Ultimate Guide to Meeting Sexy Thai Girls on Thai Cupid

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Thai Cupid is part of the Cupid network of dating sites, which seem to be particularly popular in Southeast Asia. Vietnam Cupid is certainly popular (check out my Vietnam Cupid guide) and Thai Cupid is just as popular.

How do I meet Thai girls?

Meeting girls on Thai Cupid is easy. Like, super easy.

Sign up for an account, set your location to Thailand, and upload a few good pictures of yourself. Make sure that you’re smiling, dressed nice, have a decent haircut, and don’t have a beard (Asian girls hate beards).

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You will probably get 10 women message you the first day you signup. And then it will probably trickle down to something like 5 or so per day.

Those are just the ones that message you first though.

I’d say that over 80% of girls will respond if you just say “Hi, + [observational comment from their profile].”

From there you can ask for their Line.

Seriously, you don’t want to use the messaging on Thai Cupid. It sucks.

What do I talk to them about?

Just basic stuff. Avoid any boring topics like religion, politics, career, and stuff like that.

Talk about music and other stuff. It really is not that difficult and a lot of the girls will try to get your approval.

It’s kind of weird being chased by girls. Not saying it’s bad thing… it’s actually great. Just takes some getting used to.

You’ll know once you sign up.

What type of girls use the site?

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Dating sites in Vietnam and Thailand have two type of women on them.

The type of woman you are talking to will determine where you take them on a date.

Middle class women

Middle class women are the majority of the women on online dating sites in Asia.

They are either university students or graduates working a good middle class job. Most of them speak decent English and you can actually have a conversation with them. Some of the ones with jobs may have a car and probably live in a halfway decent apartment.

Most of the women over 27 on Thai Cupid will be middle-class career women looking for a foreign husband. Thai guys don’t want to marry a woman that old.

Lower class women

Lower class women are the minority of the women on Thai Cupid. However, they still make up a decent amount of the women on the site.

These are the girls that did not go to university and work a crappy job. They don’t have much money and definitely do not have a car.

More importantly, they do not speak much English. Communicating with them can be difficult if you meet them, but still possible.

Where do I take them for a date?

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Easy. Just ask if she wants to get dinner or drinks when you are in town.

Really, that’s it. 99% of the girls will say yes if they are available.

Sometimes they flake on you though. So don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Setup an afternoon date at a coffee shop and an evening date eating dinner.

At the end of the date, just ask them to come up to your room to see the view, have some more drinks, watch a movie, etc. Doesn’t really matter.

Middle Class Women Date Spots

Middle class women might require some more wining and dining before you can get them to the bedroom.

These are usually the girls you want to take out to dinner or go for drinks. Just don’t get suckered into going somewhere super expensive.

You can literally invite them to the Starbucks at the ground floor of your AirBNB and then take them upstairs.

I’d avoid inviting these girls straight to your hotel though. Sometimes it works, but it usually does not.

Low Class Women Date Spots

These are the girls that guys just invite straight to their room. A high risk and high reward gameplan.

Honestly though, this is the best option for these girls since they speak so little English.

Seriously, who wants to sit through a date with a girl that doesn’t speak English?

A situation like this is really a no-lose situation. If she comes over to your room, then you did not have to put any effort into getting laid.

If she ignores you, then you saved yourself an hour of sitting through a date with a girl that does not speak English.

See, you can’t lose.

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Do I have to pay for a date?


Thai girls aren’t infected with feminism, so you will have to pay for the date. Plus, the average salary in Thailand is pretty damn low and everything is cheap for westerners.

Just pay for the date.

Can I get a one-night stand?

Yes, easy.

Thailand is one of the better countries in the world for getting a one night stand. It is much better than Vietnam or Cambodia for that.

These girls are much more casual about sex. Most of the girls you meet will be open to a one night stand if you put that option on the table.

Can I find a girlfriend?

Yes. Easy.

Thai Cupid is literally a site for Thai girls to meet foreign men. The entire site is setup in English and is marketed toward English speaking men, so the girls know what they are getting themselves into when they sign up on the site.

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100% of the girls on the site will be your girlfriend if you ask.


What if I’m only visiting for a short time?

A minor problem. Some girls will refuse to meet you when they discover you are vacation.

However, there are plenty of girls that will still want to meet you. Just be honest and say that you are only visiting for a few days and want someone to show you around the city.

It’s kind of fun. You get a tour guide that will show you a more local experience and get to have sex with the tour guide.

What are some warning signs I should look for?

I could write a whole 3,000 word blogpost on warning signs to look for on Asian dating sites. Here are a few big red flags to watch out for and avoid:

  • Girls with tattoos

This is the biggest red flag in Asia. Only gangster men and bad girls get tattoos.

You might see some of the more artsy girls with a tiny butterfly tattoo on their shoulder, which is not too big of a deal.

If you see a girl with a massive dragon tattoo that covers her entire back, then run.

100% chance she is a prostitute.

  • Poor girls that speak excellent English

Most of the girls that speak good English are the more middle-class university students and graduates.

If a girl speaks really good English and she is not a university graduate/student, then be cautious. This normally means that she is a prostitute of some sort or a professional girlfriend.

Professional girlfriends are fine for a fling, but she will try to get you to pay for her family’s sick water buffalo or something like that. Just be cautious and don’t fall for anything stupid.

Final Thoughts

Thai Cupid is great for meeting Thai girls if you live in Thailand or if you are just going on vacation.

Sign up, message girls, and meet them.

It really is that easy. Much easier than the western world.

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