Ultimate Tinder Guide – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tinder Match Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Some of the Tinder talent in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Do you want to learn how to bang Asian sluts on Tinder?

Then you came to the right place.

Imagine what it would be like to have a different Asian slut bouncing on your rod every night…?

Look, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the easiest cities to bang Asian girls on Tinder (if you’re white). I get about 10 matches each swipe session and my profile kind of sucks. Some of these girls even initiate the meetup and first contact.

This guide will teach you my step by step method to getting these thots to meet you and get you laid on Tinder in Vietnam.

Note: Tinder is kind of dead in Vietnam. I recommend signing up for Vietnam Cupid instead. I wrote a guide about Vietnam Cupid.

Step 1: Be White and speak English

Asian girls love white guys.  Can’t deny that.

However, don’t worry non-white readers…

If you can speak English, then you should still be OK.  You can speak enough English if you’ve made it this far.

All guys over here need to speak some level of English (or Vietnamese) and everyone just assumes all foreigners speak some English. Remember, you have to be able to at least COMMUNICATE with the girl to make it work.

Google Translate dates aren’t fun.

Tinder Matches

I unmatch anyone that doesn’t respond.

Step 2: Have Good Pictures

The best profile pictures for matching with Vietnamese girls are ones that make it look like you are an expat.  That means wearing a nice shirt, properly smiling, and not looking like a degenerate begpacker loser.

DO: Wear a nice dress shirt.

DO: Make your skin look whiter (very important!)

DO: Make your eyes visible.

DON’T: Look trashy or ghetto in your main picture.  Keep it for the other pictures, but try to avoid it.

DON’T: Have a beard in your picture. Seriously, Asian girls hate beards on guys. Like all women; they’ll be fine with it after a while. However, you will get less matches if you have a beard since Tinder is based on appearances and not personality.

Step 3: Write a good bio

Less is more.  Keep it simple and just mention that you’re an expat living in HCMC. A lot of girls don’t read it anyway.

Don’t mention nationality unless you’re a darker skinned “American” or “European.”  You want to make the girls guess because masculine men never give a direct answer to a question.  We stay mysterious.

Women love masculine men.

If they ask about your job, then tell them the industry and that’s it.  Again, staying mysterious.

Don’t say you don’t work either. Just say you work online or ignore the question.

Not working is bad. Don’t be a NEET.

Check out my article: “How Masculine Men View Women

Note for Backpackers

If you are a backpacker, then you can still meet girls. Just mention you are on vacation and looking to get some drinks. Some will meet and some will not meet.

Just part of the game. The girls know what they’re getting into.

Step 4: Swipe Right

Personally, I’m very picky with my swipes and it works.  The Tinder algorithm favors pickier users.

Focus on girls the same age, or younger, than yourself. You’ll have very limited success with girls older than you on Tinder. I wrote an article on meeting Vietnamese cougars if you’re into that, check it out.

However, older girls that match with younger guys will be much thirstier in my experience.

Step 5: Message Them

Message them. Don’t try and be witty, funny, or a douchebag like you have to do in America/Europe.  The girls usually speak terrible English and you will only confuse them.  Further, the girls are much nicer than American girls. Their response will 99% of the time be “Good thks. And you?”, which you respond “Good.”

Then message the girl something about what she does in Saigon or if she is a student.  Doesn’t really matter.  Just keep it to the interview style questions.  Let this mindless banter go on for a few texts.  Once you get bored with that ask, “Let’s meet. What is your Zalo number?”

99% of the time the girl will give it to you.  Sometimes they ignore you after giving it though.

Just part of the game.

Add her on Zalo.  They usually accept your request and you can begin talking to them on it.

I recommend setting up a date immediately. They get a lot of matches on Tinder.

You can still talk, but get the date setup.

Keep your standard texting rules. You can use the occasional emoticon with an Asian girl without losing value. Don’t do any double texting or asking needy questions.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to gently tease the girl.

Asking Tinder girl for WhatsApp

Just ask for WhatsApp/Zalo. Note the timestamps.

asking Tinder girl for Zalo

Sometimes you can just go direct with asking for the Zalo.

