Traveling is Overrated

All the expats you meet in Southeast Asia have a weird obsession with vacation, travel, seeing new places, and eating exotic non-white people food. They literally describe this bizarre ritual as a hobby to their equally bizarre friends in some weird socialization activity where everyone one ups each other with travel stories.

They remind me of every conversation I’ve had with a vegan, or a pilot…

Travel isn’t a hobby. Eating food isn’t a hobby. Wandering from 3rd world country to 3rd world country sure as fuck isn’t a hobby – that’s more like a prison sentence. Anyone that has wandered a third world country for an extended period of time, that includes yours truly, can testify to that.

Hobbies require skill – stuff like writing, auto mechanics, and art.

In my old age, jk I’m 26, I’ve come to the realization that travel and nomad stuff is vastly, vastly overrated.

Simply put, everyone that travels for fun lives a boring, mindless existence. They use travel as an attempt to fill the hole in their soul. This makes them oversell the travel experience as a sort of coping mechanism. You know what I’m talking about. People that say travel is a “life changing” experience. Seriously bro, you fly somewhere “exotic,” take some pictures, and maybe put your wee-wee in a hole.

That ain’t life changing.

Unfortunately for them, you will never find eternal happiness in our material world. You’ll simply waste time, money, and energy.

Who gave us this idea traveling would make us happy anyway?

The advertisement companies… because the travel companies paid them. In fact, people didn’t travel more than 50 miles from home up until about 100 years ago.

Note: I will admit that it is fun when you first start doing it. Perhaps I am simply jaded after doing this for 2+ years.

I Can See Everything Online

The one thing that makes travel so overrated…

You can see everything you want online.

If you want to see Notre Dame, you can go online and look at a picture of it. This isn’t 1816 where you had to take a ship across the Atlantic to see it.

Case in point, I haven’t visited the Cu Chi tunnels in my 2 years in Saigon, even though it’s an hour away. Who really cares about seeing some holes in the ground that were dug like 30 years ago…

I can already here the screams, “bUt PiCtUrEs aReN’t tHe SaMe'”

Sorry kiddo, you ain’t experiencing the beauty of Notre Dame. You go there, take a picture, put it on Instagram, pretend to admire the architecture for 5 seconds, and then walk away.

That’s one expensive picture.

We can prove this, too. How many people go to a famous landmark without taking a picture?

Less than 1% of people, mostly old people that can’t use a camera. So why do people even take pictures of Notre Dame?

Oh, that’s right. They do it to feed their ego, and give meaning to their meaningless life.

Guilty as charged on that one. But I’ve realized my mistakes. I don’t take pictures anymore.

Travelling Is Still Consumerism

People say they don’t want material things; they want experiences. And yeah, traveling is an experience. I guess.

However, people treat the travel experience exactly like a consumer good. They save up money to purchase the experience. Then they brag about it to whoever will listen to them in that bizarre ritual discussed earlier.

Travelling also gets marketed the same way as a consumer good.

What To Do Other Than Travel?

Exactly my fucking point. People live such meaningless lives that the only thing they can think of doing is… traveling. Or something equally useless like videogames.

I mean, come on bruh. If you can’t think of anything else to do with your time, then you aren’t thinking very hard.

To start, you can work or learn a skill. My grandpa, quite famously, never took a single vacation. He thought they were for lazy people, I guess. That was a common sentiment for blue collar guys in the 60s.

The man did live in various 3rd world countries for work, though. Strange fella.

Most American cities, and states, have so much stuff to do anyway. I seriously don’t understand the need to travel if you live in a state like Colorado, California, or Maine.

Yeah, I could see traveling if you live in a boring state like Florida or Kansas.

Final Thoughts

That about covers it. I should clarify here, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with traveling for a temporary relief, though I do think it’s stupid. I understand why people do it.

However, people that base their entire existence around traveling have some serious problems. Ironically, those same people are the douchiest people when it comes to telling you about traveling. Most of them will call you a square for not traveling.

I’d put them in the same category as vegans.


    1. Rainy season ain’t too bad, but you aren’t going to be doing much stuff outside. I heard it rains all day in Da Nang lol.

  1. Unrelated to this post but wanted to write this somewhere… I could be in Vietnam in less than a month for at least a month or two… Saw Da Nang like a possible good choice for me: nice beaches, food and good internet … other people working online etc
    Do you know other places that are similar in that regard?

    1. Da Nang is your best bet if you want beaches and a decent-sized city.

      Vung Tau is a town with mostly old sexpats. And all the other beach towns are tiny (Nha Trang, Mui Ne, etc.) for a 1-2 month stay.

      Just make sure you aren’t there in the rainy season.

      Note: I’ve never been to these places, but I’ve done research + friends.

  2. I agree. Travel is nice when you have never done it but once you’ve been to a few countries of each type (and you are smart enough to extrapolate from videos, past experience, and other data) you’ve been to them all.

    I only travel if their is an ROI. Usually this means checking out a potential place to live, traveling for work, ect. Besides that travel is a huge pain in the ass. I don’t want to have to find new places to live, eat, drink, entertain myself, ect.

    1. Yeah, exactly.

      I really don’t care about trying new restaurants, bars, etc. I don’t think most people do, either. They just say they do because it’s basically a cardinal sin to not want to try new things.

      It’s the same thing you said about countries:

      Once you’ve been to one; you’ve been to them all.

  3. I’ve been living abroad since 2012. Travel has the benefit of getting you out of your comfort zone also exposure to other cultures changes the way you think. I like seeing natural shit. Beaches, oceans, jungles mountains, etc.. I travel to get away from people. Couldn’t be banging a 18 year old in my 40s in the US. The main reason I have no desire to return to US is they have all turned into whining me too bullshit. Feminism needs to go, I wouldn’t fuck the fat entitled pigs with a ten foot pole.

  4. Their noses are horrible. BTW. Do you know the history of Southeast Asia? I’ve seen some Thai and Vietnamese looking like aboriginals. Guess why? Yes, they mixed with them. They originally looked close to Chinese but then they moved to Southeast Asia which was inhabited by aboriginals. They mostly wiped them out but also mixed with them. They still remained in Malaysia – you can google phrase Orang Asli.

  5. I had similar thoughts about travelling long time ago. I agree with most what you have written. There are so many idiots and influencers traveling just for pics. It’s stupid hobby.

    However I can’t tell that working is better form of spending time because our work is boosting the money of the elite and the banks. They want us to work for them so they will become rich. I’m totally against being their slave. Against being cheap labour to give them wealth. I’m minimalist myself. I can recommend you reading a book or fragments of it “goodbye things” Fumio Sasaki.

    Travelling however can help with depression a bit and some people would like to score one woman of each country. Paying for hookers doesn’t count. I hate it. Scoring all women except Africa because all of black women are same wherever they’re from so who cares?… and they are ugly anyway. Imagine them 100 years ago when they were unable to change their disgusting Afro hair.

    1. yeah working for corporations is modern-day feudalism, which is why I avoid working as much as possible and live in Asia. Even feudalism wasn’t that bad when you worked on a farm with your virgin wife, 10+ children, and parents. You also lived in a village where you knew everyone. Gosh, it makes me depressed thinking how far we’ve fallen.

      I’m already a minimalist, but I’ll check out the book. Reading about this stuff is interesting.

    2. >Scoring all women except Africa because all of black women are same wherever they’re from so who cares?… and they are ugly anyway. Imagine them 100 years ago when they were unable to change their disgusting Afro hair.


      have you seen aboriginal women?

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