Sunscreen Ain’t Good For You

Vietnam is as sunny as Africa. Like, it’s really sunny out here. You go out for 10 minutes during lunch and you will feel your skin burning. You’ll be as red as a tomato within an hour.

Southeast Asians can’t afford sunblock, so they cover up while out in the sun. Westerners, on the other hand, can’t handle the heat and can afford sunblock. Most of us wear shorts and then put on sunblock to protect us from the harmful UV rays.

All that sunblock is doing more harm than good.

Why Is Sunblock Bad?

There are a few reasons that sunblock is bad. First, just think about it for more than three seconds, you fucking tard. Most people are too dumb to think and form their own opinions, but people that read this blog are actually smart.

You’re putting some gooey chemical made in some multinational laboratory on your skin with the purpose of blocking UV rays. It takes a very serious chemical to block UV rays! Yet the same people that eat 100% organic diets will gladly lather sunblock on their skin… LOL. Explain that to me.

Now, do you think applying powerful chemicals to your skin is good or bad? Could there be possibly be any side effect that you don’t notice?

I’ll give you a hint – nothing in life is free. The chemical has some affect on your body. Is it good or bad? Who knows?

But I’m putting my money on it being bad.

Second, studies have determined that sunblock doesn’t even reduce the risk of developing a melanoma – that’s the type of skin cancer that actually kills you. Despite those studies, the dermatology association still recommends using sunblock. Hmmmm, I wonder if the people that make sunblock could be behind the dermatology association.

thinking emoji

Most importantly, sunblock reduces your testosterone levels… that isn’t good. Funny how every chemical seems to reduce testosterone levels….

That’s actually really, really bad. You’ll literally turn into a drooling pile of white soy that votes for Hillary Clinton and identifies as a male feminist if you use sunblock.

What’s The Solution?

Wear Long Clothing At All Times

This is my personal solution – I always wear pants and generally wear a long sleeved shirt while outside for long periods of time. Yeah, it’s hot. However, I don’t have to worry about getting sunburned nor do I have to put sunblock on my skin.

If I notice myself starting to get burned at the beach or something, then that’s the singal that it’s time to go inside.

Continue wearing short clothes, but without sunblock

This is another viable solution. Sure, you’ll get sunburned, tan, and get a lot of freckles. Most westerners barely even go outside though, so I find office drones freaking about about sun exposure laughable. Most westerners could do with more sun exposure.

And, I mean, humans are humans. We’re not meant to live underground like fucking worms.

Skin cancer is a hoax anyway. That’s a topic for a different website, though.


  1. hahaha this is so funny and true. I wear long sleeve shirts all the time back in the states. I think this is the only good habit I picked up from my time in Vietnam.

    Heaps of people make fun of me for doing it too. 5 drunk people at a football game yelled at me and laughed because I was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and pants. So silly.

    The three most common types of cancer in the US of A include skin cancer, the DNC and feminism. LOL.

    Btw your new content is much better. Glad to see you won’t be wasting your IQ on hook up articles/dating/etc. haha. Let all the people south of 130 do that shit.

  2. I’m an American in HCMC too. I haven’t been to your site in a few weeks and was pumped to see a bunch of new articles. Thanks man! Keep ’em coming.

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