Step 6: Initiate the Meetup

These girls are “busy” and work a lot of hours.  Tell her, “Let’s meet for coffee at [café by your apartment]. Is Tuesday at 7PM good for you?”

Alternatively, you can just invite them out for drinks. Most of these girls don’t drink and will have a curfew though.

Drinks is almost a 100% that you’re getting it.

The girl will usually say yes to coffee if you weren’t a total goober and messed it up. Sometimes they say no because they are busy fucking other guys they met on Tinder, working (aka: playing on their phone), doing girl stuff,  hanging out with their boyfriend, or doing girl stuff.

thirsty tinder girl invites me over

Sometimes they initiate the meetup. Note: This girl was Asian, but not Vietnamese.

Tinder date invites herself to my apartment

Vietnamese girl on Tinder invites herself to my apartment.

Vietnamese girl from Tinder asks for date

Tinder girl asks if I want to get coffee with her. Of course I do 😉

Step 7: What To Do At The Date

Look, standard date rules apply here. Trust me, this isn’t that difficult. I even went on a coffee date drunk one time.

  • Don’t lean in.

Don’t look or act needy in general. Leaning in makes you look super needy. You do get a little leeway with acting needy with Asian girls. However, you still should not act too needy.

I can’t really explain this. It’s one of those things that you just know.

  • Lead the girl.

Don’t be one of those guys that has the girl walk in front and choose the table.

Or says, “What do you want to do?”

You’re a man.

Choose the venue, pick the table, order your drink, choose your food, and lead her. Girls want to be led.

  • Dress nice.

A pair of nice jeans, a polo shirt, and some dress boots is fine. A nice pair of long pants, a polo shirt, and dress shoes  also works fine.

Here’s an article about dressing nice in Southeast Asia.

Honestly, you can wear shorts if you really want and probably be fine if you’re young and attractive (and white). I personally don’t recommend it though.

  • Make eye contact.

This doesn’t need much explanation.

  • Talk Slow

Some of these girls speak awful English. You should talk slow so they can understand you.

  • Don’t Be Boring

A lot of guys are super boring. Save the nerding out about quantum physics for your dude friends.

Your date conversation should be simple and fun. Celebrities, funny stories, and other stuff like that.

You want the girl to laugh; not stare at her phone.

  • Don’t act like you haven’t touched a girl in 8 months, even if that’s the case.

It goes back to not being needy. Calm, cool, and collected.

  • Make sure to touch her forearm or shoulder during your conversation.

Make sure to make physical contact from the start. You want her to be comfortable with you touching her. Don’t do anything super #MeToo like grabbing her ass or masturbating into a potted plant in front of her.

  • Tease her

Gently tease the girl. Don’t be a dick about it, but if she does something stupid, then call her out on it with a smile on your face. These girls aren’t American girls, so you don’t need to treat them like complete garbage.

  • Pay for her half

Look, I know that us western guys are used to our dates paying for their half. Thank feminism for that.

You will struggle to find a feminist girl in Vietnam, so they will expect you to pay for everything. Plus, a good job here pays like $300/month. If you follow my money advice, then you should make plenty of money to afford $2 coffee for you and her.

Don’t be a cheap goober like some of the guys; pay for the date. It should cost under $2 for a coffee.

Step 8: Pulling To Your Apartment

asian girl in bikini tinder

Assuming the first date went well and you sense good chemistry, invite her back to your apartment.

If you’re a shy boi and scared, then read my dating guide for shy guys.

Can this be true? Will she go back on the first date?

These girls are using Tinder and meeting up with people for the same reason that everyone uses Tinder, so YES it can happen! You’ll also develop a good slut radar the longer you do this.

Now, don’t ask her to “see a movie in my apartment” or any other crap like that.

Just say, “Lets go.”

“Where we go?”

You, “My apartment. It is not far.”

Sometimes the girl will freak out and run away.  Sometimes the girl will come back to your apartment. Typically girls over 25 will come back to your apartment on the first date. Hell, you can just invite those girls straight to your room and skip the date.

If you have built up enough interest, then this method will work more than it doesn’t.

Don’t worry if she rejects you on the first attempt to pull to your apartment. You can generally invite them straight to your apartment for the second date.

