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Moving to Vietnam in a few days to live and do expat things will use this blog to write about my exploits.  Someone reading better avoid my mistakes and duplicate the highs.  The blog will be a direct reflection of myself… slightly racist, sexist, and misogynist (lol).

Q&A format for the About Me because everyone keeps asking me questions.

Who the hell are you?

My name is Neo.  I’m a college educated, mid 20s year old, white male.  Born and raised in the good old USA. Your average American male.  I’m moving to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in a week.

Why are you moving to Vietnam?

I love travelling and want to see all the sights, smell all the smells, and experience different cultures, blah blah, office work, 9-5 blah blah, living the dream.

Yeah ok.  Do you have Yellow Fever?


I bet you are a kissless virgin moving to Asia to get laid!

Wrong.  I’m not a kissless virgin.

You’re throwing away your future to bang Asian girls!

What’s your point?  You’re throwing away your present working a job you hate for a future you might not have.  Everyone talks about the future, “I can’t wait for Friday”, “I can’t wait for work to end”, “I can’t wait…” Yet they always end up waiting, never do anything to fix their misery, and then die.  I can mask the misery.

When are you coming back?

When I get bored, tire of food poisoning and squat toilets, run out of money, or any other random reason.

EDIT: I’m going home. Here’s why.

How are you going to make money?

I have savings because I did have a job back home.  Teaching English (yeah, I know) will pay my rent and other living expenses. Online work will pay my student loans and build a nest egg.

What if that fails?

Then I go back to living in the same bedroom at my parents house that I’ve lived in my whole life…

That isn’t a joke.

You seem super lazy.

Lazy is a strong word.  Working is life, but why work 80 hours a week for a tiny house in the US and 0 savings ?

I can work 40 hours a week in Asia for a decent apartment, tons of food poisoning, and lots of savings.  Among other benefits.

What if it doesn’t work out and you have to go back home?

Then I move back home, duh.  Not much will have changed back home.  Everyone will still be complaining about their terrible job, politics, sports, Mexicans, reality TV, and The Economy.

Do you hate the United States?

I love my US citizenship.  It comes with a strong passport, strong currency, low taxes, lots of decent jobs, and a really good bank.  Many expats dislike living in the United States for some reason.  My best theory is the lack of skinny women, but perhaps my personal biases factor into that theory.

That about answers all the questions.  It was an enlightening read that made you ponder the meaning of life.  If you have any other questions, then comment and ask away.


  1. Which service apartment you recommend the most. I did read your guide on finding a apartment.
    Also is there any paperwork involved?

    1. you just sign the contract and pay the deposit + 1st month. I don’t have any recommendations since it depends on what you want, but make sure it has 24/7 access without a security guard.

      1. I’m looking for long term. 9 month – 3 years. Also where to find a apartment without security guard because I like to bring girls or guest to my place

        1. 3 years?!? I wouldn’t sign a 3 year contract. too risky. Just go to the Facebook groups for housing for expats and post your requirements (room, district, serviced, no security, price, etc.). you’ll have over 50 people message you. You can also use chotot.com with a Vietnamese friend helping you, but I haven’t had much luck with that.

          All the big highrises will not have a security guard, so I’d recommend those if they fit your budget. D7 has a lot of nice ones (Luxcity, Golden Star, anything in Phu My Hung, etc.) and then there’s Vinhomes, The Manor, and Masteri. The only problem is they aren’t serviced. Every district has serviced apartments though, so pick your location and then find an apartment. D1, D3, Phu Nhuan, and D2 are gonna have a lot of serviced apartments aimed at expats.

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