Make More Money or STFU

Sup expats.

I’ve been gone for a few weeks, actually building up an income stream because this site doesn’t make money, and came back to a few comments from broke bois that made me chuckle.

Time for a new article.

Note: I know most of you will be pissed at this, but I don’t care since it’s the internet. In real life, I would simply smile, nod, and exit the conversation. However, if you send bitcoin to (3NUnqHtnUBRCaZtco237ywYL5noGdmTezk), I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.

So, a common trend for foreigners these days is apparently to complain about how much Vietnam, and by extension – their life, sucks.

Does Vietnam have problems?

Sure, I guess. But the complaints people mention revolve around stuff that can be fixed with some effort and not about being short or ugly (can still be fixed with the same advice).

Here are some common complaints I’ve read in the comments and heard from fellow expats.

Vietnam is Expensive

Someone in the comments section actually wrote Vietnam is expensive unless you like soapy, street food noodles.


If you think a third world country like Vietnam is expensive, then you are broke and your opinion on, well, everything is irrelevant because all that matters in life is the amount of money you have in your bank account.

Anyone that tells you money doesn’t matter is one of the following:

  • Broke.
  • Has a weird guilt complex about having money.
  • Equates time with money.
[You should also pay an extra 10k VND for better street food places if you get soapy food, but that’s a topic for a different post.]

Try living in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 American city and tell me Vietnam is expensive.

Vietnam is not expensive.

  • Villa in a gated community: $1,500/month
  • Full-time live-in maid that will cook god Vietnamese food, clean up the condoms from your bedroom, and probably suck your wee-wee for an extra 100k VND: $800/month
  • GrabCar/taxis: $500/month because you work online and don’t travel much (or buy a VinFast for $15,000 and drive yourself).
  • Random expenses: $1000/month

That comes out to $3,800/month for a nice lifestyle. You can replace the live-in maid with a TaskBee one, cook/order food, and live in a smaller apartment/house to lower the expenses.

That lifestyle can easily be attained on a (US) middle class income of less than $70,000 while still saving money.

$70,000/year is not a lot of money for an American btw. You need bigger goals if you think that’s a lot of money.

The answer to this complaint is make more money… or STFU.

Vietnamese Girls Are Difficult

Another common complaint you read in comments and hear from guys is that Vietnamese women are difficult.

That’s fair enough – some girls can be a pain in the ass, I guess. I don’t have the patience to deal with that shit these days, so I next chicks that throw off red flags.

However, the answer to this complaint is make more money.

If you’re making a middle class income of $6k+/month, then you can easily bang 10 new whores a month @ $50/pop at a massage brothel.

If you’re not a fan of whores, then read up on PUA stuff and figure out how to treat women properly… and by properly I mean like whores. It’s not difficult and they’ll like you more for it.

Women also treat rich guys better because deep down in their hamster brain they know rich guys have more options than poor guys.

Rich, well-connected guys with high status also have access to hotter women as a rule.

Again, make more money – not even that much for Vietnam – or STFU.

Vietnamese Girls Don’t Like English Teachers and Backpackers

The most hilarious complaint I’ve read. I actually laughed out loud at it.

It’s true, though. Vietnamese women don’t like English teachers and they really hate backpackers. I can see the ears on Vietnamese girls perk up when I say I’m not an English teacher.

Now, English teachers make like $2k/month. To be fair, that isn’t all that bad for a low COL country like Vietnam.

But English teachers generally don’t display much wealth, so the money is meaningless because you can’t just show women your net worth.

Neo Maxim #4: Money is meaningless if you have nothing to show for it.

Full disclosure: I fall into this category myself, despite not being an English teacher, because the prostitutes I bang don’t care.

Anyway, the simple solution to this problem is to make more money so you don’t have to be an English teacher. Also, dress better if people mistake you for a backpacker.

If you have identified the problem, then fix it… or STFU.

Make More Money

You might have noticed a pattern – make more money.

Will money solve all the problems in your life?

Of course not. Money only solves all the problems 99% of guys complain about – mostly women problems – because, well, most guys don’t have much money.

That’s all there is to it.


  1. Vietnam is kinda expensive where it matters-quality food and housing.

    Even in my $750 apartment (which is more than double the local average salary) there is no soundproofing so i can hear my noisy viet neighbours shouting, sneezing and doing all sorts day and night.

    I expect that even if i spent 1K$ on an apartment here i’d still get shitty construction and noisy neighbours. Thailand beats VN hands down on this issue-affordable places to live. It’s all a trade off though, you put up with one thing to be in a country where practically nobody is fat and the majority of the girls are feminine and attractive. Meh.

    1. The sad thing about the TEFL crowd is how easy it is to escape the mills and make bank, if you aren’t a lazy degenerate. Getting a teaching license and post-grad open the doors to international schools that pay double for less work. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, College Admissions Essays, etc. pays ~50% higher than regular TEFL. With the lightened workload of international schools you can do both. It is easy to make 2.5x salary as the sad loser singing and dancing at the Happy Giraffe after only a few years of moderate work.

