The Time I Told A Feminist Off in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Angry feminist

Your average white female expat in Ho Chi Minh City.

We all know the stereotype.  The aging western women visiting, or living, in Southeast Asia that hate that the majority of white men pursue skinny feminine Asian girls. They really believe men want a strong independent go grrll woman.   Anyway, this weekend I had a direct experience with one of these go grrll’s.  This one, who we’ll refer to as Western cunt, appeared in the form of a drunk, lonely, and slightly overweight Scottish woman well past the wall.  Probably 35-40 years old.

After a long night of drinking with one of my Vietnamese lady friend’s we head to our hostel to “continue our discussion” in private.  However, before heading to the room for work I decide to hang out in the lobby and talk with a European friend. This is where Western cunt enters the picture.  She discovers me, a young super attractive white man, without a woman.

She locks her eyes on me with a 1000 cock stare and drunkedly approaches her attractive target.  She opens by saying how drunk she is at the moment.  Great way to introduce yourself. I promptly turn around and sit down next to my Vietnamese drinking lass and begin caressing her silky smooth Asian girl leg.

Western cunt loses her marbles at the sight of a white man rejecting her for a younger, thinner, and more feminine Asian woman.  It starts with a bit of motherly feminist advice to the Vietnamese girl.

“You don’t need a foreign man. He’s not even rich. You’re a strong independent woman.”

We ignore her and continue our elementary English conversation about dumb shit and I resume the leg rubbing.  Western cunt fumes at the second rejection and has to up the pressure to elicit a response.  Western cunt sets her cold emotionally damaged eyes on me, knowing the Vietnamese girl won’t respond, and unleashes an emotional feminist attack.

“Look at you, you’re probably 21 years old and already mostly bald.  I bet you have a small dick and have to come to Vietnam for sex because you can’t get American women. You’re a loser,” as she gestures to her crotch. Classy.

The Attack Begins

I let the original toxic feminist comment slide because I’m a nice guy (lol) and don’t want to pick on a post-wall drunk woman.  But I draw the line at insulting my penis and prematurely receding hairline, especially in front of a Vietnamese girl.  That triggers me like a social justice warrior at a Donald Trump rally. I unleash a brutal attack with a fiery, but calm, masculine rage.

“Oh will you just shut the fuck up. You dumb cunt.  You’re being a bitch because no western guy wants to fuck a 35 year old childless cunt like you.  Leave us the fuck alone and go back to Scotland where you can find some loser to put up with your bitchy attitude.”


The entire lobby of five people turns dead silent.  Even the non-English speaking Vietnamese staff knows that the proverbial shit just hit the proverbial fan.  Western cunt stares into my icy face with a vile feminist rage in her eyes and shrieks some gibberish about Donald Trump and the direction of America.  And then the expected response to the first man to ever put this woman in her place… Crying.

She bawls her eyes out about her fiancée dying a month before the wedding. And how their honeymoon was supposed to be in Vietnam (bad idea lol).  She apologized to me, but excused her tirade as depression from her fiancée dying (even though she borderline invited me to her room a few minutes prior).    I don’t take the guilt tripping feminist bait.  My Vietnamese girl thinks I’ll pimp slap the western cunt’s fat face and grabs my hand as I silently death stare western cunt.  After five silent minutes, her crying bores me. I stand up and walk to my room with the Vietnamese girl trailing behind me. I make sure to say goodnight to my European friend and the Vietnamese staff while ignoring Western cunt.

A Happy Ending

The Vietnamese girl and I had hot and steamy shower sex that night. Culminating in me blowing a massive white man load on her feminine Asian face.  In the morning, the receptionist told me that Western cunt went back to Bui Vien after I yelled at her.  Presumably, to search for a desperate white man with an erect penis.  To the surprise of no one, she failed and returned alone a few hours later. She then bitched about men, and probably me, to the Vietnamese receptionist.  I presume the Western cunt went to her room and had an orgasmic night with her 18 speed purple vibrator and cheap 333 Beer.

Welcome to paradise.

Happy Pepe

Me that night.


      1. Hi Neo!

        The more I read your articles, the more I think I should move to Vietnam… I am a Canadian living in Canada and we also have the toxic woman type but maybe not as much as in the US. From what I read, my conclusion is that the Vietnamese woman is of high value compared to the furious western woman.


        1. Pretty much. I mean, they will test you and annoy the crap out of you… like all women. Too many guys come here expecting that the women will never test them and get completely fucked over. The culture here does a much better job keeping the women in line, though. And that makes things so much easier out the gate, but things often fall apart once the guy fails too many tests and the Vietnamese girl realizes he’s a total faggot.

          It’s an instinct for women to break guys if you get what I’m saying. If you understand that, then you’ll be fine and less bitter than most momos here.

          I’m not sure if/when Vietnam will open btw. They’re saying September 16th, but that will only be for certain countries (not the US lol) IF it even happens, and I doubt it will happen.

      2. Brilliant. I also live in Saigon and have enough of these western femicunts.

        I had a run in with an Irish psycho when waiting at a bar in my district when she threw herself at me and I politely declined because I had a smoking hot Viet date on the way. She then went off into a rant about how I was a “fuckboy”, a “sexpat” and a “creepy provileged western pervert” for dating a “poor oppressed third world girl” and then ranted that “she’s probably only using you for your money anyway” before storming off.

        The irony that these “open minded, progressive, liberal, tolerant, woman supporting feminists” suddenly show their true colours when they throw their toys out of the pram.

  1. I have no problem if someone has an opinion, man or woman. The problem with… feminists… like her is that they confuse their opinion with being an asshole; no likes an asshole.

  2. To add:

    1) My wife is from Asia. She’s sweet, without guile, the definition of considerate, never uses sex as a “training tool” or lack of it as punishment, and is a supportive loving partner.

    2) The worst offenders (in my personal experience) as to me having an Asian wife? Asian-American women. They are the ones who make the most racist and obnoxious comments. They do this despite the fact almost none of them date Asian or Asian-American men, and most have a fetish for either white or black men.

    3) Those that visit Asian countries and make comments about Asian women don’t even think of how racist or sexist their comments are – because their entire lives they’ve been taught that in their life all things are “but, but, but, that’s different”

    1. No idea why you all are so obsessed with Asian women. As someone who grew up around tons of Asian girls and dating a multiples, they are the most obnoxious of the group. Most Asian guys prefer Hispanics nowadays. Take all those dumbass women.

  3. What really saddens me about some of the Western women in Vietnam is when you’re sat in a bar or cafe, trying to enjoy a beverage and you can hear them loud and obnoxiously venting their frustration about Asian women as a collective group; when they have completely failed to judge any single one of them as individuals. Not to mention that the Vietnamese staff with good English can often probably understand what they are saying.

    However, if they work out that you have more Conservative views, you’re apparently the racist?

    1. Not to mention that the Vietnamese staff with good English can often probably understand what they are saying.

      I believe that’s the point. It seems like a very womany (passive-aggressive) thing to do.

  4. wtf? I have a Viet gf and hope I never cross one of these feminista bitches. I would have a shit fit and lose it if some feminista did that shit to me. Anyhow, this Texan enjoys reading your opinions in Viet women and’s all spot on

    1. Fortunately this has only happened one time in real life (lots of times online)… most likely because she was drunk.

      Glad you like the articles here. Appreciate it.

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