Ultimate Guide to Buying Weed in Phnom Penh

Note: Buying drugs is dangerous and illegal in Cambodia. You might die. Do so at your own risk. For informational purposes only. [My lawyer told me to write this.]

Ok. Now that we got that out of the way we can go over how someone would hypothetically buy weed in Phnom Penh. It’s pretty piss easy. In fact, Phnom Penh is like the capital of marijuana in Southeast Asia. Seriously.

Cambodia Marijuana Laws

Well, Cambodia has laws in theory. However, no one really enforces these laws and I don’t even know what the punishment is for breaking them. I imagine it’s severe when they decide to enforce them. Fortunately, you can bribe the police like $5. Murder might cost like a few hundred USD. Not even joking. I honestly don’t know if any foreigner has ever been prosecuted for smoking weed in the history of Cambodia.

You literally see these places called Happy Pizza shops that sell happy pizza and happy shakes. We’ll get to these later. They aren’t legal, but no one enforces the laws. This makes them effectively legal.

Just don’t be out in the open about marijuana or smoke in public. Also, don’t take the weed into Vietnam or Thailand. You’ll either go to jail (Thailand) or have to pay a massive bribe or go to jail (Vietnam). It’s not worth it. You can easily buy weed in Vietnam. The border with Laos is a guard hut on an island, but still don’t smuggle drugs unless you’re Tony Montana. Mmmkay.

Marijuana Laws: 4/5 (effectively legal)

Where to Buy Marijuana in Phnom Penh?

marijuana pizza (1)

Alright. Buying marijuana in Phnom Penh is piss easy.

Go the Riverfront area and look around for some Happy Pizza stores. They literally cook pizza and sprinkle weed on the cheese. Sometimes this is mushrooms. The happy shakes are usually shrooms or other “happy” stuff.

Sprinkling weed on cheese pizza will still get you high as long as the cheese is hot. THC is fat soluble and cheese has plenty of fat.

Yeah science!

You can also ask the guy working there to sell you some weed. He’ll have a big ass bag of weed and give it to you for under $5. They don’t weigh it.

Pre rolled joints cost $1. Maybe more if you they think they can get more out of you.

Your tuk-tuk driver will also offer to sell you marijuana. Don’t buy it from him. It’s the same crap as the pizza places, but it’s much sketchier buying it on the street.

Ease of Buying: 5/5 (super easy)

Cost & Quality of Marijuana in Phnom Penh

All the stuff is Cambodian mass produced outdoor weed. It’s the equivalent of low level mids or dirt weed in the US. The good thing is that it is so cheap that you will get high on it. You just need to smoke a lot more.

Heading to Vietnam? Check out this article I wrote on getting Tinder dates in Ho Chi Minh City. Buying weed is also pretty easy in Ho Chi Minh City, check out the article.

cute tinder girl

Anyway, it looks a lot worse than it is. You can expect a lot of seeds and stems in the weed, but it still has THC and you will get high. It isn’t that hydroponic OG Purple Durple Kush that you find in Colorado. I was with some Greek guys and they smoked a joint and got knocked out. They might have been one hit queers though. Not sure.

As for price. It’s super cheap at like a $1 per gram. You should pay no more than $5 for a weed bag. The dealer probably buys this for less than a dollar. They don’t even weigh it.

Cost: 5/5 (super cheap)

Quality: 2/5 (pretty bad. Just smoke more until you get high)

Other Drugs in Phnom Penh

You’ll see the tuk-tuk guys offering to sell you cocaine and stuff. This isn’t actually cocaine. People don’t import cocaine into one of the poorest countries in the world.

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It is actually heroin. Snort this and you will die of a heart attack. Most of the “heart attack” deaths you read about in Cambodia are guys that bought “cocaine” and snorted it. Don’t buy cocaine.

You can find shrooms at the happy pizza places.

Every type of prescription drug is available without a prescription. Steroids, Viagra, Xanax, Vicodin, and so on. Consult your physician before using prescription drugs.

Meth and heroin are a big problem in Southeast Asia and very bad. Don’t do those drugs.

Marijuana in Phnom Penh: Final Verdict

Law Enforcement: 4/5 (A complete joke in the tourist areas. A bribe will cost you under $20… if they even stop you.)

Ease of Purchase: 5/5 (very easy. Go to any Happy Pizza restaurant or tuk-tuk driver)

Cost: 5/5 (cheap. About $1/gram)

Quality: 2/5 (bad. Lots of seeds and stems. It will get you high and at $1/gram… who cares?)

Final Score: 16/20 (80%). We got a mini-Amsterdam over here.


  1. Hey thanks a lot for this very useful information. I am going to Phnom Penh for the first time in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if you can smoke weed in your hotel room? Cheers!!

        1. Inside your hotel compound/room (unless they have a sign prohibiting it) or one of the happy pizza places/bars. They all pay bribes so the cops leave them alone.

          What you want to avoid doing is walking down the street puffing a joint or sitting on a bench smoking weed.

          1. Short answer: no.

            It’s illegal and they could easily narc on you and split the bribe with the cops. I haven’t heard of it happening in Cambodia (it happens in Laos and Thailand), but it’s still a risk.

  2. This is a bullshit article, you can not buy Vicodin or any other opiate based prescription drug, that’s Thailand. Second there are no shrooms here, again Thailand. Last but not least they’ve been cracking down on the happy pizza spots.

    1. lolwut? you can definitely buy Vicodin and opiate prescription drugs in Cambodia without a prescription. It might not be under the brand name, but they definitely have it.

      No shrooms in Cambodia?? Please. You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. I’ve seen shrooms (and MDMA) for sale in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

      They crack down on the pizza places every year or two. They just make it look like they’re actually enforcing laws.

    2. I’m guessing you went to one pharmacy, asked for the brand name, then came back here to talk shit online. Opiates are readily available at many pharmacies in PP, just ask for the generic name (hydrocodone instead of vicodin, alprazolam instead of xanax, etc.). Also yes, shrooms are available.

      Having lived in both countries for an extended period of time, you’re way off base about which country these are available in. Thailand pharmacies are much more highly restrictive and most won’t allow the purchase of anything hard without a prescription. Cambodia just doesn’t care.

      1. Thailand is currently under a military dictatorship and has police that aren’t completely useless. It’s just not a place I’d want to get caught breaking the law.

  3. I was in Phnom Penh last month (early March, 2019) and went to the happy pizza restaurants. They no longer offer the weed topping one owner told me because the authorities closed down the three restaurants for two or three months. I’d been there the previous September when they were still making the clientele happy.

    1. Thanks for the info.

      I guess it just depends on how the bribe money is going out. They may also be closing them because of all the Chinese money coming into town (not likely, but possible).

  4. Thanks for information man I’m excited to head down to Cambodia especially when it’s my first time there and tbh I’m just excited for the weed doesnt matter with the grade as from where I live in is illegal but I have done weed in Thailand and India so Cambodia is new so getting information like this helps alot

  5. Coming to Thailand, India and Cambodia to do weed is an excellent reason to visit. I am impressed. What you do when at home? …Weed I suppose. Must be an exiting lifestyle.👍

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