Step 9: What to Do At Your Apartment (Big Secret Revealed!)

Most of you should know what to do when you get a girl to your apartment, but some of you freeze up. I’ve been there myself (long time ago). Here’s a good ti…

tinder girl lingerie asia

If she goes back to your apartment, then she wants some sausage!

Ok. Here’s the big secret:

Don’t immediately make a move: Some guys make the first move the instant the door closes, which makes you look desperate. I like to ignore the girl a bit and act standoffish.

Trust me, girls will think “why hasn’t he made a move? Does he think I’m ugly?” and start freaking out.

Women can’t handle rejection very well.

More importantly, she’ll be more receptive when you make the move because she won’t know her next opportunity. Your penis and sperm are a scarce resource.

Don’t lower its value and give away your valuable sperm for free.

Make women work for it.


Mindset is the most important part of getting laid.  You can’t show any neediness with girls and expect to have sex. Remember, your sperm is a scarce (valuable) resource. Thankfully, in Asia not being needy is extremely easy because Asian girls want to meet foreigners.

All you need to remember… if you fail with one girl there are always 20 more girls on Tinder. And even more at the café.  And even more at the park that want to “practice English.”

The choice is yours. I prefer online dating (not Tinder) because it’s easier to stay productive.  Approaching single girls at cafes works just as well though.  Just ask them, “Do you speak English?”  If a Vietnamese girls speaks good English, then she must have some sort of interest in meeting/interacting with foreigners, right?  Maybe I’ll write a guide on approaching girls in cafes.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, it’s extremely simple to get laid in Ho Chi Minh City with Tinder. It does take time though.

As long as you’re meeting girls and putting sex on the table, then you will get laid.

It’s much easier than you think…


  1. Hi,
    I’m a business woman travelling to HCMC for a week and also want to get laid.
    Got any good suggestions for ‘expat’ women?

    1. For Tinder?

      Just swipe right on all the white guys, they should invite you to drinks, and they should invite themselves to your somewhat nice hotel room…

      At least that’s what I would do if I matched with a business woman on vacation.

      1. What do you think Vietnamese girls think when they join Tinder?
        Yes, they are just like you, just want to have fun. I don’t think they respect you when you think they are “slut”. And it’s bad that you don’t deserve respect when you only think about sex.
        You were so cheap in your own country and in Vietnam
        Men are not worth a penny when they don’t respect women.
        If you see them as slut, you are actually not inferior to them when sex with them. Of course, in their thoughts, you are a slut.

        1. Why does everyone keep calling me cheap? It must be a translation from Vietnamese that doesn’t make sense.

          Yes, they are just like you,

          Men and women are different. A man can have a lot of sex and it makes him attractive. A woman doing the same thing is a slut.

          1. Men and women are different. A man can have a lot of sex and it makes him attractive. A woman doing the same thing is a slut.
            Who gave you this definition?

          2. You are cheap. Maybe not in regards to your financial decisions IN Vietnam, but just you. You’re actual trash. I wouldn’t be talking shit about how well people speak English. You probably can’t even speak a lick of Vietnamese and you’re IN Vietnam. And honestly, you’re not that great at writing in English either.

      1. A: She lives in Australia.
        B: She’s like 40 years old and a mom.
        C: You can do better.
        D: Don’t fucking tell women that you can’t find a women to date. That’s not attractive.

  2. Hey man, no offense but you must be a pretty good looking guy. Your advice is not applicable to everyone! AT ALL. That being said any suggestions??

    1. Sign up for Vietnam Cupid (use that link). You could sign up today and have 3 dates lined up on Sunday and maybe a girl to take to a bar on Saturday.

      That’s not an exaggeration. Tinder works, but it takes a lot more time.

      1. What is “a lot more time” means here? because from your text above it seems that it doesn’t take that much time …

  3. Wasn’t sure if my wisdom was posted successfully. Was wondering if there’s any district easier than others? And what district you in neo?

    1. Just stick to the popular expat districts (D1, D3, D10, D7, D4 (Rivergate), Binh Thanh and D2) and you’ll be fine. Lots of girls in those districts speak English and are looking for foreigners. You want to avoid the far out stuff like D12 and Tan Phu.

