Ultimate Guide to Spotting Ladybodys in Southeast Asia

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Not ladyboys.

The two most common questions my friends back home ask me about are the ladyboys. Two questions in particular come up about ladyboys:

“Have you banged a ladyboy, yet?”

“Can you spot the difference between a ladyboy and a girl?”

I figured it was time to write a guide about spotting ladyboys in Southeast Asia since most normal heterosexual males view them as absolutely repulsive. If you use Vietnam Cupid, then you won’t have to worry about this bullshit.

So without further words I present to you:

The ULTIMATE Guide to Spotting Ladyboys in Southeast Asia

I’ll just start with seven ways to know if you’re dealing with a ladyboy. These seven methods used individually won’t help you determine if she is rocking a cock. Just view this list as a checklist for spotting a ladyboy.


Not a ladyboy. She just chose a very bad picture for Tinder.

She is Tall

Southeast Asian girls have an average height of about 5’0″ (1.53m) and guys measure about 5’6″ (1.69m). You can add a few inches to the average height in the big cities, but Asians are still fairly short.

If you see some freakishly tall Asian “girl” that is 5’9″ (1.75m) or something, then you might be looking at a ladyboy.

However, not all tall women have a meat rod between their legs. Some of the wealthier girls in Vietnam can be fairly tall because of good food and good genetics.

You can see her veins

Veins in men are much closer to the skin and much thicker for who knows what reason. This gives that “bulging vein” look to muscular guys, but think of how many women you see with bulging variscous veins….?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

If the girl you’re talking to has veins popping out of her arms, then you probably have a ladyboy or a girl with very high testosterone levels. This is probably not a girl, or “girl,” you want to take home.

Deceptive ladyboy.

She has a deep voice

I don’t think this needs more explanation. If a girl has an extremely deep voice or if it seems like she is trying to make her voice sound less deep, then it’s probably a dude.

She has an Adam’s Apple

I hope everyone reading this knows what an Adam’s Apple is, but for those that don’t know… The Adam’s Apple is that bulby looking thing in the middle of the throat. It is only found on men (and some women with high-T).

[picture Adam’s Apple]

If you see a girl with an Adam’s Apple, then that ain’t a girl homie. However, many ladyboys have had surgery to remove their Adam’s Apple, so use other tests besides looking for an Adam’s Apple.

Broad Shoulders/Narrow Hips

If the girl you’re talking to has shoulders that are significantly wider than her hips, then you have a ladyboy.

The ideal female frame has narrow shoulders that taper into a narrow waist with hips a little bigger… also known as the hour glass frame. You just won’t see many guys with hour glass frames anywhere in the world. Yes, even soyboys and nu-males won’t have an hourglass frame.


Artist rendition of the ideal female frame.

The Elbow Test

Finally, this one works extremely well. Just ask the girl to straighten her arm. When a guy straightens out his arm it will be perfectly straight. Girls can actually hyper-extend their arm when fully stretched.

Just Ask

Most ladyboys are proud to be a ladyboy and will gladly volunteer the information if you ask. Usually you don’t have even have to ask though. Normal girls don’t seem to mind too much. They understand the struggle of guys.

If the girl gets pissed, then just laugh and walk away because who cares what women think. You can say you were looking for a ladyboy (to save face).

asking girl ladyboy

Asking if a girl is a ladyboy… she’s not.

Final Thoughts on Ladyboys

Contrary to popular belief, ladyboys are not that difficult to spot in real life. Admittedly, spotting a ladyboy via pictures is a little more difficult. If you do go home with a ladyboy, then you are a closeted homo.

Sorry. There just isn’t anyway you accidentally go home with a dude wearing a dress.


  1. Lack of shyness is another good indicator. A real woman/girl should display at least just a little bit of genuine shyness at some point before having sex with her for the first time. Even if she’s a whore.

  2. “…Sorry. There just isn’t anyway you accidentally go home with a dude wearing a dress…”

    Not a dude wearing a dress with his junk intact, but a dude who has been on hormones since teen years and has had the junk snipped off is another thing. Now the chance of being fooled while sober is very slim, but lets say you’re really drunk and in a dark nightclub, then it’s another thing entirely.

    1. I’ve been drunk plenty of times and never went home with a ladyboy.

      If you only boink ladyboys while drunk, then that means you secretly like them. The anti-gay instinct only wears off with some alcohol. No different than guys that blow dudes while drunk.

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