PSA: Expats In Asia Aren’t Pedos

A common insult you read online, mostly from bitter old ladies and Elon Musk, is that white men in Asia are pedophiles. People have even insinuated that I’m a pedophile because of this site, which doesn’t even make sense. People are dumb.

Anyway, the insult in general doesn’t make sense. It’s almost at the same retard level as calling someone an incel.

Elon Musk calling a Thai expat HERO a pedo… with no proof.

Almost No Pedos Here

First, there aren’t any pedophiles here. Asian countries enforce serious laws, unlike the US, so this isn’t the place to go if you want to break serious laws. I’m not exaggerating when I say that an angry mob would hunt down and kill a child molester.

If they didn’t, then the molester would get what they fucking deserve in prison…

Pedophilia Is CELEBRATED In The West

The ironic thing is the US media basically praises pedophilia. For example, there was this news bit on Good Morning America praising some 11 year old boy that dresses in drag – Desmond is Amazing. Desmond, age 11, danced at a homosexual bar with homosexual men throwing money on stage at him…

Let that sink in for a second. An 11-year old boy dances at a homosexual AND men throw money at him like they would to a stripper…

And the government doesn’t stop this.

You’re telling me that Asia is full of pedophiles?

Look at a how excited Michael Strahan is about a “trailblazing” 11 year old drag child. Keep in mind that this is on national TV.

Whenever some feminist or soyboy calls you a pedo for living in Asia show them that disgusting video. Remind them that Asian countries don’t do that.

Make sure to ask them why it’s ok for the US to do that.

Don’t even get me started on this “drag queen story hour” where disgusting fat men in makeup and dresses read books to toddlers at STATE FUNDED public libraries….

It’s literally state-sanctioned pedophilia.

A common sight in America.

Final Thoughts

It makes me angry when people insinuate you’re a pedophile because you live in Asia WHEN AMERICA HAS MORE PEDOPHILES AND THE GOVERNMENT SANCTIONS PEDOPHILIA BEHAVIOR. Even worse, the people that say expats are pedophiles are always the same ones that support this in the US.

This makes me legitimately angry, as it should any normal person. Like I’m actually getting angrier the more I write. Americans that sit by idly and watch this happen are fucking idiots.

You know, I’m going to start calling everyone that lives in America a pedophile from now on.


  1. correct. most aren’t paedophiles, just straight up losers back home. proper nonces are a relatively small section of the population.

    by far, viet nam has the highest concentration of degenerate “socialists”, strung out / alcoholic bums, uneducated scum, worthless/lazy losers, etc. pretty much anywhere in asia. the situation’s worse than the phils, or even thailand.

    other countries actually have stringent visa requirements, no way 99% of these clowns could set foot in a more developed country. they’re an embarrassment: loud, drunk, hanging out at circle k until 03:00, carousing down quiet alleys all night long, etc.

    how many more “english teachers” (with fuckall credentials), or “digital nomads” does this place need? hopefully the party will get its act together, and tighten up immigration. deport 95% of these idiots, before they destroy society.

    1. I guess, but I don’t really care if they embarrass themselves lol. Teaching English in Asia, with credentials, is still a joke job imo. basically babysitting. even teaching in a US public school is kind of a joke.

  2. In Thailand, there are a lot of foreign criminals on the run; but they tend to hate paedos more than the average law abiding citizen from back home. It has been known for some to enforce their own rule of law when it comes to fellow Farang. Hence, you don’t actually tend to see underage prostitutes in the supposedly seedy areas; they police themselves well and will happily kick the shit out of nonces. Vietnam still has strong family values, although there are huge child sex abuse problems in the countryside; however it’s usually domestic offenders involved, they got quite tough on the Gary Glitters of this world coming over for visits.

    The Philippines though… They have a real problem. I hope Duterte can eventually sort it out along with the druggies.

    1. They have some problems, I guess. But it’s isolated and not state-supported. I don’t see 11 year old “drag queens” getting praised on Filipino TV. They don’t have Drag Queen Story Hour as far as I know.

      I still wouldn’t expect anything to change for the better in the Philippines… they never got full independence from the US!

      Duterte isn’t going to do anything. He’ll talk a lot, just like Trump and that Brazillian guy, but nothing that really matters changes with guys like that.

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