The 4 Types of Vietnamese Women You Will Date in Vietnam

Any guy that has been in Vietnam, or Asia in general, will notice they seem to date/bang the same “types” of women.

This article will explain the different types that you will find.

And yes, this is all a massive generalization.

Note to Angry Boomer Expats: Please do not get your tighty whities in a bunch over a light and fun article and boomer post about me making money on the internet. Thx.

The ‘Good’ Girl

The first, and probably most common, type is the good girl. Now, women are not inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ They’re just well behaved, but I’m not going to sperg out over a semantic difference.

Anyway, the good girls you meet will usually be university students or recent graduates. Always under 25.

Note: A good girl will usually be married with at least one kid by 25.

They may have had a Vietnamese boyfriend in high school, but they have never had a foreign BF.

They will probably have a part time job, may live at home or with friends, want a serious relationship before putting out, never drink alcohol, and are disgusted if you utter the word ‘Bui Vien’.

In other words, these are NOT the type of girls that you can invite straight to your apartment on day 1 or to a bar, ever. They require a few daytime dates to get comfortable with you.

One more thing, they usually speak English at a fairly low level. That doesn’t stop them from seeking out foreigners, though.

Girlfriend material?


I wrote an entire article on meeting girls like this.

Dates before sex?

It can vary. Sometimes 3 dates and sometimes it’s on your wedding night.

Yes, if she’s having sex before marriage, then she isn’t really a ‘good’ girl. We have a relaxed definition of ‘good’ in 2018.

Plus, these girls will relax their standards for a rich foreigner with a European or American passport.

Where to find?

  • Vietnam Cupid.
  • Cafe.
  • Nguyen Hue Street in a group with her girl friends.
  • NOT at Bui Vien.

The ‘Kind of Good’ Girl

‘Kind of good’ girls are basically ‘good’ girls that speak better English.

Speaking English well is kind of like giving good blowjobs. You don’t just learn it naturally. It requires lots of practice.

Unfortunately, this practice involves immersing yourself in American culture by either watching Hollywood movies or interacting with lots of foreigners, which means exposure to feminism cancer.

These girls may be a bit more stuckup than a good girl and probably do not cook.

On the flip side, they are much more likely to put out.

These girls are a mixed bag to be quite honest.

The main point is if a Vietnamese girl speaks good English, then tread carefully if you want a GF.

How to spot?

  • Speaks good English.
  • Claims to only date foreigners because “Vietnamese guys are bad” is a major red flag (or green flag depending on what you want).
  • Might have a small tattoo on a hidden part of her body, her wrist, or her neck. This is a 100% indicator. Good girls don’t get tattoos.
  • If she’s single and over 25, then she automatically falls in this type (or the two types below this).
  • Hair dyed blonde or any other non-natural color other than brown reddish-brown.

asian girl with blonde hair

Girlfriend material?

Depends on the girl and what you want.

Again, be cautious of any girl that speaks good English.

Dates before sex?

Immediately after the first date or after the second date.

Where to find?

  • All over Tinder.
  • All over Vietnam Cupid.
  • At a bar with their Vietnamese friends.

The Bad Girl

Bad girls come at all levels of English. Just because a girl speaks no English does not make her a good girl, but it’s a decent bet.

Anyway, bad girls are basically a ‘kind of good’ girl with more experience. You can usually figure out if a girl is a bad girl pretty quickly.


  • Wears short shorts.
  • Low cut top.
  • Somewhat pretty.
  • Wears high heels.
  • Lots of makeup.
  • Thousands of selfies on Zalo, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • Lots of thirsty white dudes leaving cringey comments on her Facebook pictures.
  • Tattoo.

tinder girl lingerie asia


Girlfriend material?


Dates before sex?

You invite her to a bar and do it that night. Or invite her straight to your apartment.

Where to find?

  • Tinder.
  • At a bar with her other bad girl friends.

Again, she might dress like a prostitute, but she is not a prostitute. Don’t make that mistake.

The Prostitute

Vietnam has a decent amount of prostitutes. Most of them don’t speak English.

You will only really encounter ones that speak English.

These girls are like sharks. They have no safety net since their dad (if they have one, most don’t) has probably disowned them and they have no husband, so they have to be super aggressive.

How to spot?

  • Look for the girl wearing a skin-tight short skirt on Bui Vien or at Apocalypse Now.
  • Any Vietnamese girl alone at a bar is a prostitute. 99.9% of the time.
  • They usually have a tattoo, but not always. If it’s an obnoxiously big tattoo, then she’s a prostitute.
  • Fake boobs.
  • Showing too much cleavage.

thai prostitutes

Girlfriend material?

Never, and I mean never ever, date a prostitute.

And no, you won’t change her. If you have the skills to change a prostitute, then you have the knowledge not to date one.

You know all those stories that angry white girls cite about white men getting killed by their Asian wife?

The dude always met the girl in a girly bar.

Dates before sex?


Where to find?

Prostitutes are like vampires. They suck your life energy (blood) and only appear at night.

They do love mirrors though. Not sure on garlic.

Anyway, you can find them at:

  • Bui Vien Street.
  • Any rooftop bar.
  • Apocalypse Now.
  • Hostess bars.

Final Thoughts

Those are the four types of women you will meet in Vietnam

Yes, the list isn’t super in-depth and detailed like my list of expats you will meet.

Quite frankly, most Vietnamese women are not interested in foreigners for a variety of reasons (mostly language and societal shame). It’s only a very small subset of the population that seeks out foreigners, which means that they’re all kind of similar.

The good girl scale is the best way to measure the kind of girls you will meet.


