She Just Wants Attention

girl attention

A common misconception you hear is that women only want sex, money, or love…

And that’s not true. Don’t worry if you fell for that lie… most guys fall for it. Most women fall for it too. That’s not really important because women can’t form their own opinion anyway. 

Women are looking for attention more than anything else. They’re really looking for attention from high value men. Once you understand this, then you can use it to your advantage. 

This rule applies to ALL WOMEN. Yes, Vietnamese women are included in ALL WOMEN.

Everything They Do Is For Attention

A woman’s whole existence for 99% of history revolved around her dad finding her a strong male mate because she wasn’t capable of surviving on her own. Women are physically weak, emotionally unstable, and just plain stupid.

That isn’t a controversial viewpoint. If you disagree, then please get your testosterone levels checked. Seriously.

Anyway, women can’t survive on their own, so they need to find a male. What’s the best way to find a male?

Getting his attention.

What’s the best way to get a man’s attention when you’re unable to do anything impressive?


Charlie Puth – more accurately, Puth’s songwriter – even agrees with me. Listen to Attention:

The woman in the song doesn’t want his money, sex, or love. She just wants his undivided attention (resources).

But Women Enjoy Sex?

Well, yeah of course. It feels good for them.

However, just because they physically enjoy it doesn’t mean that they’re chasing the pleasure in the same way as a man.

Sex is simply the best method for them to get the undivided attention of a man. Same with blowjobs. There’s something else going on in a metaphysical sense during sex too, but that’s a topic for a more serious site.

Another personal anecdote here. I’ve mentioned to every woman I’ve been with that I want a threesome with her friend. The three responses are the following:

A: “Ew. No.” (most women)

B: “Ok. But only with other guys.” (A sizable minority)

C: “With other girl, ok. But with other guy better.” (one time).

Make of that what you will, but it sure seems obvious that they’re after male attention rather than pure pleasure. And they definitely don’t want to share the attention with another female.

Using It To Your Advantage

First, this article isn’t trying to convince you of anything. Like I said, if you disagree with my premise (women are weak, unstable, etc), then please get your testosterone levels checked.

Also, stop giving men advice on women. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Instead, we’re going to focus on how to use this rediscovered knowledge to our advantage. Here are some quick things you can do to not feed a woman’s craving for attention.

  • Don’t like her stuff on social media.
  • Don’t ask questions; make statements.
  • Never give over-the-top compliments (ex. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”).
  • Don’t text her more than she texts you.
  • Respond to her messages very late.
  • ‘See’ a message without replying to it – this will drive her crazy.

The smarter readers will see the common theme in all the above points…


Why This Works?

I’ve told you some examples of what to do, but doing that won’t work until you internalize what I’ve said. This section will (hopefully) allow you to internalize the premise and conclusion.

The starving her of attention works because it short circuits her tiny, emotional brain. Basically, she will “think” that if you don’t give her attention, then you must be really important and high value.

For example: Women will immediately think you’re having sex with other women if you don’t quickly respond to her dumb text. Every guy that’s dated a woman has had that happen.

She’ll also keep doing things to get your attention. Those things should include sex, but you can get her to do pretty much anything….

Yeah, I know.

None of this makes sense because it’s such a stupid strategy for women to use…

but women are dumb.

And your logic oriented brain doesn’t want to believe it because it’s so dumb.

And you’ve seen thousands of movies with strong, logical, and smart women (lol).

However, this is how women operate – they’re different than men. Once you accept that they’re emotional creatures that simply crave your male attention, then your life becomes SOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it.

Sex itself is falling into her attention trap, but at least you’re getting sex in exchange. Don’t be a guy that gives a woman his life force with nothing in return…


  1. Hm, Good writing for men. But don’t over apply it on us. Or you guys will get a kick from us. There were two men applied what you said on me. And the result is I decided to kick them out of my life. And when then they wanted to come back, texted to me a lot of messages hoping to pull me back when I stopped texting to them. He even said to me a lot of time “Will you marry me?” But I already found another good men when he said those things to me. So he regretted what he did. So don’t over apply those things on us or we will think you are not interested in us or not care about us. Good luck men!

    1. >And when then they wanted to come back, texted to me a lot of messages hoping to pull me back when I stopped texting to them. He even said to me a lot of time “Will you marry me?”

      Yikes. Those guys definitely aren’t reading my website because I don’t offer that advice.

  2. Another insightful article Neo. I have been reading a lot of your articles in preparation for moving to Saigon in January. Keep up the good work.

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