The Ultimate Guide to Using Tinder in Thailand

Tinder in Thailand is one of the better ways to meet Thai girls. I’ll admit, it’s not the greatest method, but it is still decent.

A much better option, in my opinion, is Thai Cupid. Much less competition and meeting up with girls is much easier. Check out an article I wrote about using Thai Cupid to meet cute Thai girls.

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Anyway, this guide is about Tinder, so we will cover Tinder.

Step 1: Upload Good Pictures

The first step to meeting girls on Tinder is to upload good pictures.

You do not want to have grainy pictures that look fake.

The best pictures are ones that make you look like a professional. Most Thai girls don’t seem to like the bad boy look, at least not on foreigners.

A dress shirt, a smile, and a clean shaven face should be fine for the default picture. Make sure it looks real and not like a stock photo though.

The other pictures can be of you doing fun stuff, but nothing too degenerate like drinking beer or playing videogames. Pictures of your travels or scuba diving or something like that.

Sharp Dressed Man

Step 2: Don’t Swipe Everyone

The next step is to NOT swipe everyone. Tinder’s algorithm does not like people that swipe everyone, so don’t do it.

Now, you don’t have to read the profiles, but don’t bother swiping right on fatties, ladyboys, or prostitutes. There are a lot of ladyboys, believe me. They can be hard to spot, I actually wrote a whole guide on spotting ladyboys. Real girls in Bangkok sometimes mention that they are not ladyboys.

Unless you want to meet fatties, ladyboys, or prostitutes.

The choice is yours.

Step 3: Messaging Them

Just message them, “Hi how’s it going?” or some variation of that.

It does not need to be overly complicated or witty. Thais don’t speak particularly good English and it is a completely different culture. Our jokes will go right over their head.

Getting a response in Thailand can be kind of difficult. Honestly, a lot of girls just go on Tinder for validation and have no intention of meeting you.

When they do respond, you can expect a one or two word answer.

Don’t take short responses as a lack of interest. A lot of these girls just don’t really know much English.

Anyway, just ask for their Line (everyone uses Line in Thailand) and have the conversation on that platform. It is much easier than Tinder.

Plus, girls check Line much more frequently than Tinder… but they check Tinder a lot.

Step 4: Where to go on a date?

A date depends on the girl you met.

If you think she speaks no English, then I would just invite her to a café or mall near my apartment/hotel and then immediately go for the pull.

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You can even message girls and have them come straight to your room. It’s kind of high risk, but hey it works sometimes. Best to use on the slightly uglier girls that you don’t really want to invest much time with, but you’ll take the free sex.

If you want to invite out for real, then invite her for drinks or a cheapish dinner. Then just invite back to your room at the end of the night.

Girls know what is up.

Meeting non-Thais on Tinder

white girl

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.

I know, it surprised me when I saw that stat too.

Anyway, not all the 22 million people that visit Bangkok are sex tourists or Chinese.

There are actually a lot of European women that visit Bangkok to begin a journey of getting fucked up and fucking random dudes in hostels across Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Bangkok, being the major transportation hub in Southeast Asia, is the first city where these women begin their journey.

This means they use Tinder in Bangkok.

It’s actually pretty easy to meet up with western chicks in Bangkok. Especially if you are a younger guy and attractive. Even if you are older, there are still a lot of older white chicks in Bangkok for business trips and stuff. Ironically, older white chicks are probably the easiest demographic to meet in Bangkok, but most guys want the feminine 20 year old Asian women instead of the masculine 33 year old German chick.

I’m just saying. It’s an option.

Tinder Scams

Online dating + poor girls + rich guys = scams

There are a lot of Tinder scams in Bangkok and Southeast Asia in general.

The most common one is that you match with a girl and she invites you to visit her at a bar, but she actually works at the bar. She just wants you to buy drinks so she can make a commission.

First, girls don’t invite guys to a bar, so don’t go. Something bad is going to happen.

Normally, the girl just works at the bar and gets a commission for all the drinks you buy her. She does this with a lot of guys and you certainly won’t be the one going to the bar that night.

Other times it can be more sinister. She might put something in your drink or the bar will try some scam where they make you pay a lot of money.

Point being, if a girl invites you to a specific bar, then don’t go.

Another scam that I’ve seen is girls bringing their friend on a date. This isn’t exactly a scam, but it is annoying.

Basically, you go on a date with a girl and she decides to bring her friend. Yeah, you’re probably not getting a threesome out of it. The more likely scenario is you just pay two Thai girls to sit with you and speak Thai the whole time.

I’ve never had it happen, but I see it a lot.

If she brings a friend, then just leave.


Overall, Tinder in Bangkok is ok for meeting girls. It’s not the best option, but it is free.

This makes it a good backup plan and a place to find hookups. Just go straight for asking for their Line though. It’s the best to get them off the platform and into your contacts list.

If you want to consistently meet girls, then nothing really beats going on Thai Cupid or one of the other dating sites.

Don’t date a girl you meet on Tinder.

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  1. Nothing worse than the surprise friend you didn’t know was coming. You are right, just leave and don’t waste your time or money, unless we are talking about a 9 or you want a long term relationship.

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