8 Quick Tips to Stay Productive While Traveling

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Struggling with productivity?

Productivity is one of those things that a lot of digital nomads and online freelancers struggle with. In fact, I struggle with it myself. As many of you probably do as well, right?

You know that feeling?

You need to quickly look something up on Google…

…two hours later and you’re watching a YouTube video of a shrimp running on a treadmill to “Eye of the Tiger”

Yeah, we’ve all been there before. Don’t deny it.

Stickman Staring Computer

Now, while traveling you have other things to distract you from getting work done.


Girls wanting to bounce on your dick.

Going out for drinks.

Tourist attractions, I guess…

It’s like an assault on your productivity from a million different angles.

But mostly hookers, girls wanting to bounce on your dick, and going out for drinks.

These tips will help you stay productive while travelling. Yes, you can still bang girls and have fun. Don’t worry, the tips are simple and easy to follow.

Use a Kanban Board

A Kanban Board can really improve your productivity. In fact, it’s probably the reason I stay so productive nowadays despite boinking new girls from Vietnam Cupid all the time.

Basically, a Kanban Board is a workflow organization tool that lets you organize yourself. I like to break my columns down by client and fill them with different tasks for each client. I then have a column labeled “In-Progress” and another column labeled “Done.” Any tasks in “In-progress” must be completed before I can take a break.

Kanban Board

This stops me from going down the black hole of the internet.

You can find some paid options for a Kanban board. My favorite is ZenKit, which is free.

If you have a few employees or contractors, then you can use a Kanban board to organize tasks for your team. It works a better than Google Sheets.

Plan Out Your Week and Day

Another good tip is to plan out your work week on Sunday. Sunday night works best for me, but some people like Monday morning.

Once you do that, then you can easily schedule out everything. Sunday night for me involves spending 15 minutes or so adding tasks to my Kanban board for the following week. Mostly articles to write and goals to accomplish.

Sometimes you have stuff pop up during the day. A client needing urgent work or some task you need to do. If it takes longer than 30 seconds, then add it to your list and continue working on your current task.

Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

If you’re a player, then your phone is definitely vibrating all day long.

Girls from Vietnam Cupid wanting to hookup.

Vietnam Cupid Box 2

Girls claiming they’re pregnant with your baby.

Other girls wanting money.

Finally, the girls threatening to kill you for pumping and dumping them.

You get my point. It gets pretty f*cking distracting to have your phone vibrating. Put it on airplane mode and hide it somewhere hard to reach.

Trust me, a vibrating phone in your vicinity is like being an alcoholic with beer in the room…

Just not a good idea. Don’t try it.

Stay Focused

Focus is a massive issue. As mentioned earlier, you have the entirety of humanity like 3 seconds away via Google. This makes it easy to lose focus.

Really, this just takes discipline. One way to stay focused is to ask yourself, “What the fuck am I doing? Will this make me money? Will it get me laid?”

If the answer is no, then stop doing it.

If the answer is yes to getting laid, then consider stopping…

  1. Bros/Family
  2. Health
  3. Money
  4. Everything else
  5. Hoes
  6. Shit that doesn’t affect your day-to-day life.

Those should be your priorities in life for maximum productivity while still having fun.

Use a Website Blocking Plugin

A particularly addicting habit for some people is a reading-useless-stuff-online addiction. Yeah, I have that. Mostly reading long-form articles online. It keeps you informed, but it adds zero-value to your life.

Download a website blocking plugin and block out all my normal reading sites and blogs. No more distractions.

Write articles, or do other work, instead and make money. Be a producer of content and not a consumer.

Use Online Dating to Meet Girls

This one will get its own full article…eventually. However, going out to bars to meet girls is a waste of time. Just think, you get back at 2AM, drunk. If you’re boinking a girl, then you probably fall asleep at 3AM or 4AM. You’ll wake up in the afternoon with a raging hangover at like 2PM and lose another day.

Maybe I’m just a grumpy old man stuck in a 24 year old’s body, but I seriously hate going out to bars. Still do it because I’m a degenerate though.

Now, with online dating you can blast messages to like 30 girls in the morning before work. This obviously won’t work with Tinder, but you can still check out my Tinder guide.

Check their responses in the evening (most of them respond) and get their Zalo, Viber, or Line (depending on country). That way you can use your phone instead of going onto the dating site.

Seriously, online dating is one of the best productivity tools of all time. Use it.

Bang Prostitutes

This will eventually get its own article that fully explains this. I’ll just leave a short anecdote here.

It probably takes 4 hours minimum to bang a girl, but usually 8 or so after you account for all the other girls you have to trawl through to bang a that girl.

If you value your time at $25 per hour, then it costs $200 worth of time (minimum) to bang a new girl.

Meanwhile, a blowjob from a salon here will cost me $16. You do the math.

Quit Drugs

Dave Chapelle Crack

Ok, I know everyone is going to go crazy over this one. Yes, I’m including alcohol, and especially marijuana, in this.

For those of you semi-alcoholics, you can do one week or month of no alcohol and one month of partying. I used to drink a lot more when I got here, but I’ve dialed it back recently. Hell, I can’t remember the last time I had a drink…

Aint nobody got time

Lots of very successful people have been functional alcoholics though. George Bush, Hemingway, and basically every white male author before 1950.  So who knows? Maybe you can make it work. Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol, or do drugs, for whatever that’s worth.

For those of you marijuana people, then you should definitely quit marijuana if you want increased productivity. Yeah, I know it’s super easy to buy marijuana in Ho Chi Minh City.

It makes you a complete vegetable and unable to get any serious work done. Trust me, I’ve tried to do work while on it a long time ago.

It’s worse than alcohol productivity wise because it’s pretty damn hard to be a functional pot smoker.

If you do drugs harder than alcohol and marijuana. Good luck. Don’t ask me for money claiming you lost your passport.

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Final Thoughts

That about sums it up for my guide for staying productive while travelling. These tips honestly apply for any situation, but travelling just amplifies the distractions even more.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Drop a comment with any productivity tips you guys use. Love reading the comments here.


  1. I’ve read most of your articles. You’ve got talent my friend. I’d put you up there with Jspill, Skins, Harvie, and the rest of them! The one thing you’re missing is the Vietnam vs other places in SEA article. Is it because there are not many good Vietnam blogs (valid reason) or do you actually prefer it to Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Lastly, I would include more dating stories. Sex sells!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks man. Really appreciate the compliment.

      And yeah I need to write articles about other countries in general. I can’t comment which is better because I haven’t spent enough time in Thailand or Cambodia. Never been to the Phils. Travelling/dating around Thailand, Phils, and Laos is my 2019 plan though.

      EDIT: I spent 2 weeks in Cambodia in 2014. It was a dump. The people were very nice overall, but the girls seemed super conservative.

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