5 Reasons to Stop Using Porn

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Porn exists. Everyone knows it, and (almost) everyone uses it. We’re being serious when we say this. Every person you know has watched porn.

It’s actually bad for us. This stuff is literally a succubus sent from hell (and distributed by Satan’s worker ants) to sap us of our masculine energy.

Yeah, porn is really bad.

Here are five reasons NOT to watch porn:

1. Porn Drains You

Men have masculine energy that we release during orgasm. Remember, sex was designed for making babies. And the babymaking process requires a lot of energy.

All that precious energy gets wasted, or stolen if you believe in succubi, when you jerk off into a Kleenex. The proof is in the pudding on this one.

You’ll notice an uptick in energy once you stop watching porn. People in the no-fap community call this increased energy “superpowers.” I personally find that name, and anything to do with superheroes, extremely cringy.

Anyway, most of you aren’t looking to have kids – that’s fine. However, you still shouldn’t be wasting your energy on porn. Refocus all that pent up masculine energy on something productive like building stuff (business, income stream, home, etc.) or gaining knowledge.

Or you could play videogames, I guess. Though that’s just as bad.

2. Porn Has No Benefit

Porn has literally no benefit. Can you think of just one benefit of watching porn?

You can’t. No one ever feels good after watching porn, and that’s not a coincidence, cultural programming, or whatever. We know that watching porn is bad. End of story.

Why do something that has no benefits that causes you to feel bad?

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Because you’re addicted to it.

Stop watching porn.

3. Porn Makes Your Wee-Wee Stop Working

Yeah, that’s true.

Porn can give you erectile dysfunction. There are loads of stories of young guys with ED. And there is absolutely no reason that a guy under the age of 70 should have ED.

Even my 80-year-old neighbor doesn’t have ED… he told me.

So if you do have ED and you were born after WWII… you should stop watching porn right now. Seriously, stop watching it.

4. Porn is Fake

Porn is fake. I can already guess the first objection, “I only watch amateur porn.”

It’s still fake.

A) A lot of amateur porn uses paid actresses.

B) Everything on your screen is fake. You can’t touch it, you can’t feel it, and you can’t smell it. That sure sounds fake to me.

You have even more problems if you watch studio porn.

First of all, women don’t look like that in real life. No fake boobs, no fake

Real sex is also nothing like porn sex where everything is so over the top and ridiculous. A normal woman, with no daddy problems, will lie down like a starfish during sex. If a woman does a ridiculous porn star performance – run. That bitch crazy.

Plus, those goofy porn scenarios never happen in real life. 0% chance.

5. Porn Decreases Your Willpower

A better way to put this, “giving up porn increases your willpower.”

Porn is hands down the toughest addiction to break. There are people that have overcome a heroin addiction that can’t beat a porn addiction. It’s that tough of an addiction.

If you can overcome an addiction to porn, and every male is addicted to porn, you have the willpower to do anything.

I’m not even saying that in some dumb motivational speaker way. Overcoming extremely difficult obstacles makes dealing with lesser problems much easier. I speak from experience on it.

Bonus: Porn is Free

This is a bonus one.

Porn is expensive to make. Producers, cameras, editors, whores, lighting, hosting, and so on. Despite this, more porn than you could ever want is 100% free for you to use.

Nothing in life is free.

Think of why someone would give you something very expensive for free?

Is it to help you? Or is to hurt you?

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Final Thoughts

Stop watching it.

There really isn’t much more to say about this. There’s no benefit to watching porn, which means that it can only hurt you.

And yes, quitting is hard. I recommend going cold turkey on it, but that’s extremely difficult. You should wean yourself of porn (ex. once per week) before doing your first 30-day noporn challenge.

It’s smooth sailing once you get to 30 days.

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  1. Despite being able to challenge such energy into the gym and self-improvement, I can only manage it due to the help provided by my girlfriend. God help all the incels out there who don’t have such avenues for release; i.e those Western guys that constantly chase fempats because they think that dating local women is somehow wrong or ‘exploitative.’

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