      The absolute best is probably D3 because it’s so central and pulls from the other districts.

  4. I’ve read that you are not allowed Vietnam women over in your hotel, as they want to prevent prostitution. How do you get around that?

    1. That’s only an issue with the 5 star hotels (or so I hear) and in the countryside.

      You can ask before booking to be safe. Some hotels might want to see her ID card or charge an overnight fee, but I’ve not had either issue.

    2. Another option is just finding something on AirBNB (in D1) that doesn’t have a security guard or front desk. There are plenty of options and most should run from 500k-1 million (21USD – 44USD)

  5. I came across your blog while googling “Tinder Vietnam” as I had no idea it existed. And this cracks me up! Lol! Does this actually work?!

    1. Hell yes this works lol. I’m more of a Vietnam Cupid guy (less competition), but Tinder still works great. Lots of hoes.

      It’s funny getting together with friends and comparing matches. Most of the expats will match with the same 80% of Viet girls.

    2. Hey, why are u guys so cheap, stop being so cheap if u dont want any of the Vietnamese just comes and CUT YOUR DICKS =)))))))))))))))

  6. Nice tips, you are right you need to play it cool for a bit when you get back to your place. If you jump right on them they may leave if not comfortable yet.

  7. Ah i’ve met that Venus girl lol. Nothing like her photos..

    Very true that the girls tend to get ‘passed around’ by the expats here. I know a French guy who recommended a girl to 4 of his friends on Tinder (a feature there apparently) and she banged all 4 guys over the course of 2 months.

  8. I have 0 matches currently lol… I am a decent looking guy (I thought), teacher in Haiphong city in the north. Is it harder to meet girls up here in general than it is in HCMC? I even put on a picture of me with my dog, still absolutely nothing. Is there another dating app that’s more popular up here? Or am I just ugly as fuck?

    1. Any city outside of Hanoi or HCMC is going to be hard… even a big city like Haiphong. The % of girls that know English just isn’t that high.

      I was going to recommend Vietnam Cupid, BUT there are literally 20 girls in the 18-25 range with “Some English” in HP that have signed in within the past 2 days… LOL. Those girls are looking for foreigners and there aren’t that many, so they would definitely meet you. Hooking up, or even having sex, with a girl in the north is a whole another story.

    1. Agreed! You are only perpetuating rape culture. Literally the way you think is that of a rapist. I highly doubt you will ever find a female that likes you for anything more jan your dick. You clearly have a terrible putlook on woman and are fucked up in the head. I also highly doubt you have even gotten laid. You definitely seem like one of those guys who fabricates.

  9. Neo , don’t writing about Vietnamese girls on tinder like that and don’t put their potos like that on here . It’s not respect u know that . Wuold be bad effecting to her living . Friends , family , works ….

  10. If you are in my age range (50+) and come for a few days only, what would you recommend? I would have thought Tinder is more clearly for having some fun together and the women who meet you on tinder have that in mind, so less time lost with multiple dates? Any other recommendation if you just want some fun but don’t have much time?

    1. Honestly, I don’t know for your situation. Here’s some general advice:

      Getting Tinder Premium and lining up some nighttime drinking dates BEFORE you come is a good bet. If you can get them out at night, then you should be able to close. MIGHT be harder since you don’t live here. You will get asked that and a lot of them don’t like to deal with tourists. You’ll probably match with a lot of 30+ y/o women if you aren’t fat. Having one meet you at the airport and go with you to the hotel is also possible. Just make sure she doesn’t take her bike to the airport.

      Vietnam Cupid is also good and way more efficient than Tinder. Just get a 1 month sub a week before you go and setup some drinking dates and find one to meet you at the airport. Also probably your best bet if you want younger women (what guy doesn’t?) since girls interested in older guys hang out there.

      If all else fails, then you can get a BJ on Bui Vien for like 600k. Vietnamese prostitutes that you meet in bars/clubs are awful. Haven’t heard of anyone having a good experience with one.

