How Masculine Men View Women

Modern men have a difficult time understanding/interacting with women. So I’m going to tell you how you, a masculine man, should view women.

I can 100% money-back guarantee that you will never have any “girl problems” IF you internalize what I’m about to tell you. This is because girl problems are always downstream of your worldview of women.

This advice may save you 50% of your net worth too.

You can read the pickup lines, do the routines, and all that jazz. It only works on a consistent basis when you believe the underlying concepts. Otherwise you’re just a parrot repeating lines and women can sniff that incongruence out fast.

Note: I wrote a variation of this article for another site, but it works on this site too. 

Women Are Like Dogs… 

This is a much simpler, and funnier, explanation of a difficult topic for most modern men to understand. Here are the similarities between the two:

Hump anything that moves?


Can train them to do useful stuff that you don’t want to do?

Yes. (retrieve a duck, get the newspaper, clean the house, cook)

Happily sleep in a cage?


Happily wear a collar and leash?


Can they build stuff?


Emotionally manipulate you to give them freedom and/or your stuff?


Destroy everything you built/own when given freedom?


Destroy you with the tools that you gave them?


You still have a natural instinct to protect them?


Will submit to you…?


…And kiss you after you spank them?


Seriously. Women are like dogs. 

Note: Any guy that says, “I wish my dog could talk” is an idiot. Dogs not being able to talk makes them great.

My dog would sound like this, “I’m lonely. Why don’t you love me? I’m lonely. Why’d you leave me alone for 8 hours? I’m lonely. Can I snuggle? Did you pet another dog today? I’m lonely. Can I sleep in your bed? Why do you hate me? Why do you always ignore me? I only pooped in front of the bathroom door because you hate me, so stop yelling at me.”

Does that sound like your bro-friend or a woman?

…But Worse

Women are actually much worse than dogs. Here’s why.

A well trained dog will literally die for it’s owner. 

Extreme loyalty.

A woman will give you situational loyalty. She can give you sex, blowjobs, and children. All of those are super important and stuff your dog can’t give you.

She ain’t staying loyal though.

Just wait for a more powerful male, let’s call him Chad Thundercock, to come around and she’ll be on her knees slobbing Chad’s knob once Chad overpowers you. Believe me guys.

Look at Frenchwomen under occupation in WW2. They produced 200,000 Franco-Aryan babies in 4 years.

That’s the norm under occupation. Ghengis Khan, Spanish Empire, Ottoman Empire, and so on. Women view the occupying army as more powerful than the native men… and they always go for more the more powerful man since women can’t provide for themselves.

Even in Vietnam you see lots of partially white people from 80~ years of French and American occupation.

A French woman enamored with an unusually dark German.

After la Libération, the police putain shaved the head of every slut that had fucked a German… LOL.

“Why do they do this?”

This 8chan (it looks like 8chan, not sure) copypasta explains it better than I ever could (minus the Nietzsche stuff). You can just call it The Rise and Fall of Civilization. Specifically the last paragraph.

Hell, it even applies to this blog. Women constantly bitch in the comments/email even though this site is not written for women. If you are a woman, then you can join my fanclub, but that’s the extent of woman involvement on this site.

“What Should I Do?”

If you want to get married

Don’t go looking for a naturally loyal chick. You aren’t going to find one.

Not in Vietnam. Thailand. Philippines. Nowhere. 

All women do this crap. It’s just how they’re programmed. No big deal, but you must know that.

You must keep your wife on a tight leash and keep other men out. Otherwise she’ll wander away for a more powerful man.

You also must realize that the current power structure in the West hates you. Unfortunately, you must work within those parameters. 

That means you still might fail and lose everything. Knowledge gives you a chance to make it.

If you don’t want to get married?

Move to some 3rd world country and “enjoy the decline” as they say. Once you start treating women like dirt it becomes much easier to have sex with them. Shocking, I know.

You can have an infinite amount of meaningless sex with women without getting a false rape accusation in the Third World. I found it boring and super repetitive after 9~ months, but it was a good experience. Real eye opener about the nature of women.

Anyway, treat them like a dog that can speak English. Many of the ones here don’t even speak English, which makes it even easier. 

That said, I don’t recommend dating those girls for very long. You’ll go crazy.

You can also mostly ignore women, porn, videogames, and so on. Use your higher IQ, ability to think logically, and superior strength to do cool stuff like build a business, build a homemade helicopter (been done many times), build a homemade nuclear reactor (been done twice by teenagers), create music, fly airplanes, go SCUBA diving, shoot guns, railfan, or whatever guys do for fun that doesn’t involve women. It’s almost always building stuff, learning new things, or playing a sport.

The latter is fine and mostly what I do now (other than work). Play sports, work on my internet projects, hangout with smart men, and read. One date a week.

Women are like dessert. Have it, but after you’ve finished the main course. Basically MGTOW-lite.

“Who Hurt You?”

No one… because I follow my own advice.

It’s a universal truth and the natural order. I’m a very high IQ individual with an IQ exceeding 150. This stuff comes naturally to me.

Sorry if you’re a 120 IQ pleeb. Sucks to be you.

Don’t call me an incel either:

A) I’m not.

B) Men have more value than how many sluts they’ve fucked. We aren’t women. Our value is more than sex.

Anyway, your great-grandfathers shared my opinion and so did all the men that built Europe… and the men that built literally every country.

It was just a fact of life for them. Nothing controversial about it.

Here’s a real life example of what I’m talking about.

Everyday Art in a Patriarchal (European) Society:

Everyday Art in a Feminized (European) Society:

Need I say more?

