The Vietnam Girlfriend Experience (GFE) Guide

Sexy Vietnamese Girl

Sup expats and future sex tourists of Vietnam. Got a guide here for when this country eventually does open up.

It’s the girlfriend experience guide (GFE). I know, I know, most of you that aren’t familiar with the sex industry are probably wondering:

What the f*ck is a girlfriend experience?

A girlfriend experience (GFE) is when you meet a girl in a poor Asian country and bring her along to travel with you in her country. It’s supposed to simulate having a girlfriend with none of the actual responsibilities of having a girlfriend.

It’s a more politically correct way of saying prostitution…. but it’s still prostitution.

Benefits of a Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

There are many benefits of the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) when in Vietnam.

Many benefits.

Cheap Sex

The primary benefit of a GFE is that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than paying prostitutes.

We can do some basic math on this one.

A prostitute will run the average tourist 2 million dong ($88) to over 5 million dong ($220). Of course, those are Bui Vien freelancer prices. Also known as “I just landed in Vietnam and this is cheaper than my home country and she’s hot” prices. However, that’s the price most tourists will pay for sex, so we’ll use that figure.

FYI: A prostitute should run you about 1 million dong ($44) or less. And the point of prostitution is for her to fulfill your wildest fantasies that normal women won’t do – it’s a power thing.

Note: I did write a guide on where to get $9-$17 blowjobs in Vietnam. You can pay those women to give you a rimjob while the other one sucks you off for a grand total of 800k ($35)…

Back on topic, a GFE does not cost anywhere close to that if we use a per orgasm calculation.

You have to pay for her food and, if you travel with her, plane ticket and transportation – that’s it. Fortunately, you can just feed your GFE rice soup or grilled sweet potatoes like a prisoner and transportation is cheap.

vietnamese girl

For simplicity, we’ll calculate her food as being about $5/day and transportation at $10/day (averaged out over the time you’re with her).

That’s $15/day + your time.

Now, you should be having sex with your GFE everyday at a minimum (I recommend 3 times a day) or you’re getting ripped off and should just jerk off in a sock.

By my basic math, that comes out to CHEAP AF for each orgasm. And CHEAP AF is a much better deal than a $100 prostitute that is probably going to be a bad experience.

Full service prostitutes in Vietnam are hit or miss when it comes to service. Go to Thailand or the Philippines if you want better full service prostitutes.

She’s Your Tour Guide

hot girl in stairway

A huge, huge benefit of a GFE is that she will serve as your tour guide while you’re in Vietnam.

This means you’re much less likely to get ripped off. You also won’t get lost and can find a lot of cool stuff if you have someone that speaks the language showing you around the country.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you probably don’t speak Vietnamese unless your parents are Vietnamese – so a translator + sex doll (read: GFE) is great for helping you find the cool stuff when traveling around Vietnam.

You Have an Emotional Attachment to Her (lol)

It has come to Neo’s attention that some guys out there prefer having sex with a woman they have an emotional attachment to…

Neo does not understand this concept because Neo will stick his pee-pee in any vagene attached to a moderately attractive body. But it’s apparently a thing, so Neo included it as a benefit.

You will form an emotional bond with your GFE if that’s your thing.

Where to meet a Girlfriend Experience (GFE)?

Meeting a GFE is easy in Saigon and Hanoi.

I’m talking really easy. It’s so easy that you have to be borderline retarded to not figure it out.

With that said, most guys probably can’t figure it out.

My preferred method is to hit up Vietnam Cupid, meet a girl for a date, bang her, and then float the idea of going on vacation.

Vietnam Cupid Box

I will also seed a travel idea (ie. I want to go to Da Lat with a girl) on our first date. That gets the pussy dripping.

You can actually see a wedding ring in her slanted, black eyes if you look close enough.

The other way is to meet women in real life – this is better because you won’t get catfished.

I have a good real life spot for meeting women. No, I won’t give it up because it’s that good and I’m not earning a commission by giving it up.

What if she has a job?

Do you really believe she has a job?

For those that don’t know, here’s the lowdown on how it works from the female perspective.

A lot, but not all, these women lie about having a job and simply do the GFE thing to travel around while living with their slut friends, siblings, or alone (rare) in an outer district of Saigon.

The goal is to meet some chump that will send them money or get married.

How do I know all this?

My favorite pastime in Vietnam is going through the phone of some Vietnamese slut while she’s sleeping…

^That was my face the first time I did it.

Going through the phone of some slut you met on Tinder (or other foreigner friendly environment) is an eye opening experience. I stopped doing it because it was always the same story with her texting 10-20 chumps the same basic script.

