Meeting Hot Vietnamese Girls on Vietnam Cupid

Sexy Vietnamese Girl

Vietnam Cupid is part of the Cupid Media dating site portfolio.

It is the biggest (only?) and best dating site in Vietnam.

Now, if you want to easily meet a lot of cute and sexy Vietnamese girls, this is the place to do it.

How hard is it to set up dates?

Not hard. Actually, it’s super easy.

Throw out everything you knew about the western world. As a popular Southeast Asia expat blogger recently mentioned, western guys become a “zero to hero” over here. Basically, losers back home get laid all the time over here.

Now, he failed to mention that you can still end up being a loser in Southeast Asia…virgin vs chad thailand meme

Picture source: Reddit.

You literally put some nice looking pictures of yourself on your profile and sexy Vietnamese girls will message you. I’m not even joking. Once you sign up you’ll be bombarded with messages.

Obviously you should message girls too. However, you don’t even have to make the first move a lot of the time. (See article linked earlier).

Anyway, just talk to the girls for a few texts. Get their number for one of the commonly used chat apps in Vietnam and setup a date.

What do I message them?

100% of the Vietnamese girls on Cupid are looking to meet foreigners. Most will prefer a white guy to another Asian (except Koreans). They don’t seem to like black guys either.

Indians, Bengalis, Pakistanis, etc. from their home country don’t do too well, but if you don’t act like a normal thirsty Indian guy then you should do OK. I know an Indian guy and a Bengali guy that do fine because they don’t act like most men from that area.

Anyway, most of my readers are white Europeans (or European diaspora), which is the preferred male ethnicity in Asia. Bonus points if you’re blonde and blue eyed.

With that being said, you don’t need to be an asshole or witty like back home. In fact, being an asshole will probably hurt you in the beginning. And wittiness won’t translate very well.

Just message them something nice about anything on their profile and ask them a question about it. Most of the girls will respond.

Obviously tease the girl a bit in real life. Don’t be a full on asshole and don’t send dick pics and you should be fine.

Alternatively, you can do my tried and true texting routine.

Me: “Hi. How are you?”

Her: “Good thanks. And you?”

Me: “Good. What district you live?”

Her: “District 7.”

Me: “Cool. We should meet sometime. What is your Zalo?”

Her: “+84…”

Yeah, it really is that easy. You then meet them for coffee and use your shining personality to get them back to your apartment.

Girls You Will Find on Vietnam Cupid

This really depends on your age. If you’re a younger guy (under 30), then you will mostly meet girls that are 18-30. The ones under 24 will almost always be university students and the older ones will work professional jobs.

vietnamese girl

Most of the girls are middle class (to the extent that Vietnam has a middle class) because they must speak good enough English to date foreigners. You won’t find many girls under 30 that didn’t graduate from university on Vietnam Cupid in Saigon. Things might change in the countryside.

The two categories are the following:

  • “Middle-class” girls: These are the university students and college graduates. This is the most common type of Vietnamese woman you will find on Vietnam Cupid. They work office jobs and make relatively decent money compared to the rest of the country, so like $350/month. Some will speak great English, but most will at least speak enough English for a date. Usually their dad will own a business or work a halfway decent job, which is how they can afford university. Some might even have traveled or studied abroad.
  • Poor girls: The other type, and the distinct minority, are the poor girls. These ones never attended university and many dropped out of high school at 16. Normally they speak poor English and don’t even have a job, which might explain why they don’t have a big presence on the dating site. These girls tend to be more conservative than the university students as well. For reference, I’ve only met a handful of girls that weren’t in university or a university graduate.

You get the occasional prostitute and gray area girl, nothing too worry about it. They tend to filter out once you clarify what you’re looking for.

Now, all the chicks I met have been gold-diggers, but I’d argue that all women are “gold-diggers” to some extent. They want to date a man that can provide resources. Just how humans are biologically wired. It’s been this way since the beginning of time. You just don’t see it as frequently in the west anymore because women make enough money to live without a man.

Here’s a good explanation on why girls are so interested in dating foreigners. A top 2% salary in Vietnam is like $500/month. This means even the biggest loser expat still makes 3 or 4 times as much as a “rich” Vietnamese man.

You do the math on why so many girls message foreigners.

Where do I take them for a date?

sexy viet girl

You can take the girls anywhere for a date. Some guys do dates at a coffee shop and some guys will invite the girls out for drinks at Bui Vien.

Now, don’t expect sexy time on the first date if you go for coffee. It definitely happens, but it’s not that common. Go to Thailand, the Philippines, or Indonesia if you want that. Normally you have to wait for the 2nd or 3rd date here.

There is an exception. Girls over 25, and especially over 30, will usually be fairly desperate for a guy or even lonely. Most Vietnamese guys ignore those girls as they want a wife under 25.

You can often invite women over 25 straight to your hotel. A 25 year old Vietnamese girl will still look 19 too. They age well.

Vietnam Cupid Box 2

Do remember, most of these girls have a curfew, so they probably won’t go out with you for drinks. Even the older ones might have a curfew depending on their living situation.

If a girl does go out for drinks, then you’re probably getting laid that night. Travelers should just invite girls for drinks.

Oh yeah, sometimes they go out for drinks and take two sips of a beer while you get wasted. Good times.

Do I have to pay for the date?

You pay for the date. Just like your grandpa did back in the 1950s. Quit being a cheap Charlie.