      1. Thanks. What about those in these freelancer parks? How does that actually work, – do they bike you back to your hotel!? Or do they go to their own place?
        I did get a Viet Cupid subscription through your link. But wow, really hard to find many who can string a proper sentence together in English, let alone a conversation! Feels like you have to learn Vietnamese to get somewhere… But early days…

        1. The ones in the public parks are usually, not always, ladyboys and/or junkies that will rob you.

          I personally wouldn’t hop on the bike of some random female prostitute that I met. In fact, some foreigner got his phone stolen last week by two ladyboys doing that trick in 23/9 Park. An off duty cop saw it and arrested them, but that’s rare.

          Freelancers in the club? You just take them to your hotel or an hourly hotel. Lots of hourly hotels all over HCMC.

          Benny’s is a decent option for P2P blowjobs. Actually, there are lots of hot toc places (BJ bars) in HCMC for ~400k a pop. Just Google “Bj bar hcmc” or something like that.

          Yeah, English levels are generally low though there are enough that speak decent English that you should be good. It’s certainly not the Philippines (or even Thailand) level of English, but things are normally smooth after some initial confusion/awkwardness since the girls are eager to make us happy. Hell, I’ve been on dates and banged chicks that spoke 0 English. Language barrier is not as big of an impediment as you’d probably think for a short term fling. Relationship is a different story.

          Thanks for using the link 🙂

  11. Do these rules of extremly desire of American/European guy apply to Russian? I’m attractive guy 25 years old from Russia who speaks English fairly enough, but I found interesting thing: girls on VietnamCupid mostly look for Americans according to their preferences. Once I setup my account I’ve set Russia as my country and got only 3 views and 0 messages withing 12 hours. Changed my country to USA and voila… 20 messages and plenty of views. Am I wrong and got “bad hours” or Vietnamese seriously interested only in American?

    I’m as you said backpacker coming to Vietnam for 2 weeks and just interested in new experience with fresh Asian girl. What is the best way to hook up? Paid account on VietnamCupid or Tinder app right on the place?

    1. Both are fine. Tinder is free, so that’s the default option.

      Are you a white Russian (blonde, blue eyes)? American and other rich Euros are obviously better, but Russians shouldn’t have an issue once you message them. I know an Indian guy that does fine, so I couldn’t imagine a Russian having an issue.

  12. Hi, so I am im Saigon, good looking, have tinder profile for 3 days already, swiped right lile 500 times and no match. While on baddoo i match with most. I am really new to tinder, does it make a difference if i am running on basic unpaid membership in tinder? Or do I just suck in tinder because girls look there for different types of guys then in badoo?

    1. You should get a match after 3 days, but it’s not as good as it used to be. I think Tinder updated the algorithm to make unpaid worse. Or this guide killed it.

      Also, how old are you and what age are you swiping on?

  13. I am 32 and I search in range of 18 and 40. Another thing is, I swiped right everything, including pictures of food, flowers, or panda 😁️. And I have just read that Tinder algorythm doesnt like it which totally makes sense. So once i get fresh supply i will try more sophisticatef swiping. In the meantime I have plenty of girls to work on and meet from badoo. Another thing that crossed my mind, maybe i already chat in badoo with many of these dream girls that i spotted in tinder, just in badoo they wear skirt and some cute pollower while in tinder they only wear panties, use some filter to make their ass look huge and stuff like this. Btw. many of the girls here are very insecure and.. emotional but beautiful girls come with a lot of estrogen in them that makes them high all the time

  14. Are those girls who you actually banged? Cause I think I know the girl in the last picture. Great guide but can you talk more about any of your Asian friends who use Tinder to get laid ?

        1. thanks for the link. I actually saw some Vietnamese in a cafe reading my site lol. it really blew up. You guys don’t understand what I’m saying with this article.

  15. Dude. You are such a piece of shit to post stuff like this online. Regardless the fact that you’re white or from Western country. The way you talk about Asian women is very disrespectful and arrogant. Wish you have HIV soon you cock head. Guys like you are such a shame from God and your mom should be sorry to gave birth to you. Instead of being such an asshole, get up and do some good to life won’t you? I just waste 3 minutes of my life responding to this garbage but I rather say this to you than keep my mouth shut and watch other people being disrespected like that. Eat my dick sucker!

    1. The way you talk about Asian women is very disrespectful and arrogant.

      I say worse things about white women if it makes you feel any better.

