4 Reasons I Don’t Date Women Over 22

A 23 year old woman

I have a rule that I don’t date women over 22. No exceptions.

The bloggers at HuffPost say this is evil because they’re old hags that try and go against nature.

Here are the four reasons I don’t date women over 22.

1. Not as Hot

The first reason is the most obvious reason. Women over 22 aren’t nearly as hot.

I will admit that Asian women age slower than white women, but you can still see the difference between an 18 year old and 25 year old if you look closely.

Anyone that disagrees is lying to themselves.

You’ll see a few extra wrinkles around their eyes, that weird fold of skin above the armpit, and looser skin.

Absolutely disgusting.

2. Looser Skin

The most obvious thing you notice is that older women have looser skin. If you grab their skin and it doesn’t have that plump/tight feeling, then she’s too old.

Way. Too. Old.

It’s surprising how much looser a 22 year old’s skin is compared to an 18 year old’s. Four years is a long amount of time.

3. It’s All Downhill After 22

You might think 22 is young…

And you’re right. It really isn’t that old.

In fact, 22 year old women are still at their peak – the end of their peak. Things really start going downhill after 22…

The skin gets looser. More wrinkles appear. It’s harder to lose weight. Boobs start to sag.

Dating a 22 year old woman is like buying a log cabin with a termite infestation. They both have a few years left on them, but it’s going to collapse in a few years.

I’ve personally witnessed this… it ain’t pretty.

4. They’re Dumber

Young people are dumb. And young and dumb women are the best.

This is an accepted fact. That’s just how the world works. Maybe I’ll write an article on why dating dumb women is so much fun.

More importantly, no guy really cares if a woman has a PhD or an IQ of 120. We never have and never really will.

It’s nice for a mother/wife, but for casual dating… nah. Don’t care.

Guys want the most attractive woman available to them. Everything else is secondary to that. If you can’t get that basic fact through your head, then you’re too far gone.


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