It’s an 88 cent coffee or a $2 to $5 beer. If you can’t afford that, then date some feminist chick that will subsidize the date.

How Do I Invite Them Back?

After the end of the date just invite them back to watch a movie, listen to some music, have some drinks, or look at the view from your balcony.

Now, don’t invite them like this, “Do you want to…?”

No. That’s asking them a yes or no question. Every women, even an American one, wants to be led by a powerful man. Asians are no different.

Instead, you should say, “My balcony has a great view of downtown. I’ll show you.”

“Let’s watch a movie at my place.”

If they speak bad English, then just say, “We go my apartment for movie nha.”

Notice the difference?

Trust me. It works.

Note: Nha doesn’t have a direct translation in English. It’s a term of endearment added to the end of a sentence when you make a request. You pronounce it n-Ya.

Can I find a Vietnamese Girlfriend on Vietnam Cupid?

Yes. I’d bet my entire cryptocurrency wallet that 90% of girls on the website will be your girlfriend after the first date… even good girls (especially good girls). The site is setup for Asian girls to meet foreigners and they know it.

Now, if the girl has had an account for 2 years, then you might not want to date her. You really have to hone your slut radar if you’re looking for a girlfriend on these sites.

Using Vietnam Cupid to find a tour guide?

You can also use this to find a tour guide with benefits. Really.

Just message the girls and tell them you’re travelling to Saigon and ask them if they want to show you around the city or even go to a different city with you. This works especially well for university students on summer break.

You’ll be surprised how many will say yes!

Anyway, this works great because they will give you a tour of the city, show you some good food, and you can bang them. I recommend this if you’re not interested in banging as many girls as possible.

It’s kind of like a girlfriend experience.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Vietnam Cupid is the number one aide to helping you meet cute Vietnamese girls during your time in Vietnam. You can use it to find a girlfriend, club slut, or a tour guide.

You can sign up by clicking any of the banners or this link. I wouldn’t travel to Vietnam without an account on this site.

Vietnam Cupid Box 2



  1. Is there any chance of finding western guys who are not into Asian girls here in Hanoi? Asking for a disillusioned friend :/

    1. Yeah, if you’re hot. I know a few white guys, and a few Vietnamese and Asian-American guys, that have non-Asian girlfriends.

  2. You disturbed me so bad with this blog and you think Vietnamese women are some kind of object for you Westerners to talk about? Look how you look down on us 🙂 I rarely put a comment on anything but this time I really have to do that just special dedicated for you 🙂

  3. Vietnam Cupid is overrated and expensive.

    It’s mostly ugly past carousel riders with lots of notches and an abortion history that string you along for 3++ dates.

  4. Thanks for the blog man ! Highly informative. Is Vietnam Cupid a paid app ?
    Thanks again in anticipation of your response ✌

  5. love ur blog mang hilarious and helpful shit. been tearing it up on tinder using boost and being real agressive with the “come to my house to fuck” style messaging, but think can clean up more taking it a bit slower. still haven’t pulled a first night lay from the bar or clubs yet though… just signed up to vietnamcupid through ur link. wish me luck 😉

    1. 3-4.

      recently it’s like 1 or 2 (if I’m lucky) since I’m busy and can’t be bothered setting up a date when I have free time. also my money situation is sketchy, so I’ve been allocating more time to that.

  6. Hi there . What are the chances of 50 plus guys to date young vietnamese girls? And i don t get your comment about offering 300k above? Would they not be offended?do you mean straight up on the dating site offering money for sex?

    1. Depends on how you look and the age of the girl. Girls in the 25+ age range are your best bet, but I still see occasionally see under 25 y/o girls going on dates with guys over 50.

      I wouldn’t offer it on the dating site. Get her #, chat with her, and then do it. If she talks to you, then you know she’s already kind of interested in an older guy ($$$). Money isn’t necessary by the way. It’s just something that an older guy told me he does.

  7. I love vietnam Cupid…when I first signed up I was talking to a lot of girls….met my Viet gf there…however she has shown me a Facebook page that has about 30,000 subscribers of mainly Viet women who go there to post pictures and chat messages that they have with foreigner men and ask if anyone is dating such and such and can see all the sweet talking….they are getting smart to the lies so to speak…even if I ever wanted to step out for some “strange” Viet for a hit it n quit it, I could never use Viet Cupid for it. It’s almost like my gf is monitoring this Facebook page but tells me she trusts me at the same time haha.

    1. Damn, knew Thailand and PI had FB pages like that. Guess Vietnam does too LOL. I gotta be careful posting my chat logs online since I have a few Viet readers.

      The good thing is that not all the girls are members (obviously) and a lot of the girls that do use it STILL hookup with the guy “because he loves me” or some bullshit like that.

      Your gf is definitely keeping tabs on you by the way 😀

    1. Yes. 100%.

      Just use good pictures of you wearing a dress shirt and smiling on your profile. I’ll probably write a guide on building a good profile in the next week or so.

      For guys your age, offering to pay a girl a 300k or so might work better too.

    2. Humm, why the men care a lot about their age?
      I read some your posts, I found out some funny stuffs 😂
      If you are thinking Vietnamese girls are only the chess pieces on your game, you hurt yourself before you hurt us.
      Now, I am sure I hate American guys!

      1. younger girls are more fertile and sexy. the whole point of sex is to have babies not to fuck everything that moves too.

        And I doubt it, multiple girls have showed me this blog and said they would never date Neo………………………….

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