5 Things I Hate About Living In Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

These are 5 things I hate about living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I will eventually do a post about things I like about living in Ho Chi Minh.  However, complaining about the host country seems to be the popular thing for expats to do.

Either way, I would rather sprinkle chili powder on my asshole than write something like “Best Vietnamese Food” (it’s Bun Cha) or “Top 5 sites to see in Ho Chi Minh City” (none).

1. Female English Teachers

The English speaking world is the best place in the world for a woman to live. If you’re a (white) man in the English speaking western world, then good luck, brother.  The male English teachers in Vietnam moved here for exactly one reason.

Everyone knows the reason… and I guarantee you it’s not the food.

Why the hell do Western women decide to move to a country where the majority of expats and local men ignore them? And then to cope with getting ignored, they gain weight and bitch at Western men that date Asian women?

Note: All the female expats I’ve met have been nice to me (minus one), but my point still stands because I’m writing a humorous article. Dammit.

Why live in the male hedonist paradise known as Southeast Asia? You have western Europe, America, Canada,  Australia, and New Zealand with millions of men willing to sniff your farts and cook with the hope of (maybe) having sex. Those countries also have western amenities…

beef pho

The food is the second best part of living in Vietnam.

2. Squat Toilets

I can Asian squat (that flexibility) and know how to use a bum gun.  Not going to lie, bum guns work better than toilet paper.

However, I have zero clue how to wipe my ass when I see a squat toilet and a bucket with some dirty water in it.

Do I dip my hands in the water and rub my ass? Do I pour it down my ass crack while simultaneously rubbing my crack with my hand?

No thanks, Vietnam.  I’ll just poop my pants.  I hate the squat toilets in Vietnam.

3. Expats Dating Fat Women

Nothing grinds my gears more than seeing a young male expat English teacher in Asia dating a fat (expat) woman.  Vietnam has some of the skinniest women of any country.  Just walk outside in Ho Chi Minh City and you will notice a legitimately fat woman every hour… if you’re lucky.

The polar opposite of the United States.  Seeing a skinny person in the United States is somewhat rare these days.  Granted, most Vietnamese women will complain about gaining weight despite weighing under 100 pounds (45 kg for the rest of the world).

Why do these expats travel  around the world to a country surrounded by skinny and attractive women, but only date fat bitchy women from their home culture?

That’s like living in Ho Chi Minh City and only eating McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

4. Taxi Drivers

Are there any honest taxi drivers in Saigon?

Whether it’s trying to say I only gave them 10k Dong when I gave them 100k Dong, driving around in circles, or harassing me about a “happy massage”.  I think everyone in Vietnam hates them.  The locals seem to hate them.  Even other taxi drivers hate them.  Nowadays, I use Uber and Grab and rarely deal with taxi scammers drivers.  Take that taxi man!

100k Dong vs 10k Dong

Close enough for taxi drivers.

5. Crossing The Street

Every single time I cross the street in Vietnam I have a 50% chance of dying. I hate the traffic in Vietnam.

One day it is a scooter with 4 people on it that can’t stop.  The next day it’s Mr. Nguyen driving drunk and swerving all over the road like an idiot.  The day after that it’s a bus that refuses to stop for anything.

Also, good luck crossing a street without a traffic light.  Hell, even the streets with traffic lights can prove difficult during rush hour.

Busy Intersection Vietnam

This intersection isn’t even that bad.

Just Move If You Hate It In Vietnam

I never said I hated it in Vietnam.  Just complaining about some things that I hate in Vietnam.  There are lots of things I hate about living in my hometown, but that’s boring and no one cares.

What things do you hate about living in Vietnam (or Southeast Asia)?


  1. Lol another fat slob feminist pissed of she can’t get dick. Too bad heifer, all the men are leaving the US to fuck skinny cute girls that like cooking, cleaning and riding cock at our demand. Have fun with your 10 cats and your apartment that reeks of cat piss!

  2. You sound like the kind of the person that moved overseas because you were perceived as a huge creep back home (even though you disagree!) and you felt like you needed a fresh start in a place where you could feel superior to the locals because you happened to be born in a rich country.

    As a young white American dude that doesn’t have any of the same insecurities as you clearly do, fuck you for making us all look bad. I hope you can do some self-reflection and get to the bottom of where all this animosity comes from.

  3. LMAOOOO damn you really are sad. i didn’t think you could top the vietnam tinder one but you actually did. you’re pathetic. you hate someone because they’re fat and decided to go to a country with skinny people. what kind of sense is that? not everyone holds themselves to meet your standards, and honestly, im sure in america, no one ever will. you bring yourself here to boost your ego because you realize that you’re better off than most the people here. but if they had the same opportunities you did, they wouldn’t be scum like u. i really hope you try to say that shit in real life or just anywhere where i can hear it because that shit won’t pass.