    2. Wow. First true words here. Im a Vietnamese woman and I feel incredibly offended. Bro not everyone is thirsty for your limpy white dick. Mysogynistic much? Stereotyping much?
      If this is what you pursue you will only be able to take advantage of naive girls who are still in that inferiority complex due to the media portryal of the “western world.”
      U know u cant pull shit like this to western women or women in your country so u got to come to our country to fool our people. Well good job, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Once a colonizer forever a colonizer

      1. so u got to come to our country to fool our people. Well good job, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Once a colonizer forever a colonizer

        That’s a very good point. This stuff is genetic. It goes both ways though… Once a colonized people; always a colonized people.

      2. I honestly thought I would feel offended after reading this, but I’m not and neither should you. How the writer chooses to treat women isn’t a reflexion of their worth character, but rather it reflexes his own problems and issues, and his choices to not handle them in a proper, healthy way. His perception of Vietnamese women came from the few selected ones, that agreed to let him have his way, but on the other hand, it doesn’t embody the entire Vietnamese women’s agenda. I find it very unfortunate, that the writer fails to see the values of Vietnamese women, but regardless of that, your perspective is respected.

  16. Mah man. You are legendary. There is a guy who shared your article on Facebook page. I read about 10 out of your blog and i realized a fact that no one can deny : you are an badass. Grab for beer sometime bruh.

    1. I’m getting lots of angry Vietnamese people commenting, so I’m guessing it’s a Vietnamese Facebook page. Currently at 13,000 users today lol. how big was this Facebook page?

  17. Firstly, you treat the American women like garbage? Well I don’t know that fact, poor US women.
    Secondly, “Your penis and sperm are a scarce resource”: well it’s just protein and not that valuable, don’t be delusional, wake up.
    Thirdly, you are absolutely looking for prostitutes if you are applying these advises, and yeah that is not so proud for your achievement.
    Fourthly, of course you are only losers when you have no confidence to find a good girl (even to have sex with) and apply these tips.
    Finally, the author has his view on looking down on Asian women, in particularly Viet women. But who knows, a truly Vietnamese women are also looking down on these expats too. So you get what you give man.

  18. Thank you for your tips. But i think the girl knows what she is doing on Tinder, just to find some guys to release their “needs” and eat or drink for free and for sure fuck a guy for free, so guys basically are just sex toys. They also want to meet white men to try new things when they get bored of Viet guys.
    Then you lost 2$ (plus hotel room) some valuable sperm as you said but still think that you are a wise man.
    Poor you, Bro!

  19. Jesus! Do you guys really need these tips? Your tips are bullshit, honestly!! Sorry but it is the truth! I doubt that you are interesting enough to bang anyone else than prostitutes or girls who is so desperate!

    I am not judging but this just proves that you are not mature and interesting enough to have a good topic! These topics of yours are just a thing you want to prove to people that you worth sth – to push your low self-esteem!

    I hope soon you will be confident enough to write topics that really wow people – not this bullshit! :)))

    And ah, I am curious to see your real face if you really that good-looking! 😂

    1. I hope soon you will be confident enough to write topics that really wow people – not this bullshit! :)))

      This blog is very popular. I have a few other boring websites, but this one is the most popular. It’s not even close.

      1. Because you targeted those pathetic guys who cannot know how to fuck, and angry girls who thinks you humiliate them! Jesus! :)))

      2. In conclusion, if this blog is that popular like you said, the earth is in so huge danger because of so many retards exist!! 😌

        Btw, when can you satisfy my curiousity about your real face? Haha

          1. I am relieved haha.. is American that old-fashioned? I thought to those white skin and blue eyes like you, age is just a number! :))))) Oh, you disappoint me, darling!

          2. Relieved? You’re the one that keeps asking for a face picture lol. you also thought I deleted your comment when I didn’t approve it within 20 minutes…

            you’re obsessed with me. don’t worry babe, you’re not the first woman to obsess over me. certainly not the last.

