6 Reasons Not to Do The Vegan Diet

I’ve met quite a few expats in my 13 months in Vietnam. A fair number of those expats are vegan.

Asia just seems to draw a lot of vegans for reasons I won’t explain on this blog.

Anyway, since there are so many vegan expats, writing an article about the stupidity of the veganism religion, mixed with my brash writing style, is perfect. Oh, and this site has been voluntarily demonetized (we’ll get banned once we get big enough), so nothing can hurt us at this point.


1. It’s Not Natural

The vegan religion is as natural as chopping your dick off and saying you’re a woman. All the other points are downstream of this point, but I’ll explain how we know the diet isn’t natural.

First, if this diet was natural for us, then we would have developed a digestive system that could fully breakdown cellulose. In other words, we wouldn’t have random bits of corn and plant matter in our poop. Seriously, go compare cow poop to vegan poop. The two will look very different because cows can breakdown cellulose.

Trust me, I know this. My family collected cow poop on a cow pasture for our compost pile. 

We’d also be able to fully extract all the vitamins and minerals from plant matter. We’ll cover this point later.

Next, our teeth/jaws have evolved to chew meat and not vegetables. This is why chewing asparagus takes forever. 

Third, the vegan diet will literally kill you without proper supplementation.

Finally, babies and toddlers hate vegetables. They’ll cry and scream when you try to feed them vegetables. A baby on a vegan diet (or getting breast milk from a vegan mom) will literally die if left on the diet long enough. (Example: here, here, and here) Bonus: Here’s one of a 12 year old vegan in Scotland (!) with rickets.

Have you ever met a child that doesn’t like meat?

I haven’t.

Hmmmm…. perhaps humans that didn’t eat meat all died without reproducing? And vitamin supplements combined with the modern food supply chain are the only things that keep vegans alive?

2. Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency

Following a vegan diet results in a lot of vitamin and mineral deficiencies since we can’t fully absorb the vitamins and minerals found in plants. The only way to get these V&M is by eating the flesh of animals that have the ability to absorb those nutrients from plants. Here are a few deficiencies that vegans face:

Note: If your diet requires taking supplements to prevent a vitamin deficiency, then you do not – BY DEFINITION – have a healthy OR natural diet!

Vitamin B12

The only way to get Vitamin B12 is by eating meat, taking supplements, or eating B12 fortified food. Unfortunately, the body can’t process plant based Vitamin B12 and B12 supplements must be injected, so it’s a literal pain in the ass for vegans to get Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 deficiency may cause anemia and nervous system damage.

Your liver stores a lot of B12, so this isn’t a problem until your liver runs out of B12.


We can absorb some calcium in some vegetables. However, we have to eat 2 pounds of vegetables a day everyday to reach our daily intake. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and eggs are all more efficient sources of calcium.

Eating 2 pounds of vegetable is absolutely ridiculous. Our bodies weren’t designed to eat that many vegetables. We’re not cows; we don’t have multiple stomachs.

Calcium supplements are readily available.


Plants have iron. However, we need “heme iron” and only meat has that kind of iron. It is also more difficult for us to absorb the inferior plant iron.

Meat is the best and most efficient way to reach our daily iron intake.

Iron supplements are readily available.

Vitamin D3

The vegan diet contains very little natural Vitamin D3. The only way to get Vitamin D3 is through fortified food or drink, fish, eggs, or sunlight.

Fish is a great source of Vitamin D3 and other nutrients. Being a pescatarian is unusual (unless you’re Japanese or an eskimo), but perfectly healthy. You just have to watch your mercury and arsenic levels.

One more thing. Make sure to give women some Vitamin D. Check out my Tinder article on Vietnam:

asian girl in dress tinder

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is important because it’s required for your body to deposit calcium in the proper location… your bones. You don’t want calcium deposits in your brain or blood vessels.

Calcium deposits in the brain could explain why everyone vegan I’ve met has been mentally unstable. 

Vegans struggle to get Vitamin K2 because it’s only found in animal food like meat, eggs, milk, and animal organs. And yes, Vitamin K2 is found in soy, but soy isn’t good for you.

3. Lack of Quality Protein

Us normal humans get most of our protein from eating meat, fish, eggs, and milk. We’ve done this since the literal beginning of humanity when the giants from Hyporbea showed ancient Europeans… nevermind. Wrong blog.

Vegans obviously don’t eat that meat stuff, but they still get their protein from plant sources and swallowing cum (is cum vegan?).

Unfortunately, all protein is not created equal. And plant protein is much harder for the human body to process than meat protein (see point #1).

Eggs, milk, fish, whey, beef, and soy* are the highest quality proteins. This high quality protein is easier for the body to absorb. This makes building muscle and losing weight much easier. It also helps build strong bones and stops you from getting rickets like an American colonist.

Soy… not even once.

4. All Long-Term Vegans Look Sickly

Have you ever met a long-term vegan that looks healthy?

I haven’t. They all look like cancer patients. Think of a guy like Joaquin Phoenix. He looks awful for his age.

There are some professional athletes that vegans like to cite as examples, but there are two problems with citing pro-athletes.

One, they’re professional athletes, so it’s their job to stay in shape. They aren’t a good comparison.

Two, none of them are at the top of their sport.

Nick and Nate Diaz are two vegans that fought in the UFC. They’re good and super entertaining to watch, but neither of them could ever win a UFC title.

Nick Diaz (the better fighter) lost two separate title fights against two different omnivores (Carlos Condit and GSP). He probably could have beat Condit.

It wouldn’t have mattered against GSP. 0 chance he could ever beat GSP.

5. Miss Out on Most of The Cuisine

This point is Vietnam specific. If you’re vegan in Vietnam, then you’re going to miss out on most of the Vietnamese cuisine.