Also, most guys are f*cking awful with women. Holy sh*t!!!

Another tell is if she wants to start a business, but hasn’t done so. It’s always an English teaching center, clothing store, being a virtual assistant, some Facebook business, MLM stuff, trendy businesses, or some kind of “nomad” business because she “loves travelling.”

That’s code for she doesn’t have a job, which means she’s a professional GFE if she’s talking to you.

Starting a real business is far too expensive for most of the Vietnamese women you meet. Hence the need to find a foreigner to bankroll it, but most of them are too lazy/stupid to actually follow through with it once they get a sugar daddy or foreign husband.

Their business is being a GFE and you are the customer.

Needless to say, the professional GFEs all speak decent English. But that doesn’t mean all girls that speak great English are professional GFEs.

She is a slut, though.

All Vietnamese women that speak decent English and date foreigners are sluts. Period. If you disagree, then you are living in ignorance.

Ah, those were the days. I’ve been doing this for far too long.

Also, don’t get angry about any of this or angry at me. This is how The Game works over here…

Downsides of a Vietnamese GFE

There are a few downsides of a Vietnamese GFE. I will list them here:

You Get Attached

vietnam girl marriage

The biggest problem with a Vietnamese GFE is that you will probably get attached.

You can say you are a cold blooded player that pumps and dumps. And maybe you are, but most guys aren’t as cold blooded as they like to think.

Speaking from experience.

If you travel with a Vietnamese GFE for a week or longer, then you will form feelings towards her because you associate the positive experience of traveling to a new place (and sex) with her.

Plus, most of the Vietnamese GFEs are super sweet women.

It’s a risk that you run. It starts out traveling with her and next thing you know she’s moved into your apartment, your bank account is empty, you have a half Vietnamese kid, and you’re living under a bridge in Saigon.

You Are Not Free To Do What You Want

Another problem with a GFE is that you really aren’t free to do what you want when you are traveling with her.

Want to swipe on Tinder when you’re in Nha Trang?

Good luck banging Tinder dates when you already have a girl staying in your hotel. You’re pretty much locked in for the duration of the time that you travel with her.

The same applies if she doesn’t want to go somewhere you want to go…

Just kidding on that last one. Do whatever the fuck you want and she’ll just have to deal with it.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for the guide to a Girlfriend Experience in Vietnam.

In summary, it’s super easy. Meet a girl, bang her, and then invite her on vacation.

She’ll either quit her job to travel with you, go with you because her job is searching for a foreign boyfriend, or reject the proposal because of… reasons? Normally it’s because she lives with her parents and feels embarrassed travelling with a foreigner (somewhat common with Saigonese college students).

She might also have a real job or not be willing to skip her university classes, I guess.

The bigger problem with a Vietnamese GFE is what happens after your magical honeymoon experience together. Guys have a tendency to get attached to their GFE, which is often a mistake.

Let the good times stay as a memory and don’t try to draw out a GFE into a real relationship.

Again, speaking from personal experience on this one. The magic wears off after about a year.

Overall, though, these are women we’re talking about. They ain’t exactly complicated creatures once you understand how they work.

And that’s all there is to it.


  1. @Neo what kind of stuff have you seen in the phones of these women. Specifically have you ever heard of them talk about having a “white” child with a man they didn’t know. Basically, have you seen examples of girls trying to get pregnant by “white” foreigners on purpose??

  2. Hah, i’ve been telling guys in my country for years about these and they never listen to me, even though i’m 100% Vietnamese, understand about Vietnamese women(I have two sisters in my family. I even witnessed how their marriage worked with their bad boys), yet they never spent one second to test out what i told them(only to regret it later).
    And about “Real women”, that thing doesn’t exist. Never, to be exact.
    Most women nowadays have been fed with Feminist propaganda so much to the point that the majority of them have become crazy. And when the majority become crazy, the minority will also fall into the same category. Women are heavily affected by the environment around them. That is how they are naturally born.

  3. Excuse me, Neo traveler. What is that with “All Vietnamese women that speak decent English and date foreigners are sluts”? How about all Americans who can say Xin chào and approach Vietnamese girls only for sex are freaking assholes, fuckboys and jobless gigolos in their countries? I cannot believe that such a website exists. You really need true love, man.

          1. Yeah saying the truth equals you need to be shunned. This is why feminism has taken over the modern world. Because men like this treat women as fantasized ideals not actual human beings with selfish motives. And as they continue to be coddled they get more and more selfish and consumptionist. They want more unnecessary stupid shit to the point where you can have a woman living in vietnam where rent is 600 bucks wanting a 2000 Louis Vuitton bag…

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