          3. Lol you didnt approve my previous comment? That’s weak! :))) Now we know who has higher IQ as well as EQ darling! 😉 Have fun living in your delusional world! Spank yourself ass and wake up, darling! 😉

          4. Obviously I am relieved that I will not being chased by someone like you since your target is girls from younger age. And asking for a picture is not obsession over something, it is curiosity if you are what you said about yourself! 😂 And about the comment, sorry darling, my mistake! Sometimes I am a bit quick in conclusion and internet is still not fast enough to catch my wittiness!!

          5. Jesus! Please 😂 60 is too old for me and I am not sure if they can still have sex lol. And no worries, I am not asking you out so stop telling me that you are younger. I am not interested in you does not mean you are that bad! Don’t be so egoistic, little boy! 🤭 Btw I read your article about cougars – tell me again what age is your target? Lol

  20. Thanks for letting me know these tips. I dated many foreign guys, just for learning English, and left when they asked to come over. Then I matched another one for free English, and drinks. Well, I could share the bills, but Western guys are soo nice, most of them didn’t let me to do that haha

    1. I dated many foreign guys, just for learning English

      You’re not that clever. 80% of Vietnamese women say that after I blow a load on their face 🙂 I’m doubtful you left when they asked you to come over. I’ve even invited women to my apartment to “practice English.”

  21. You and girls come to each other to satify the sex demand but what makes you cheap is you come online telling badly about girls and call them slut while they dont do the same with you. They just pretent naive and use you as sex toy but you dont know it.

  22. I am a Vietnamese girl and I hate the way you wrote this!
    Do u think who you are??? Xàm xí tiếng Anh là gì tui ko biết nhưng mà coi thường gái Việt Nam quá nên tao ghét nhé thấy mà tức gì đâu

  23. After writing my comment above. I think this post is very entertaining and fun to read, Neo. You nailed it! (but it was written 1 year ago so you also need to write a tip for guys to get rid of the girls you fucked) otherwise they don’t know how to deal with a troublemaker. (I think you do but some guys don’t unless they leave Vietnam). I am a Viet girl and I have met so many guys on Tinder like what you described above, what a guy should say to get a girl (apparently, it’s nearly all right) and it’s really funny to watch a guy acting when you know all their tricks. No doubt that many Viet girls like white men because they get used to with big dicks…but they also know that just not many of them are serious to go further so why give fuck!.
    At least, you give some tips, and some guys make some effort to get a girl… and satisfy their sex drives. Actually, it’s also easier to find a white guy to fuck well than the average Viet guys on Tinder.

  24. Danggg bro ahaha!! I bet that was a big facebook group apparently, tbh I’m a Vietnamese girl and I got triggered myself but then found those tips funny in a way. Bottom line, u know Tinder is kinda a hookup app in the first place so its not just you bang the girl but u got banged yourself too rite?? lol anw since there are so many Vietnamese girls read ur blog now, these tips ain’t gonna work anymore… so yea tough luck. I feel like giving u a compliment rnow so maybe I would say u’re really entertaining ig! Have a nice day pal.

  25. This is extremely bullshits, I hate the way you write this shit :). Maybe some of these girls out there don’t know how disgusting you are but most of us (VNese woman) all know you guys are just loser, can’t even have enough money for sluts 🙂 .
    Btw we are clever and speak foreign language well, this shit injures us 🙂

    You bastard

  26. This little shit is one of the funniest thing I have ever read in 25 years. Many Vietnamese people feel so angry with that but I find it so funny (I’m a Vietnamese girl btw), ironic and hypocritical how a person came to Tinder just to bang and then thought to himself “why almost vietnamese girls want money” (I also read your stupid little piece of shit “when Vietnamese gf asking for money” to clearly understand your point of view about Vietnamese girls). What do you expect more from there? A unicorn or what? =))
    In fact Vietnamese modern and independent women don’t ask those stupid questions =)) and what you got are actually ones who are just like you, loser ones. Hope you enjoy your community you deserve bro and I understand there’s no shame to be with your kind =))

    However, on the professional side, you are very successful in driving traffic to your website, congratulations!