Vietnamese people put an animal product in just about every dish they eat… just like every culture in the world. Actually, I can’t think of a single Vietnamese dish that is 100% vegan since they put nuoc mam (fish sauce) on everything, but I’ll say 95% because I eat the same three dishes everyday.

Anyway, living in a country known for excellent cuisine and eating nothing but rice, vegetables, and bananas doesn’t make sense and probably gets super boring.

6. Vietnamese Don’t Understand Veganism

Even if you ignore the previous steps, then you’re still going to run into one final roadblock being a vegan here. Asians, as a collective, don’t understand white people/culture. And veganism is as white as hockey, bowling, and colonialism.

The few Vietnamese-vegan restaurants with lots of foreign guests know that some white people don’t want any meat on their dish.

Do they understand why?

vegan rat

Hell no. They just chalk it up as weird stuff that white people do, but play along because they can charge like 5x more money.

Everyone else in Vietnam?

They have no clue about veganism. They’ll look at you weird if you ask for something like pho or bun thit nuong without any meat product.

It’s so unusual for them that they may or may not honor the request. Of course they’ll always nod their head and say “u, u, u” (“yes yes yes”) when you hand them your Vietnamese letter explaining that you don’t eat animal products.

But does that pho they gave you really not have animal products?

7. Vegans Are Pussies

Humans – most humans at least – are superior to animals. Period. 

Believing that you’re equal to a dog or a fish is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. My dog licks his benis, aggressively chases his tail, and pees on every pole.

Vegans also want to outlaw shooting feral pigs from a helicopter:


I suspect this article might generate some heat, so here is a FAQ section.

Why do you care what people do with their body?

It’s a crime against society to not keep yourself in peak physical and mental shape. Suicide used to be illegal for that exact reason.

This baby boomer mentality of giving people (and women) free choice is exactly why we’re in this shit situation at the moment.

Why did you write this post?

Because I’m tired of people saying that the vegan diet is healthy and natural while a normal omnivore diet is unnatural and unhealthy.

If someone can give me a logical argument for veganism, then I’m open to listen. Specifically, I want a rebuttal to how a diet that requires supplements made in a laboratory is superior to a diet that requires no artificial supplementation.

Please. I’m eagerly awaiting that rebuttal.

If you start discussing animal fee-fees, then I’m just going to refer you to point #7.

China Study?

Ok. Cool. That book (written by baby boomers) literally advocates for a plant based diet (+ Vitamin B12 supplementation) to prevent pretty much every disease known to man.

I won’t cover the whole B12 supplement contradiction and vegetable supply line thing. A rebuttal of the China Study is beyond my scope. This woman did a good job though.


  1. In the military we were taught something along the lines of, “80% of plantlife on this planet is poisonous, while almost all animals are edible.” Basically to teach us to snap a bunnies neck to get a meal.

  2. Fuck the vegan diet. I’m on the carnivore diet, smoke two packs a day and also drink about twenty beers a day. Chasing pussy in the Philippines keeps me alive. All the girls here give a shit about is the pesos in my pocket. Life is for living.

  3. There is traditional Vegetarian cuisine in Vietnam, since it’s part of Buddhist practice for some people. You can find “Chay” restaurants near almost every pagoda. Of course it has nothing to do with the Western hippie version and Vegan Westerners don’t go there; they go to the “westernized” places with signs and menus in English.

  4. “when the giants from Hyporbea showed ancient Europeans…”
    Do you follow Robert Sepehr and his YT channel Atlantean Gardens?
    After reading your articles I think we could get along but I’m in damn Hanoi so I don’t think we’ll have a chance to meet each other.

  5. Another thing or two about veganism as of late – I’ve considered reducing my personal meat consumption (I probably am too carnivorous), yet have noticed that most vegan options are just shitty imitations of dishes that are supposed to contain meat.

    If I do have a totally meat free meal, I usually go for Indian food; at least that cuisine does have some dishes that were designed for the ground up to taste good without any meat, thanks to the presence of groups such as Jains etc. I’d probably fail at the veganism thing when a butter naan is accidentally selected, but you get my point.

    This, as you rightly said cannot easily be done with most Vietnamese food. Yet vegans as with many other aspects of their lives will persist in trying to force squares into circle holes; they are literally trying to create bún thịt nướng without any of the thịt. The local diet is naturally veggie heavy, Vietnamese people probably need a little meat to balance things out a bit.

    I can’t help thinking that a lot of Vietnamese entrepreneurs are now opening a lot of sub-par vegan restaurants because they can be very profitable; a lack of meat reduces ingredient costs and what’s more; the majority of the clientele will be Western and willing to pay more than locals. Can’t fault these people for taking advantage of idiots, by selling poverty food at luxury prices.

    Unfortunately, this has recently in a larger number of new vegan restaurants than usual popping up in a certain area nicknamed ‘crackertown,’ the soyboy crowd will probably all gravitate to their own little area; thus making it a no-go zone for normal people. There’s vegan ramen, a vegan bistro, a vegan special taco night; the entitled Westerners are forcing their way in and gentrifying that little area and make it increasingly hard to tolerate. These people are simply not the same as you or I, their voices, behaviour, appearance is totally irritating.

    I’ve also noticed a case of a restaurant owner being attacked on TripAdvisor for failing to offer enough vegan options. He correctly pointed out that as things stand, the majority of customers are still normal people who like to eat meat. How long this will last, I don’t know.

  6. Neo is the fucking man!! Ain’t nobody gonna fill his shoes once THE cuckslayer has left -nam. Fuck all pansy soyboys Neo is cummin to FUCK YOUR BITCH!!

  7. “Asia just seems to draw a lot of vegans for reasons I won’t explain on this blog.” –

    I’ve been trying to work it out for ages, please write this!

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