The Perfect Vietnam Cupid Date

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As many of you know, I use Vietnam Cupid to line up 95% of my dates. It really is a great resource for finding Vietnamese girls that want to meet foreigners. I even wrote an article on my method for meeting girls on Vietnam Cupid.

Anyway, you can sign up for an account at this link and take a look at all the girls online. Over 1,000 right now.

This story is one of the better dates I’ve been on and I’ve been on A LOT of dates in Vietnam. Let’s begin.

Vietnam Cupid Box

The Chat

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m scrolling through the girls in my district when one catches my eye. Just a normal looking Vietnamese university student, but she has that slut twinkle in her eyes.

You know that look girls get when they have seen a few too many cocks?

I shoot her message on Cupid.

“Hey. I’m Neo, how you doing?”

We exchange a few texts and then she asks for my Facebook account.

I accept her request and scroll through her FB pictures…

There’s a picture of her drinking beer with some older white guy.

Slut confirmed.

The Date

She’s definitely a gold digging whore, so I change up my gameplan to account for this fact.

I invite her to a coffee shop down the street from my apartment. 6:30PM the next day.

She agrees.

The next day comes around and I do my usual. Dress pants, dress shirt, and desert boots. Look sharp, as always. Check out my guide on how to dress well in Southeast Asia.

I stuff six 500k notes ($132) into my wallet.

This chick is a golddigger, remember?

I show up to the coffee shop at 6:35PM. Remember, we always gotta be casually late. Anyway, I’m parking my motorbike when I hear a girl speak…

“Are you Neo?”

I look up and see a Vietnamese ninja on a motorbike. This chick is wearing a long blanket thing that covers her legs, a jacket with the hoodie pulled up, winter gloves, and a facemask that covers her whole face.

All I can see are her eyes.

vietnam ninja

“Yes. Anh?”

“Yes,” she says excitedly. “Nice to meet you.”

She parks her motorbike and takes off her ninja outfit.

First the blanket thing comes off and she’s wearing a short black skirt that shows off her great looking brown legs. Next she takes off her jacket and…

Damn! She’s got some big tan jugs. Not DD or anything, but definitely better than the average Asian chick.

I’m pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, we walk inside, sit down, and look at the menu.

I order my usual drink… black coffee with ice.

Anh spends some more time looking at the menu and picks literally the most expensive drink and a slice of cake. Total cost of her order: $4.

Fucking asshole. (Yes, I know it’s not a lot of money. It’s the principle of ordering expensive stuff when on a first date.)

We get talking about normal stuff. The usual 8 questions every Vietnamese girl asks me.

She speaks English, obviously, but it’s not good English.

Fuck this date is boring.

I spend 50% of the date making eye contact and 50% of the date looking at her jugs bounce when she talks. She definitely notices, but doesn’t seem to care.

I wonder what she looks like naked.

After about 20 minutes I’m ready to drag my balls through some sandpaper. Fuck this boring date. We’re just staring at each other and smiling because of our lack of a common language.

“You cook?”

“Yes,” she has a big smile on her face, “Can.. – very good.”

“I hungry. You make me dinner now,” I say nonchalantly as I pull out my wallet to pay, making sure that Anh can see the stack of 500k notes.

“Ok,” she giggles.

We get our motorbikes and drive to the grocery store because I don’t have any food in my apartment. I tell Anh to buy stuff to make a quick dinner because I’m hungry.

She grabs some beef, vegetables, and noodles to make a stir fry (I have oil and spices at home). I buy a few cider beers too.

We (me lol) pay for all the stuff and head to my apartment.


We walk into my room and the first thing I do is take off my shirt. I have a strict “no shirt” policy while inside my apartment. It’s also funny to see the reaction to my chest hair and MASSIVE surgery scar on my back.

“Wow, apartment very nice,” Anh says as she walks onto the balcony with the beautiful view of Saigon.

“Cook dinner. I’m hungry,” I respond.

Anh scurries back into the kitchen and begins making the stir fry.

I plop onto my bed and watch short Live PD clips (great show) on YouTube through my TV. There was one of a teenager in Texas that stole a short school bus and is in a police chase.

