I Got Catfished on Vietnamese Tinder (Again)

Sup readers.

Everyone that does online dating will notice that the girls always seem to have decent pictures, but look noticeably different when you meet them.

That is the definition of catfishing we will use for this article. Yes, I know it can also refer to getting fooled by a guy pretending to be a girl, but I have too many brain cells to fall for that.

Anyway, here is the story about me getting catfished on Tinder in Vietnam, again.

Note: I prefer using Vietnam Cupid. Girls always use the best pictures online. However, I haven’t had anything this bad on Cupid. Check out an article I wrote on using Vietnam Cupid.

Vietnam Cupid Box

The Tinder Profile

Tinder, as mentioned all over this site, works great in Vietnam. I tend to match with about 10+ girls every time I go for a swipe ses, which is more than the 0-1 I would get in the US.

So, I was on Tinder one night and just swiping away. I match with about 10 girls and send them my typical opening line.

I had a fun conversation with this one 19 year old girl. She had hair that touched her waistline and seemed to like taking pictures in cafes.

Young, long hair, not fat, and big lips.

Suspiciously, she did not have any pictures of the front of her face. Only pictures taken from the side, which I should be suspicious of after my last drunk Tinder date with a catfish. This chick was still a yes for me despite the warning signs…

or so I thought.

She gives me her number and we take the conversation to Zalo.

We talk for a few days and I invite her for a coffee near my apartment.

First Contact

We agree to meet for coffee at precisely 12:03PM since she has work at 3:00PM. Naturally, I show up casually late at 12:05PM.

This chick is nowhere to be found, which is pretty much standard in Vietnam.

Whatever. I just order my black coffee (no sugar) and send her a quick, “Where are you?” text at 12:07PM.

She responds instantly “I inside.”

I look up and see this young woman with big boobies and long hair looking down at her phone.

Damn. She looks even better in real life.

I approach her, “Hi. Are you Mai?”

She looks up at me with a big smile on her face, “Oh no no no,” and waves her hand.

Fuck. Where the hell is my date?!?

I send my date another text: “I’m sitting down. Look for me near window.”

10 seconds later I get a tap on my shoulder.

I turn around and my face instantly turns to stone at the sight of her face.

This chick has a really ugly face and is wearing glasses.

I’m not sure how to describe her face. It’s just… ugly. Like, even with makeup she’d still be a 3/10 at best.

Fortunately, she has the biggest boobies of any Vietnamese girl I’ve ever met and very nice looking long legs. She’s also 19.

I don’t get it. Normally these chicks have decent bodies and average faces. Or pretty faces and pretty bodies. Or ugly faces and ugly bodies.

Seeing an ugly face on such a beautiful body really is a shame.

It’s like God thought, “I want to make guys question the importance of facial beauty.”

Fortunately, man invented paper bags 🙂

The Date

I decide to follow through with the date. Just leaving would be rude and isn’t my style.

We go to the counter together, she orders her drink, I pay for it, and we go upstairs. We just have the usual bullshit conversation about life and she asks most of the same damn questions that every single girl asks.

Surprisingly, she didn’t ask about marriage or anything. Think this girl just wants some fun.

I’m pretty good at dates and love teasing/trolling girls about everything, so I had fun on the date.

Also, her English kind of sucked, but I was too distracted staring at her tits.

The Failed Pull

I’ll make this short.

I invited her to my apartment to watch a movie, she said no, and we both went our separate ways.

She is still texting me. So I can probably get her to my apartment eventually.

Final Thoughts

Well, this whole thing happened yesterday.

Honestly, I’ll probably invite her straight to my apartment on Saturday. This isn’t the kind of girl that I want to be seen in public with if I’m being 100% honest.

Anyway, lesson from this story is to not meet a girl that only has side pictures of her face on Tinder.

Just not worth it.

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