  27. Vietnamese girl who are not going to bang you just because you wear a polo t-shirt and nice jean pant :) says:

    This little piece of shit is the most hilarious thing which did a good job to entertain me while working :))) (*I am a Vietnamese girl for your record). Those women that you mentioned above, who are easily let you bang her pussy – are also a loser like you, sir 🙂

  28. oh my god, luckily i am in Hanoi, not Hochiminh, how horrible , i never think those girl in HCM city is that kind of freeslut, probably they from old Vietnam conghoa who just want to go to American like some ppl in vietnam war, but the fact they make just make them look like a slut, damn now i wish i didn’t know english

  29. I was wondering why you see almost half profiles in Saigon with just : “no ONS no FWB” nowadays on Tinder. I don’t see that in any other city, I find that a bit weird.
    I guess they shared those expressions everywhere on facebook pages. It is advanced English level, I was surprised.

  30. Tinder is becoming fucking shit bc of you guys, and one of them is you Neo, sorry to say that, but you deserve it.
    And I believe that you have no right to use that girls’ profiles for illustrating your article.
    In addition, don’t come to an conclusion easily, we are Asian girls like westerners not bc their d*ck but they are well-manners, kind, sweet, humorous and especially show respectfully to women.
    Obviously from your article, not every single foreigners man have well- educated!!!
    Out of my curiosity, beside a hideous penis can bang to every women, what else do you have man? Dirty & Brainless!!!

    1. Tinder is becoming fucking shit bc of you guys, and one of them is you Neo, sorry to say that, but you deserve it.

      How long have you been on Tinder?

      In addition, don’t come to an conclusion easily, we are Asian girls like westerners not bc their d*ck but they are well-manners, kind, sweet, humorous and especially show respectfully to women.

      Yeahhhh, ok. Every girl says this.

  31. hey Neo,

    On Tinder and vietnam cupid how many days banter before asking them out? 3 or 4 messages i gather. I sometimes ask them out introductory message in Bangkok.

  32. what is your thoughts on the difficulty level of pulling girls in Hanoi vs HCMC? also in which city do you find the girls to be more attractive?

  33. Do you know many single or lesbian Vietnamese girls want to have a mixed-baby?
    And other single women don’t want to go to hospital for an insemination or pay a lot of money.
    You can be a sperm donor, by natural insemination, in Vietnam.
    You can register here : http://www.xintinhtrung.com/en/ (free website)

  34. Helloo greetings to you my man. I bet you are handsome as fuck so heyy please publish your pic so as I will have something to admire boy. I’m the kind of gurl you wanna meet, a submissive Asian who doesn’t speak English well aaaaaand my biggest dream is to become a housewife yay yay! Now please send me your pics so as I can admire you my idol!! Ilysmbb <3

  35. Maan …. I had a good laugh XD … I like your writing style …
    I’m thinking about a service that does this job for people, what do you think? it goes like this:(it targets rich people)
    _X subscribes to a this service paying some n x100$ per week.
    _ Answers a bunch of questions (personality, preferances etc) and submits pictures acording to advices giving on the site in order to maximize chances.
    _ X gets notified when he gets dates

  36. I have never read a more condescending, racist, discriminatory, pathetic, and disgusting article in my life. Classic expat white privilege mentality in Vietnam where foreigners find themselves believing they are superior to people in Vietnam. Just the way you refer to the people shows you have no respect at all. I love how people come here thinking they’re kings but when they go back to their country, they’re actually losers. You guys come here to perv on women but they only want you for your money and potential green cards. Not that you mind though, at least you’re getting pussy right? That’s the reality of it unfortunately, but just know you’re a weasel. You’re lower than any of the people here. You’re probably not that well off in you’re country but come here to take advantage of the poor economy and the women. The man who works day to night selling lottery tickets on the streets is worth a million times more than you. It’s just that they weren’t born to be as privileged as we are but the difference between you and me is that I’m not a demeaning, self-centered piece of shit scum. I’m tired of seeing these girls cling to white guys because they aren’t well off in this country. You’re no different than the old white men dating girls that are old enough to be their grandchildren. Honestly, fuck you and the low-life mentality that drives you everyday.

    1. I have never read a more condescending, racist, discriminatory, pathetic, and disgusting article in my life.

      yep. looks like the redditards are here.

    2. After reading your review, I knew the article must be good. I’m sorry that you can’t get laid in Vietnam because the women prefer guys like us. Rest assured that I’ll give them a few extra pumps on your behalf.

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