Only in America.

Anyway, Anh is busy cooking the stir fry while I’m watching Live PD.

20 minutes later Anh brings over two plates of food and sits in bed next to me.

“One for you. One for me,” she says with a smile.

“Looks good,” I say as I dig into the food while still watching Live PD.

Anh wasn’t lying; the stir fry was great.

The Bang

I get up, grab two beers, and lie down next to Anh, but I continue watching Live PD clips. Basically ignoring her at this point.

Women are boring. Live PD is much more exciting.

Anh is looking bored though… don’t care. Must continue watching Live PD.

Finally, Anh gets fed up with me ignoring her and starts stroking my chest hair.

“Huhhhh,” I say to her with a surprised look on my face.

She just looks up at me and smiles, so I grab underneath her armpits and let her sit on my dick. I press my rock hard hog into her.

She lets out a light moan.

That’s my cue to pull her face into mine and start passionately making out.

My nickname is Mr. Hands and Anh had a nice tan bubble butt. Do the math.

I slide her panties off and really begin playing with dem cheeks while we’re making out.

Alright. Time to go in.

I get up, drop my pants, and lie back down. Anh hops up and Asian squats right onto my cock.

Still wearing her skirt and shirt too.

Asian squatting on cock is pretty common in Asia. Thousands of years as rice farmers does that to you.

YouTube is set to autoplay and her eyes are closed… so I continue watching Live PD while she bounces up and down.

This ain’t so bad.

It gets boring after about 10 minutes though so I push her off me and take off her shirt and bra to suck on those big tan jugs…

IT WAS A PUSHUP BRA. They were still big, but definitely a disappointment.


I stand up over her and blow a massive, seriously massive, load onto her tan jugs. After that I pass out in bed for a few minutes while Anh takes a shower.

She comes out and does all my dishes, folds my laundry, and sweeps the floor.

Damn. I already got a maid that comes three times a week. It’s still appreciated though.

“Ok. I go now. My parent worry – I have fun,” she says with a big smile.

“Me too,” I respond with a sly smile.

I pull out my wallet and hand Anh a 200k ($8) note because I’m a nice guy like that.

“Gas and parking,” I say to her. Gas and parking is maybe 10k total lol.

Her eyes light up when she sees the money.

“Wowwwww. Thank you. See you again,” she says as she takes the money from my hand and walks out the door.

Seriously, best date ever. She cooked dinner, bounced around a bit, did all my housekeeping, and would probably do anything I asked.

She messaged me a few more times throughout the month wanting to meet up, but I just ignored the messages. Still have her added as a friend though.

Vietnam Cupid Box

Just another day…


  1. savage. question… whats with all the profiles on cupid with only one pic. you now the average chick does dozens of selfies. im guessing one pic is a bullshit profile. what say you?

  2. So all these girls are sluts basically? Yeah I’m never doing coffee dates again unless they are within walking distance of my place and I’m keeping it short. And I’ll start inviting them from online straight to my place.

    Not worth doing multiple dates here especially if she’s fucking some low life expat on the first date. I am very resentful of that. So much for finding a wife here. Just gonna treat it like Thailand.

    1. Online straight to your place doesn’t USUALLY work in my experience (girls under 25. over 28 or so would probably work better).

      Coffee for 30 minutes then bounce to your apartment is a much strat, but it does have a pretty high failure rate. I just don’t mention the failures because that’s not fun.

      And yeah, thinking women are not going to be sluts when living in a big city away from the pressure of their dad is a losing strat. Hoes gonna ho.

      1. I’ve had success with it but I’ve seen too many reports of Viet girls slutting it up to want to spend my hard earned time and cash dating girls who don’t bang asap.

        No way in hell I’m playing beta bitch cuck boy for some 3rd world chick. I moved hell to leave that desolate incel wasteland called the US.

  3. Nice Post man, really enjoyed it. I’m also in HCMC, Check out my blog at I’d love some tips and feedback

    1. You got some nice info on the blog for the TEFL crowd; I’ll give you a contextual follow link when I get around to writing another TEFL post.

      I’d recommend a better theme though. Hueman is decent and free.

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