Normal Architecture in a (European) Patriarchy:

Peak Architecture in a Feminized (European) society:


Again, need I say more?

I don’t.

“Do You Hate Women?”

No. I actually love women. Women love me too.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re stupid and ruin everything. It’s just an instinctive for them though, which means it’s not really their fault. It’d be like convicting a shark of murder. 


Or like a dog ripping up your couch. It obviously sucks, is frustrating, and just plain annoying…

But it’s just what they do when we don’t discipline them and/or give them too much freedom. You can’t really blame the dog for being a stupid dog. Just like you can’t blame a stupid whore for doing stupid whore things. Know what I’m saying?

Don’t give them freedom and you don’t have this problem. Keep them in their damn cage.

Honestly, I hate the men that gave women all this societal power. Women problems are solely a result of stupid men, which might be the one thing I agree with feminists about. Though in a different manner.

Final Thoughts

You wouldn’t let a dog make important decisions, run your home, or run your business. Don’t let your woman make important decisions or run your home.

Just like your dog, they will always make the wrong decision when given the opportunity. They just ruin everything on a long enough timeline.



  1. Wow well you are straight up scum…quite bashing on women just because they don’t like you. Have fun being single for the rest of your life and never getting laid.

    1. A typical woman answer. It’s humorous how they all say the same thing. It’s basically projection of what they fear most: social ostracization, never getting laid (having children), and being single the rest of their life.

    2. Rebecca is a fat roastie white whore with a beef flap vagina that probably resembles a tire. I would get my Rottweiler to chew off your face if I could to make you pay for all your atrocious acts against good, sane men.

    3. Becky,

      Enjoy your starving cat and the peanut butter….lol. Hating real men who know the deal and bang hundred of real women (not pig females like in the west) is the pleasure of being a real man. After living in Asia for just 6 months and going on my 10th year there is nothing more repulsive than a western pig monster who has nothing in common with a real sexy girl/women. Tick tock tick tock…the clock is working against you….no wonder you are so angry and frustrated. If it was not for fluffy your cat and peanut butter you would be suicidal…lol.

  2. Happy women’s day, Neo
    You too, Rebecca Ingrid. We can smell your bitterness and angst through your internet connection :*

    1. Imagine the mental gymnastics required to unironically believe a society that lived in caves 100 years ago is equal to a society/people that colonized 84% of the world, invented flight (100 years ago), and literally walked on the moon.

    2. By the way, Bob, he is saying that patriarchy is a necessary condition to a healthy civilization, not a sufficient condition. Just because the Saudis are a patriarchy in no way means that it’s a place we all want to live. Who knows if it’s a good place to live? I haven’t been and I know nothing about it. But there’s no denying that they got some things going for them.

  3. Most poignant part of the whole article:

    Honestly, I hate the men that gave women all this societal power. Women problems are solely a result of stupid men.

    It’s sad that we brought these problems on ourselves, but it’s true. Ph.D. dissertations can be written about this very topic. Dating is a competitive place, and sometimes competition leads to price wars and irrationality. The weaker betas in the population will begin undercutting the stronger alpha males and start offering more and more advantages to women in the hopes that being nice and/or generous will get them laid. Stupid fucks. It’s the opposite. Being draconian and machiavellian will get you laid. Now we all gotta suffer the blowback from the mistakes of the weakest among us.

    1. The better way is to just not have enough men since someone will always be willing to sell for less. Business and dating are pretty much the same in that regard.

      War did a good job at keeping a good M:F ratio. We haven’t had a major male culling war since WWII though.

      1. BINGO – what has ruined things for single men on a global basis is that the ratio of men to women has globally put things in the favor of women because the number of men outnumber women. Throuhout history we have seen that wars are what equalizes things.

        Another thing for men is that as teens they are always competing with older men that have more experiences, maturity, and resources. Yes there are many women who will filter out the older men. But there will be plenty enough who will seek out older men when they get disgusted by the young ones not meeting their expectations.

        It’s very easy for me in my early 40s to find plenty of women in their early 20s that want to have sex with me.

        1. But there will be plenty enough who will seek out older men when they get disgusted by the young ones not meeting their expectations.

          Yeah, most young guys don’t even realize this. My friend (27) was telling me that before moving to Asia he thought his dating prospects would be grim at 35. Now?

          He has a very different opinion on that matter.

  4. Good article, sounds like ReturnOfKings when it was still active.
    Are you gonna be leaving VN any time soon? Or stay and watch the decline of the West as Western women get worse and worse?

    1. Yeah, I’m visiting home in a few months to see family and friends. Also gonna setup up a website that requires me to be in the US for the first few months.

      No plans on permanently living in the US though. I’ll be back here around September.

      Really, really, really don’t want to be in the US during the election year either. Especially if Trump loses.

  5. Interesting article. you’ve talked about the women question, the soy question, the Trump question, and the IQ question. why not the JQ??

  6. Man, I thought you were cool until I read this. The internet is fucking crazy. I hope you keep an open mind and have some empathy for your fellow humans down the road! Keep an open mind to criticism, it’ll make you stronger. If it sounds like I’m trying to take the moral high road here, it’s because you can do better.

    From a random guy you’ll never meet in real life

    1. it’s because you can do better.

      I’m doing perfectly fine, thanks. Now go take your shaming tactics to Reddit or some other cesspit.

    1. No. He sucks. Don’t waste your time.

      Dr. E Michael Jones and Roosh are my favorite guys to read/listen. Graham Hancock too, but he’s an entirely different niche.

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