How Expats Should Dress in Southeast Asia

Sharp Dressed Man

What’s up readers?

Today I’m going to discuss one of the most important parts about life… the way you clothe yourself.

Yeah, a lot of you guys are probably going to think that dressing good is for The Gays and women. Well, you’re wrong. You don’t want to be mistaken for a broke begpacker.

Anyway, this guide isn’t really going to go over whether you should put three buttons or two buttons on your suit. No, instead we’re going to go over the basic outfit that every guy needs in his wardrobe. It’s simple, you don’t have to worry about choosing what clothes to wear in the morning, which will help you stay productive.

You can also wear this outfit for your Vietnam Cupid dates.

First we have to set some basic ground rules about clothing and what you should not wear.

Basic Fashion Rules

Don’t be Fat

This is the most important rule. The outfits I’ll mention only really work for men that are an average weight or less. It also helps if you have some muscle on your body. However, being skinny will work OK as well.

If you’re fat, then lose weight. No outfit will make you look good, sorry. Just being honest.

Only wear fitted clothing

Fitted clothing refers to snug clothing. It does not refer to “skinny” clothing. Basically, you should not wear anything super tight that looks like a woman could wear it. A good rule is that if you struggle to put it on, then it is probably too tight.

Only Wear Solid Colors

Don’t wear stripes or any patterns. Stick to solid colors.

Solid colors are less distracting make people focus on your face.

Do Not Wear Clothing with Writing on It

This rule is to stop you from wearing comic book t-shirts or band shirts. Basically, if it has writing on it, then don’t wear it.

Also, don’t wear a shirt with other man’s name on it. Just don’t do it.

Some exceptions exist obviously. A t-shirt with your firefighter engine (if you’re a firefighter) is ok. Same with military t-shirts as long as it isn’t obnoxious or over the top.

Do Not Wear Shorts

Yeah, I know in Southeast Asia this can be kind of difficult. However, all the locals wear pants in the heat. Anyway, men should only wear shorts at the beach or the gym.

They just aren’t fashionable or masculine.

Do Not Wear a Hat

Another one that might be hard for some guys. You should not wear a hat.

If you’re losing your hair, then just shave your head or use clippers (0 or 1 setting) every other day. Don’t bother trying to cover your baldness with a hat. Trust me, everyone knows why you’re wearing a hat.

Now, I feel the pain since I’m a balding man. You can get a fashionable hat to protect yourself from the sun. Do not get a fedora. Avoid baseball hats too.

The Only Clothes You Need

Well, we finally laid out some ground rules and big NO’s, so now we can over the clothes that you need.

V-Neck T-Shirts

First, make sure these are fitted (see rule above). You don’t need a super fancy V-neck or anything. Just go to Zara, H&M, or whatever and pick up some nice fitted V-necks. They should be darker clothes (black, grey, navy blue, etc.). It just looks better.

Ideal Clothing Asia

Some guys refuse to wear v-necks. I think they look fine as long as they aren’t a super deep V. Also, some guys say you should trim your chest hair so it doesn’t poke out. You don’t have to do that. Some chest hair poking out looks masculine.

Trimming your body hair (other than your beard) is feminine. It also means you’re probably ashamed of your masculinity. Don’t do it.


I’m a big fan of chinos. They look great will just about any shirt. Make sure to get some khaki ones and some darker ones too. I prefer the darker ones for most occasions, but that’s just me.

Make sure they aren’t supper baggy and that the legs aren’t too long.


Personally, I’m not a fan of jeans. However, there is nothing wrong with them so they make the list. Just stick to the darkest wash you can find and fitted. No boot cut!

Desert Boots

Only wear sneakers at the gym. Instead, you should wear desert boots with your pants. Make sure the desert boots are leather too. Suede shoes are for women. They also will get destroyed in the Southeast Asia rain.

Polo Shirts

These make a great choice for those of you that want to mix up the v-necks. Also good if you have to do something slightly more formal. Again, stick to darker colors.

Golf polo shirts are especially good for Southeast Asia because they’re more breathable. Just avoid ones with patterns on them.

Button down Shirts

Always have at least two button down shirts in your wardrobe. Just use these for formal occasions. Stick to that powdery blue or white. Make sure you have a decent looking tie (red or blue) that you know how to tie.


The police back home would probably stop if you if you wore a sweatshirt in 100 degree heat. However, it’s perfectly normal in Southeast Asia to wear one.

Wear it if you spend any time outside during the day. The sun here is brutal and will destroy your skin over time. It will also make you tan, which isn’t attractive.

