How to Buy Weed in Ho Chi Minh City

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Note: I do not encourage anyone to smoke marijuana under any circumstance. If you want to smoke marijuana, then do so at your own legal and personal risk. This post is for informational purposes only.

Vietnam Marijuana Laws

Vietnam has a more lax marijuana policy than its neighbors, which you will notice when you see expats puffing on a fat joint while on the back of a Grab bike. Now, if you’re the second incarnation of Tony Montana and have kilograms of marijuana, then you might have some problems.

Keep in mind, Vietnam still has fairly strict marijuana polices that they choose not to enforce on tourists. However, the police can still legally arrest you for marijuana and sentence you to a lifetime of hard labor in a Vietnamese prison or even death. Just remember that before looking for drugs in any Southeast Asian country. Also, don’t smoke in public. Police in the tourist zones don’t mind (paid off), but outside of that area you might have some problems.

Also, never take illegal drugs across a country border in Southeast Asia. Just don’t. It’s expensive when you get caught.

Now that I’ve explained that, I can explain how to buy marijuana in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for you marijuana addicts.

Marijuana Laws: 4/5 (practically legal)

Purchase at your own risk!

Find the Right Location

The easiest spot to buy marijuana is on the backpacker street, Bui Vien Street. You should see some ladies on Bui Vien Street and De Tham Street walking around selling cigarettes from a little thing around their neck. These ladies will always have marijuana and rolling papers. You just have to ask them.

The Vietnamese word for marijuana is can sa (khan-sah). You don’t need to know that though. These ladies know like 5 words of English and marijuana is one of those words. (Don’t buy cocaine either. It’s actually heroin and you die when you snort it.)

Alternatively, you can go the two circles on the map. One is at the intersection of De Tham and Pham Ngu Lao. The other is at the intersection of De Tham and Bui Vien. Some older guys will approach and start saying, “You want marijuana? Cocaine?” You can buy from these guys too.

You don’t have to worry about this being an undercover sting operation by the police like you would in Thailand or Laos. Nor is this one of the infamous Vietnamese scams. I mean, you still do have to worry about an undercover sting because marijuana is illegal. However, I have never heard of anyone getting stopped by the police after purchasing in this area. Pretty sure the mob pays off the cops [Editor: The cops are the mob.]

Don’t do anything confrontational either. This one American tourist was stabbed to death by his dealer when he complained about getting sold fake weed (probably like $20 worth of weed). So don’t do that. Life is cheap out here and they will kill you over relatively minor stuff.

Ease to Purchase Marijuana: 4/5 (very easy)

Note: Purchase at your own risk. For informational purposes only!

Cost and Quality

The Bui Vien street sellers will have overpriced Cambodian brick weed with seeds and stems. It looks like shit but isn’t that bad. You can expect them to ask about 500k ($25) for a bag with a few grams in it. They don’t measure it.

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You can politely decline and haggle them down to a more reasonable 200k ($8) per gram, which is still a foreigner price for the quality you’re getting but that’s probably what you’ll get. Don’t get angry with these people.

Quality is just normal mids in the US (probably the same stuff they had in the 1970s). Definitely not Colorado super THC OG Kush weed or anything. It also looks like shit.

Cost of Marijuana: 1/5 without haggling. 4/5 with right contact.

Quality of Marijuana: 1/5 from random street dealer. 3/5 with right contact.

Meet the Right People

If you want high quality weed, then you need to meet the right person. No, this does not involve anything extremely sketchy. You can normally just hang around Bui Vien drinking and you will eventually bump into an expat (degeneratexpat) if you have any social skills. TNR Saigon Bar is a good spot to meet expats in my limited experience.

Normally the expat will approach you and start complaining about Vietnamese women or why living in Vietnam sucks. You can then shift the conversation to marijuana and ask them where they buy it.

Most of these expats will smoke marijuana and have a connection. If they don’t smoke marijuana (like me), then they will know someone that smokes marijuana and has a connection. In my experience, the Viet Kieu(usually Vietnamese-Americans) tend to have the best connections for marijuana or other drugs.

Normally, the expats will pay less than what the Bui Vien dealers ask. Expats usually purchase better quality marijuana too.

Other Drugs in Vietnam

You can buy other drugs in Vietnam too (most expats will have a marijuana and ectasy). Vietnam has strict punishments (death) for possession of other drugs as the country faces a meth crisis and heroin crisis.

NOTE: DO NOT use “cocaine” in Southeast Asia. People don’t import cocaine into poor countries. This is actually heroin that they tell you is cocaine. You will die if you snort what the touts call “cocaine.”

Marijuana in Ho Chi Minh City: Final Verdict

Law Enforcement: 4/5 (very relaxed)

Ease of Purchase: 4/5 (very easy)

Cost of Marijuana: 3/5

Quality of Marijuana: 3/5

Final Score: 14/20 or 70%

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    any chance you could hook me up properly? The Bui Vien sellers work, but the quality is poor and its quite expensive too 😀

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  3. Honestly at this stage I’d pay 200 bucks for a gram of actual coke. Most of the stuff on Buí Vien is just ice and baby powder or heroin. Both nasty.

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