  4. I’ve read some of your articles, now it’s a time for comment because I’ve had enough of this incel bs.
    FOA You don’t seem to be a very happy person – IMHO you just think you developed a great bro-system to get laid (but not even that often as you would want), however your articles are just sex-fiction and probably made up of someone else’s screenshots.
    As a white male who has a similar interest in tourist attractions, for me it is too straightforward and incelish/needy to write all this shit about asian girls, you are not at all ‘masculine’ – it’s all a pose, because when you encounter a real male or a female who is self-aware and sufficient, you get frightened and your ego hits rock bottom.
    If you treat girls like a product, you will get the consumer treatment from them as well.

  5. “Either way, I would rather sprinkle chili powder on my asshole than write something like “Best Vietnamese Food” (it’s Bun Cha) or “Top 5 sites to see in Ho Chi Minh City” (none).”


    Too many blogs are basically all the same. They think they’re helping expats or travellers, but they’re all the fucking same.

  6. I couldn’t have said this better Lisa. The expat men here suck for the most part. They have no idea half the time they are being taken for their money. I see it everyday. At the same time if they want to be ignorant and chauvanist pigs they kind of deserve it. I just think about the day they go broke and how funny that will be when they are sitting in an empty house trying to figure out how they are going to pay alimomy and child support. Hey hope that 12 year old child size woman was worth it.

    1. Exactly what I mean when they bitch at white guys dating thin women.

      I just think about the day they go broke and how funny that will be when they are sitting in an empty house trying to figure out how they are going to pay alimomy and child support.

      I’m telling y’all. Women root for the downfall of men… and they find our downfall hilarious.

      Remember that.

      1. Asian women aren’t shaped like 12 year olds either. These landwhales think anyone that weighs 40-50 kg (a healthy weight) is child sized. Sad!

    2. Both Liz and Lisa sound like the dreaded coochie cobwebs they’re experiencing in Vietnam are clouding their already weak judgment. It’s like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine turns into a moron when she stops having sex with her boyfriend.

      You know you’ve really hit rock bottom when the cesspools of feminism in the west–HR departments, law firms, PR, higher education–have rejected you and you’re forced to come to Asia, live in a sexual desert, earn peanuts as an English teacher and resent men all day for your horrible life choices. Your bitterness and cynicism about western men’s abundance of options in Asia confirm it. Why don’t you switch to Vietnamese men if we’re so bad?

      And Asian women’s only being interested in us for our money is a complete non-starter. Like it’s any different in the west. Women are evolutionary programmed to be attracted to rich men because it’s a proxy for the tribal leadership that has made their pussies wet since the neanderthal days. You’re just jaded because your sexual market value has bottomed out past junk status as we choose better looking women with sexier bodies who are drama-free, compliant and feminine.

      1. dear liza,
        don’t forgot bali srilanka carribien goa etc….were western woman travelling for sex ….
        those guys toomuch ugliys and dirty than we think.
        remember thousands of young guys still don’t getting enough pussy in your own country like Elliot rodger..
        that’s not fair..beta males also deserve joy…sorry my poor English..
        western woman think they are smart..but in reality those womans are easy sex targets for local guys in Asian countrys…sorry my poor English..

    3. Many Vietnamese women are curvier than the average Western woman; an abnomality for Asia maybe but they are blessed in this respect. Koreans have to pay good money for such privileges in plastic form. Also, the 12 year old girls that you know must be pretty damn fat, is that the way the West is going these days?

  7. This Lisa bitch sounds bitter and jealous. These bitches are always following men and trying to infiltrate our sacred spaces: sports, male workplaces, SEAsia. We move here to escape negative bitches like Lisa and they follow us and try to shame us for following our biologically male instincts. Fortunately for us, none of the locals pay any attention to their whiny complaints.

  8. Wow, what a douche. Your idea of attractiveness is not everyone’s. I am a female ex pat, not fat, here for my work only and will have to stay here for about another year. Yes I absolutely hate the male attitude to women here and get sick of seeing fat, ugly guys with younger beautiful women in transactional relationships (as that is what they are, these girls get with ex pats for money, nothing more). So yes, what grinds my gears is ex pat men deluding themselves these girls actually really do want them, find them attractive and aren’t really throwing up every time he touches her, but is doing it for the money.

    Also, the ex pats with the fat girls as you call it………………..guess you don’t understand love do you? Clearly not if you are here purchasing your girlfriend.

      1. Hardly, I am darn hot………but you sound like someone who isn’t allowed near schools in your home country. Any woman who would touch you must have some serious issues, guessing that’s why you buy them huh?

    1. “… and get sick of seeing fat, ugly guys with younger beautiful women”
      “guess you don’t understand love do you?”

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