      1. Well, if the recent stories are true it looks like 75% of the ‘TEFL crowd’ is in the process of being kicked out of Vietnam.
        Without ability to get a genuine work permit foreigners are going to be fkd.
        They are even going after retirees who don’t work at all and are on perpetual tourist visas. And, every digital nomad is in the crosshairs too.

        1. The lockdown has been great for legit teachers. I got promoted at my school and managed to find even higher paying part-time work. Only the riff raff has been kicked out.

    2. Vietnam is Expensive, F****ING Expensive if you ask me. The reason is the Taxes.
      When you are not born in Vietnam, you don’t know how expensive things are in this country

    1. Not even housing. Unless you like living in shitty tiny hovels or crappy tacky rooms, apartments will run you 700 at least in the center of hcmc now.

      And if you don’t have a place at golden river or masteri these days, guaranteed ur dumpster diving, fucking whores, or holding your dick.

      1. You’re right. I rented a very tiny studio apartment near Bui Vien for $500/month. And what’s interesting, even random locals said it’s a normal price for that location.

          1. Yes, Vietnam is a scam country, that’s why I fucking hate it. You never know if it’s a fair price or you’re being scammed.

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    1. Blacks destroy whatever society they infect because of their parasitic and violent nature. Prove me wrong and point to a single country on Earth that is black where this isn’t the case. Blacks in the US exist because whites pay for them which won’t happen for much longer for the simple reason that it can’t. Also who likes being around blacks? Asians? Hispanics? What other races tolerate and like blacks… not-a-single-one. You’ve got no friends. None. Good luck. The future is NOT black.

    2. This is definitely a white troll because no sane black man would write this weirdo breeding fetish shit. And Romo, people like you say all that shit about black people, but then you are quick to fist bump the first friendly black guy that you meet at the bar. Y’all are both losers

  3. lmao guess that perception of English teachers being at the bottom of the barrel is universal across Asia. only the girls here in Japan are so easy and desperate for some whitey d’ (or bbc) they’ll fuck em anyway. which more than often leads to unplanned pregnancies and the guy being stuck in a country he found out he hates with a bitch he never planned on marrying and becomes an eternal CUCK (wanna go out drinking with friends? gotta ask the wife. “oh sorry, can’t tonight, my wife said no :(” )

    loving the blog btw! currently binging your older posts and they’re all gold haha

    1. Agreed but the underlying reason behind that perception being so pervasive and dominant speaks to the utter banality of Asian culture. The same culture which regards teachers highly is the same one that despises white teachers who are, in many cases, actually doing good work. I worked for several years in Arizona at public and private schools. Eventually I grew tired of the leftist propaganda at those institutions and decided I would be freer to actually teach the glories of Western Civilization at international schools than I can back home. I make the same Western salary but here in Saigon and I teach the top 1% of VNese students (all of whom are attending university in the West, or are planning to soon). But even for me, with dozens of custom-made suits and shirts, as soon as you say the word teacher there’s this sudden crestfallen look (not always). All cultures have perceptions about things, but Asian cultural perceptions are often based on the most vacuous and superficial of pretenses. This is why they have yet to produce a Mozart, Shakespeare or an Orsen Welles. It’s pathetic. They possess but a few practical human faculties highly developed, while the rest simply isn’t there. It’s the definition of anti-culture.

      1. Well said.
        The thing that gets me down the most is the complete and utter lack of questioning….of anything. It seems that 95% of people inhale without gulping what they are told by parents, educators, employers and government without a moments critical thought.

        It’s an absolute piece of cake to make $$ here if you’ve got a business that can exploit a trend early on (clothing for example) because everyone just plunges in to a trend like lemmings. It’s a culture of mimicry.

        VN people who are think critically are extremely rare, and its always such a breath of fresh air to come across them. VN women especially, once you get to know a few, are very very easy to predict in their behaviour. For those who are smart enough, have the right image and just want to get laid, this is to your benefit. For those looking for something more substantial like a relationship with an interesting woman, you are basically shit outta luck.

  4. If one thing is true in Vietnam moreso than in the west, tacky, shallow and obnoxious displays of wealth (even if you aren’t wealthy) are respected.

    My advice if you are a foreigner and can’t get a date and can’t laid: get a tailored suit made which is plastered with HUUGE Dolce and Gabbana logos. Get a Louis Vuitton bum-bag thing. Get a heap of fake gold and diamond jewellery. Listen exclusively to Binz. Buy a Honda Winner. Post endless Instagram photos of yourself posing at streetside cocktail bars with a moody look on your face, and add a naval gazing quote that has nothing to do with the picture.

    …Even if you don’t get laid as a result, a lot of people will think you are cool.

    And the people that don’t think you are cool are the ones you want in your life. But by then it’s too late of course…

    1. >My advice if you are a foreigner and can’t get a date and can’t laid: get a tailored suit made which is plastered with HUUGE Dolce and Gabbana logos. Get a Louis Vuitton bum-bag thing. Get a heap of fake gold and diamond jewellery. Listen exclusively to Binz. Buy a Honda Winner. Post endless Instagram photos of yourself posing at streetside cocktail bars with a moody look on your face, and add a naval gazing quote that has nothing to do with the picture.

      LMAO. That would def work.

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