Never Apologize to Women

I’ve mentioned this idea before in a previous article, but I’ve never written a full article on it. Well, the time to write an article on this topic has come. This article won’t be long. It’s more like a PSA than a full-blown autistic breakdown.

Here’s a quick hint – apologizing doesn’t work. Period. 

Why Apologizing Doesn’t Work

Apologizing doesn’t work for one reason – women don’t use logic to make decisions. Their entire decision making process relies on the emotional. In other words, women view the world through a power lens, and not any objective morality. He who displays the most power; gets the most women

Yes, it really is that simple. Apologizing puts you in a position of weakness, and women loathe that. They loathe it so much that they’ll keep attacking you for being such a weak faggot. 

Trust me, I speak from experience on this. I once apologized to a girlfriend with the thought that it would placate her. 

You know what happened?

She demanded more apologies. She demanded apologies for stuff that happened before we started dating! She demanded apologies for my thoughts!

That’s women for you.

What If I Do Something Really Bad

There’s always that one guy that tries to find an exception to everything you say. They then ask you about the exception with some stupid look on their face.

To that guy, you still don’t want to apologize. Yes, I know this sounds bad. But trust me, apologizing doesn’t make a woman feel better, so don’t feel too bad.

Just say something along the lines of “Mistakes were made” and try to change the subject or crack a joke. Again, you can’t display any weakness around women. They literally don’t like it. 

But Vietnamese Women Are Different!

No. They aren’t. All women are like that – AWALT.

Again, this boils down to power. The only reason Vietnamese women are well-behaved is because your white skin automatically makes you rich in her mind. Ever notice that you rarely see a wealthy Vietnamese woman dating a foreigner?

Even the average woman here will try to push your buttons and try to make you cuck out. You see lots of white guys cucking out to their Vietnamese waifu. The women are at least more feminine about it, but they do the exact same stuff. 

You’re An Incel!

Yo, sweet insult. Did your CNN mommy tell you that one? Because placing so much value on a woman’s opinion that you use it as an insult is extremely cringe. It’s not surprising though, the type of ‘man’ that uses incel as an insult probably thinks crying in front of a woman is a good idea.

To answer the question, no. This is just how women behave. I’m sorry to break the news to you, but this is just how the world works. Literally anyone that has dealt with women on a large basis will notice this. Some of us have chosen to accept this reality. Others remain blind to it.

I will say this: dealing with women becomes so much easier and pleasant once you understand how they work. Like, I can’t even remember the last time I got in any kind of altercation with a woman. 


  1. Hmmm if my gf starts demanding shit I give her a bitch slap and tell her to STFU and yell NEXT! loudly. That diffuses the situation. I really love the Philippines even though it’s a shit hole.

    1. I really love the Philippines even though it’s a shit hole.

      funny. literally everyone that stays in the Phils long term says this. I’ll have to visit one of these days.

      1. Don’t agree with saying sorry will not work if a vietnamese woman loves you. She will calmly accept your apology. I know mind did. Possibly for so reason your girl did not love you or believe in you. Find a woman who truly loves you

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