Just get a baggy sweatshirt (the one time you can wear baggy) that is thin. This makes it less oppressively hot. All the locals do it.

Gym Clothes

Wear basketball shorts, sneakers, and tanktops to the gym. It’s the gym, so it doesn’t really matter if you look amazing. Obviously, your shirt shouldn’t have holes in it or anything.

Final Thoughts

That about covers it for clothing. It’s not too difficult to look good out here. Most expats dress terribly, so following this advice will put you in the top 1%.

How do you guys dress while you’re out here?



  1. guys wear for women and women wear for guy, that is natural instinct.
    be honestly, man miserable without women, and women not really happy without man!
    women don’t really care about the guys are fashion or not. like you said, guy fashion make we feel they are homosexual.

  2. he he, funny!
    doesn’t matter what you are wearing.
    1. clean and neat are the must.
    please, please and please, clean your body, if sweat then take shower, clothes just clean and fit => you smelt good.
    2. dont eat to much. watch your eating behavous, observe other when you eating, dont just stick your face to your disk
    3. all white guy sometime look like they cover their skin with tons of oil, that disgusting.

    1. no one cares what you think. well, no one should care what women think, but most guys are pussy whipped (probably enjoy getting pegged).

      but yes, smelling bad and/or being fat is not good. Dressing nice is also important. Guys shouldn’t look like a bums, but being a homosexual about fashion is gay.

  3. I wonder if these haters realize they make your blog 10x as entertaining…
    I can’t tell if half of these dudes are just infantilizing women or if they are just jealous, probably both.
    To anyone reading this… women like sex too, get a grip.

    Now that I mention it I’m starting to wonder if you’re writing these comments yourself LOL.

    1. Nah, 90% of the negative comments are from women. I get a few angry guys, but it’s mostly women. I’m definitely not writing the comments – wish I had that much time lol. You can check out some of the Reddit threads about me; they’re humorous and mostly women, as usual. They really love me.

  4. So whats the use to go to nightclubs (well dressed) if they stay in there small bubbles ? Then you cant pick up there or ?

  5. OK – I have been to HCMC over 15 times and watched it change year after year. The heat is miserable, even in the col season, because the humidity never relents. I’ve tried dressing up – button up RG shirts, jeans, boots, it’s unbearable. Not to mention, the bars – the music is so loud you can’t talk to anyone, the VN are STUPID when it comes to this. Lounge bars are now so crowded with expats and VK and the new rich dumping flash and cash everywhere – it’s hard to abide by the rules and stay cool – during the day you can get away with dressing lite (shorts) but at night it is best if you take light travel pants that are not so heavy, breathable, and cooler to wear – and wear dark shoes that look half way fashionable – the VN do not get American western styles, they dress to the nines….

    1. Nightclubs all over Asia are awful because the music is too loud. Asians just don’t know how to make a nightclub or how to behave in one.

      Anyway, I still don’t find it difficult to dress nice at night; it can even be pretty nice at nighttime if it rained earlier in the day. Travel pants are a good option for expats/visitors from nicer climates (my hometown has the same exact weather as HCMC)… as long as the pants don’t look too dweeby or middle aged dad.

      1. Touché. Clubs here are terrible…nowhere near as fun as an average nightclub in the US, aside from the range of hot pussy flooding the place. Music sucks, there’s no mingling or meeting new people, no dancing. VNese basically go to nightclubs to appear rich, sit with their friends and do balloons/get drunk and be on their phone all night

        1. Yup. Lots of eye candy. Music sucks AND it’s waaayyyyyy too loud to even hear anything. Don’t forget the occasional brawl breaking out where everyone throws everything at each other.

  6. Nice blog! Don’t listen to these losers’ comments. They’ll live their sad, miserable, fat, pathetic lives until they realize all they have to show for it is an empty passport, “TV knowledge”, a fat pig of a wife, wasted wonder years (20s and 30s), “stuff”, and debt. Keep on doing your thing!

  7. dressing nice is for gays and metros (gays in hiding). i just wear basketball shorts, flip flops, and t-shirts everywhere. it’s southeast asia bro. who the fuck cares how you dress. its basically vacation.

  8. wow a bald loser that couldn’t get laid with white girls moved to asia to exploit poor asian women. you do know these girls only want you for your money.

    1. Eh. I never had problems getting laid in America. American women are super easy. Problem is they are becoming disgusting, with fat, tattoos, alcoholism and bad attitudes. Last time I went home I saved my sperm for my return to Asia. I couldn’t get hard for any of the American women I saw.

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