3 Reasons Why Online Dating in Vietnam is Awesome

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Sup readers. Got a good article for all you introvert freaks out there.

So, as you can probably see if you look at the blog archive, I’ve discussed online dating like a million times on this website.

And sure, part of that is because I get an affiliate commission from Vietnam Cupid. Not gonna lie.

HOWEVER, I only recommend Vietnam Cupid because it works. And I’d still recommend it even if I didn’t get an affiliate commission because I’m such a nice guy.

Check out my article on using Vietnam Cupid to meet sexy Vietnamese women.

For instance, the free version of Tinder is a decent alternative (article here). So is Badoo.

Actually, you’ll notice that a some girls on Vietnam Cupid are also on Tinder and Badoo.

Ok, enough rambling. Here are the reasons I love online dating.


The number one reason that online dating is so great is because it saves an assload of time. I’m sure everyone knows what I’m about to say (because everyone that reads this site is somewhat intelligent):

Time is the scarcest, and most valuable, resource in the world. 

You ain’t getting any more time. In fact, it’s much easier to make 1 million dollars than it is to get one second of your life back.

With that in mind, you can literally lock yourself in a dungeon (with an internet connection) and message hundreds of girls from all over the world that you know are somewhat interested in meeting you.

Where the fuck else can you do that?

Are you going to go to Nguyen Hue or the mall and talk to Vietnamese girls?

You’ll meet plenty, but you’ll have to spend at least a few hours approaching women and talking to them to find the few that are brave enough, and that speak enough English, to actually find one to bang.

Plus, you’ll have to be brave enough to approach random women on the street. Something that most guys are uncomfortable doing.

It’s literally like finding a needle in a haystack.

Also of note, Vietnamese women love giving out their number just as much as the US government loves giving our money to non-Americans. So you can’t even rely on getting a number as a good indicator of anything.

Do you really want to spend hours of your life talking to Vietnamese women that speak terrible English to find the handful of women that will even meet you for a date?

Yeahhhhh, that’s what I thought.

Note: Meeting women in your day-to-day life is much easier and doesn’t take up time. I’ve actually met a few while working at a coffee shop, but going out with the express purpose of approaching is tough.

Are you going to go to a bar and meet women?

Now, I’m not a nightlife person. In fact, I can probably count on my hands and feet the amount of nights I’ve experienced the great Saigon nightlife…

party sucks ancap

Me when I go out.

Anyway, all those times I’ve gone out it seemed that the vast majority of Vietnamese women are prostitutes or women that have been ridden hard a few too many times.

line massage girl

I’m sure they’re right for someone, but not for me. I like the shy student bookworm type rather than the club slut type. We just vibe better because we’re on the same frequency or something.

Back to the time part, going out to a bar pretty much kills your whole night and half of the next day.

All that time to maybe bust one nut… doesn’t really seem worth it to me. I guess if you genuinely enjoy nightlife it’s worth it, but if you hate it and just go out to meet women, then I can’t see that being a worthwhile time investment.

That is why I don’t discuss nightlife here even though it’d probably give me an extra 1,000 visitors per month (that I can funnel into purchasing a Vietnam Cupid subscription).

2. The Girls Are Normal AND Want to Meet You

Online dating in America has a bad reputation.

A really, really, really bad reputation.

It’s full of single moms, fat chicks, and 30+ year old women that want a multi-millionaire that drives a BMW or Mercedes. He also has to be at least 6 feet tall, have a sixpack, and have a full head of hair…

Or it’s filled with normal-cute looking women that just want validation and have no intention of meeting up with a normal looking guy.

In Asia, it’s basically the opposite.

I sign onto Vietnam Cupid and I get an almost 100% response rate from decently cute women and the girls are all willing to meet me. Hell, some of them message me first!

I’m not dumb. It’s mostly because of my American passport, white(ish) skin, and the fact that all expats are rich compared to the majority of Vietnamese men…

It’d probably be similar to driving a Lamborghini in the US.

3. The Girls Don’t Flake

Women online tend to be more interested in actually meeting. I mean, that’s the whole reason they go on a dating site in the first place. They’re actively seeking out a guy to meet.

Now, I know a lot of guys have problems with girls flaking on them. That’s not really a problem for me. You just gotta screen for girls that seem interested before arranging to meet.

Don’t bother trying to meet girls that don’t seem that interested. I think that’s why a lot of guys end up having so many girls flake on them.

The Best Online Dating Options in Vietnam

Vietnam has some options for online dating.

Yes, Vietnam Cupid is not the only option. And yes, it pains me to say that.

Vietnam Cupid

The best, in my opinion, online dating option in Vietnam is Vietnam Cupid. Like I said earlier, 90%+ of these girls have one thing in mind:

Marrying a (rich) white dude and having hapa babies.

This means you have to wade through way less bullshit and validation seekers.

The whole marriage and baby thing isn’t exclusive to Vietnam Cupid though. All the women you boink have locking you down in marriage and taking your money in the back of their mind.

Vietnam Cupid Box

Yes, even the prostitutes, skanks, and “friends with benefits” want a relationship with you.

Women don’t really have casual sex the same way guys do. They just use it as a way to angle for male resources since they don’t have the strength, intelligence, and willpower to get resources on their own. It’s evolutionary biology, yo. And instinctual, so they don’t even realize that they’re doing it.

The faster you embrace that harsh truth; the better you will get with women.

The great philosopher J-Cole even explained it in a song:


Tinder is another good option. It works well in the beginning and you’ll get a ton of matches, but once you have been here awhile you start to run out of girls that match with you. You do get a nice bump when you move to a new district though.

Note: I’m 5’9″, not ripped, bald, have brown eyes, and am 25. Your results may vary.

Anyway, I actually use Tinder a lot to meet women despite constantly shilling Vietnam Cupid. Just watch out for catfish and ladyboys. That shit only seems to happen on Tinder.


I used Badoo a few times when I first got here. It seemed to work fine and I met two cute women on it.

My main problem was the interface looked super crappy and third world. It just looks like those weird dating apps full of Indian guys asking for “bobs and vagene.”

Zalo Near Me

Zalo has this good feature called “Nearby.” It has a ton of normal Vietnamese women on it:

People nearby on Zalo.

While WeChat and Line are full of prostitutes….

line nearby

My friends list on Line. All prostitutes, I think.

Zalo is just normal Vietnamese people. So yes, you will still see prostitutes on Zalo.

You will also find women that don’t speak English. Actually, most of them don’t speak English since most Vietnamese people don’t speak English.

It still has women interested in meeting foreigners AND that can speak English though. That’s who we want.

I’ll do a case study at some point on using Zalo Near Me to meet women. Case studies are fun and valuable.

Sneak peak: It’s basically the same as cold approaching women, but you can get much more volume in a way shorter amount of time.

Plus, the girls will go into a shock induced coma when a foreigner messages them on an exclusively Vietnamese messaging app. Their heart might stop if the foreigner speaks Vietnamese.

Trust me. Women love this Disney movie/fairytale type stuff.

Be careful.

Final Thoughts

Well that pretty much sums it up. Online dating in Vietnam rocks because it saves time, the girls are somewhat normal, and most Vietnamese women that do online dating want to meet foreigners.

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