5 Reasons Not To Marry a Vietnamese Woman

I talk about how great Asian women are a lot. But that’s mostly because I know it pisses off fat white women, which is objectively hilarious.

In reality, you definitely don’t want to marry a Vietnamese women unless you’re Vietnamese (or Asian in general, but preferably Vietnamese). Here are five reasons you shouldn’t marry a Vietnamese woman.

1. You Don’t Want Hapa Kids

First things first, only marry a woman if you plan on having children with her. Period. There is literally no point in marriage if you don’t want children. In my view, it’s not even marriage unless you have children together.

Anyway, there’s this subreddit for half-Asian half-white (hapas) with identity issues called r/hapas. Basically, they hate their identity because they’re too Asian looking to be white, but too white looking to be Asian.

Popular meme on r/hapas

They take out these identity issues on their white dads, Asian moms, white men that date Asian women, and Asian women that date white men. And they really, really hate white guys that date Asian women. As you can imagine, this site has become a target of the hapa community even though we agree on some things.

All that said, r/hapas is the best advertisement to not marry an Asian woman. Seriously. Go look at that subreddit. You can even ask them about your idea.

Do you really want your child to go through life having identity issues and hating you for creating them?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Please think about the consequences of marrying some woman because she looks cute, gives good blowjobs, and cooks dinner for you.

2. Vietnamese In-Laws

Most of the Vietnamese women that white guys meet don’t come from the (extremely small) upper class of Vietnamese society. Most of the girls you find on Vietnam Cupid moved to the city from the countryside. That means you have to deal with poor farmers that don’t speak English, come from a completely different culture, AND come from the bottom rung of that culture.

There are countless stories online of white guys hating their Vietnamese in-laws. The common trend is that the in-laws don’t like them, but put up with them because they got money and blue eyes.

It’s mostly the money, though.

If you’re more melanin enriched than her, then you have a whole new set of problems. In that case, her family will almost always hate you by default. She’ll probably be embarrassed to show you to her family. I’m sorry to break it you – that’s how most of them will view you.

Note: I wrote an article about having a blue eyed baby with a Vietnamese woman, check it out!

3. No Connection

Yes, I know I talk about not needing a connection with a woman, but that’s mostly for “dating” and leching. You want some sort of cultural/ethnic/language connection with a woman you want to marry.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get that connection with someone of a completely different race that grew up in a completely different country/culture.

She won’t truly understand your humor nor will she truly understand your culture. I mean, I don’t pretend to understand African-American culture… and we were born in the same country and speak the same language.

I don’t understand it.

So yeah, there’s no way you’re going to fully understand the culture of someone from a completely different country. Ain’t happening.

Now, having a connection isn’t too terribly important when she’s still hot. However….

4. They Age Terribly

There’s a popular meme online that claims Asian women don’t age. And yeah, it’s a meme. It has some basis in reality, but all the Asian women over the age of 35 look worse than at 25. They tend to get flabby/squishy and wrinkle up around 35.

They don’t get fat like white women, I guess. White women would look fine if they didn’t all get fat in their 30s.

Partially true meme.

Now, a woman aging after 30ish is normal. It’s really not that big of a deal when it happens to your culturally similar wife because you like her for more than her looks.

However, when your Asian wife’s looks fade you realize that you don’t have anything in common. And you only married her because she gave good blowjobs and lots of sex… but now the blowjobs and sex aren’t as fun because she’s ugly.

Ever wonder why you don’t see many white-male Asian-female couples that have 25+ year marriages?

Well, there’s your reason. Aging terribly + no cultural connection = divorce in 15 years.

Fortunately, it’s simple enough to swap her out for a younger model. I’d say it’s probably easier than buying a new car.

Final Thoughts

Vietnamese women are great for flings and stuff, but don’t marry one. And definitely don’t marry a woman unless you want to have children.

If you do marry a Vietnamese woman, then you should keep her in Vietnam. Don’t bring her to the US or a western country.

She’ll get infected with the feminism mind virus in the West…

A stage 5 feminism mind virus infection.


  1. ^^^ all of the above, 100% spot on.

    also, you can never really trust these whores.

    there’s always going to be MASSIVE power imbalance. never forget these broads have spent a lifetime living under communism, where lying/manipulation is the only way to survive. most are like convicts who’ve spent decades in prison, they’re VERY skilled at getting what they want, and will play the long game. they’re MUCH more conniving/calculating than a western woman, and VERY good at hiding their true emotions/intent.

    the same could be said for any woman, but with viet girls, you need to be extra cautious.

    i have a “good girl” who’s been super loyal, never burned me, etc. (YET!), but would NEVER let my guard down, nor marry her. a westerner must never get too comfortable in this place, complacency leads to downfall. it’s a developing, impoverished, war torn shithole, and will continue to be fucked up for a few generations.

    never forget where these people come from.

  2. I agree with something you said. If we want to have a serious relationship, having something in common is really important. When we do not have any connection, we never feel happy because of lacking of understanding. I just feel happy only when I have a man who understand and always support me on almost things I want to do in my life and we have something in common to share with each other, happiness just comes from heart to heart not from eye to eye. And of course if we marry to someone just because of their appearance, we just feel miserable when we can not share our problem, our hobbies with her or him. So the result is we just feel lonely in the relationship. So I just want to say, when we met our true love, don’t miss them just because of their not good looking. A beautiful girl or handsome man will be old, just the mind is much more beautiful over time.

    1. >A beautiful girl or handsome man will be old, just the mind is much more beautiful over time.

      Oddly, I agree with you. It’s simply harder to form a connection with someone from a completely alien culture.

  3. Being from a very different culture isnt negative – if you hate your own culture (like most Expats left the West cause they hate the feminism back home).

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