care if you sneeze or cough near them. I tested this.
  • I don’t wear a mask because I’m not a drooling retard.


  1. Anyone know what happened to the single man paradise website/forum? It seems to be giving 500 errors the last 2 days? Neo?

    1. Agreed been checking for a month now, nothing. What a shame, great site loved reading Skin’s Blog posts.
      Also Roosh V was recently banned from YouTube for posting “I’m guessing” the video on organizations funding BLM.

  2. Neo seriously what is the problem with Vietnamese chicks… ? Even with this virus it’s still dogshit !

    I tried all the way. They are definitely arrogant , bad temper , full of shit.. The worst asians girls so far in term of behaviour not look though.

    I still don’t get it ! Vietnam is not rich as Japan and it’s way overpopulated but still… this conservative culture is against us..

    If someone knows the exact reasons why viet girls are so shitty with men would be highly appreciated .

  3. Tinder and all the other dating apps are still dogshit. Kinda defeats the purpose of being here considering I don’t belive in the hoax.

    1. You might not believe it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real in the mind of the herd.

      Point being, we still have to follow the stupid rules. 1984, an amazing book, covers this.

      “Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal. Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party.”

      Note: I don’t even believe in Germ Theory.

  4. Why would they let only Koreans into the country?
    Danang is full of them. Almost as noisy and annoying as Chinese.
    How is dating now in times of the scamdemic?

  5. When you say destroyed your blog, are you talking about this? how?
    When it comes to covid, vietnam managed it pretty well I must say … I think previous experiences with other viruses helped them manage it

    1. The blog made a few hundred per month from affiliate sales. It currently makes $0/month lol.

      Yeah, Vietnam did fine with handling it.

  6. Glad to see a new post Neo !
    I thought maybe you had come back to the States.. what a total eff up here in USA by closing states & ruining economy!
    Vietnam did a great job dealing with it.
    I too think the whole thing is total bs.
    100,000 dead in USA. Big deal., out of 335 million. So frustrating.. pep lose biz & everyone screwed for what ? Only 6 million got it out of 7.7 Billion pep..
    hope your still able to make a living in Vietnam & things improve Neo !
    I enjoy reading your posts bro !

    1. I appreciate the kind words. Yeah, I don’t plan on moving home unless I have to go home. Vietnam is much nicer. Are you in Vietnam?

      1. Hi Neo, was planning to move to SEA / Vietnam this year until Corona BS messed my plans up.
        Been to Vietnam 7 times in last 12 years . Ex was VN. Beautiful country and I like to travel.
        I find your blogs helpful and insightful. Not sure I will get back this year with no international travel allowed to VN from US yet.
        Keep the great posts coming .
        Cam un !

        1. You might be able to visit this year – they are talking about reopening the border in July. I think this virus is starting to die out in the US.

      2. Vietnam has the advantage of not having to deal with elections. Politicians can’t be decisive when they have to worry about elections. Thus they are even more likely to end up bungling everything.

        Perhaps the most underrated benefit of being abroad is not having a stake in US politics.

        1. >Perhaps the most underrated benefit of being abroad is not having a stake in US politics.

          For sure. I’m not even registered to vote.

          I’d argue that US politicians give 0 fucks about their constituents because they aren’t actually elected. Even if they are elected, a single vote doesn’t make a difference.

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