  1. That’s one thing I really despise about the women in Vietnam.

    You have some filthy westernized English speaking Vietnamese whore with a tattoo (Mia) on your blog trying to act holier than thou and dictate what foreigners can or should do with their lives.

    These women can’t really seen to operate beyond the whore-virgin dialectic and don’t have a live and let live attitude.

    Foreigners can do whatever the fuck they want. Judgemental bitch.

    1. I don’t care if they judge me or whatever. Everyone judges everyone, so it’s whatever. She just vocalizes it, which I find somewhat refreshing in a weird way. She’s like the female version of this blog.

  2. NEO,
    when you trying to digging in what you think you are right, you are digging a well, and may be you may spend the rest of your life living in a pool of your own. too much dogmatically

  3. You don’t have to be a bad girl when you get tatoo in your back. Sometimes It’s just the sign of youth and strong characteristics or some certain reason. I’ve dated one for 4 years till now and she isn’t bad at all, plus she has good English too due to her job. Again, I agree with the comment of that decent girl above.

    Thank for the review tho, it helps common foreigner stay away from man traps.

    1. A small tattoo on her ankle is one thing, but a tattoo on her back… and she speaks good English?

      Let me guess, you met her in a bar.

  4. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

    why not???

    This is mostly true of foreigners in Vietnam. Honestly, you should avoid foreigners and marry a nice Vietnamese man. And have cute Vietnamese children ASAP. Seriously.

    it block in my mind.

    actually, I feel you point of view not wrong, but not correct. after all we have a life and we get what we deserved. I dont think you keep digging in a garbage is a great idea. cause no diamond in Garbage .
    some type of woman you mentioned, they acted like your culture to looking for your westerner type, and you use our culture stadard to judge people in your culture stadard.
    You know what I mean?
    beside, I believe you are living in vietnam in a quite some time. where people struggling fighting for food every single day. you dont know what they are dealing with.
    I hope you will be more toleranced.

  5. funny,
    I am viet girl, my english perfect as native speaker ( I mean native spearker university level, not worker level, or jobless level)
    I have a small tatoo at my back.
    I never date with a foreigner cause I feel a lot of foreigner in vietnam like pigs, they are eat , drink, f**k, and wait to die.
    your mantra will lead me into a bad girl cause I am speaking english.
    I found your page by incident
    hope you find your soulmate.
    remember divorce rate In vietnam just around 4%. your should learn something from our country.

    1. I have a small tatoo at my back.


      I never date with a foreigner cause I feel a lot of foreigner in vietnam like pigs, they are eat , drink, f**k, and wait to die.

      This is mostly true of foreigners in Vietnam. Honestly, you should avoid foreigners and marry a nice Vietnamese man. And have cute Vietnamese children ASAP. Seriously.

  6. Hi Neo, thank you for your post! Regarding your point good girls can’t speak English well, I have different experience. Almost all female employees in international firms and organizations in big cities can speak English quite well or very well, and I would guess many of them or maybe all of them can be categorized as „good girls“. In the last 5 years I would say, I see many of them remain unmarried as they haven’t found an appropriate husband.

  7. How about “top sports girls” ? How can one find them ?
    (Either ‘good’ or ‘kind of good’ 🙂 )

    1. women that are good at sports?

      Lesbians, usually. You can do any sports activity and you’ll find women trying to do it, just how they are.

  8. I like the young cute ones with white skin or slight tan that wear an oversized t shirt and denim shorts. So hot.

    But tbh any Viet girl that’s at least a 5 and puts out instantly with no drama is good in my book too…

    1. I prefer when they wear a short black/tartan skirt. So fucking hot banging them from behind when they keep the skirt on too. Can only do it with the ones that don’t have that liner thing though. fuck i’m getting a chub just thinking about it

  9. Following up on an earlier comment somewhere here things progressed really well on my first Saigon trip… girl picked me up from airport, comes on a trip with me , sex first night. Next day another VC date and in spite of stating she s not in it for sex before the date she was almost pushing for it. The first girl claimed to have never had sex with a foreigner and none for 4 years. Everything seemed credible about her life and who she said she was. Until we had sex. She s like a pro. I have seldom had sex like this on a first date. She s like 200 per cent into it, unstoppable and into anything. Felt a bit sorry for the neighbours in the hotel. Girl number 2 was also really into it. I am wondering now if she s actually been a sex worker and makes shit up or if this is just sex with Vietnamese girls 😀 On the other hand who cares. I am not gonna get married. But I’d be curious what you make of it. 😀

    1. don’t know without a pic (pros have a certain look to them). Lots of girls here are crazy in bed though, so it wouldn’t surprise me either way. I very highly doubt she’s never had sex with a foreigner (or in 4 years… lol) since you found her on VC, she speaks English, and good at it.

      Anyway, glad you had a good time in HCMC and thanks for reporting back.

      1. Well i don t want ro post her pic here. i do not know how long she s been on vc. Maybe for good girls in Vietnam it s not unusual not to have sex in years!? But then again she didn t need any convincing really which doesn t fit the overall story. I mean i am not ugly but i am not George Clooney either 😄

        1. Probably too busy for a man and just needed some Vitamin D and male attention. and honestly, a 50+ y/o foreigner IS George Clooney to an older Vietnamese woman. especially a single mom. she knows she’s gotta put out to compete with younger women.

    1. Good and kind of good girls. Preferably the kind of nerdy and brainy girls.

      I can’t stand the bad girl/club slut type girls. Our personalities just don’t mesh.

      1. jeah thats also the type I like. Best would be a good girl thats just smart and speaks good english, so that you can have a “deeper” conversation from time to time

        1. I agree. Girls like that do exist, but they are rare. Though they usually learn English fast if you date them.

          Learning Vietnamese is another option, but ain’t no one got time for that.

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