How I Make Money Online (And You Can Too!)

The most frequent questions I get is, “Neo, can you make babies with me?”

The next most frequent question is, “How do you make money online?”

Well folks. The day has come.

I’m revealing how I make money online. Don’t worry, I’m not selling a book or anything… yet. Too lazy to write one.

This guide will just explain the general basics of how I make money online to fund my degenerate lifestyle. I know making money online is often considered the Holy Grail of Life and pretty much everyone wants to do it.

Work anywhere you want, do nothing as paychecks roll in, travel the world, bang exotic girls, you get the point. Yeah, it’s not quite like that, but that sounds cool. We’ll just go with that.

How I Make Money Online

Freelance Writing

The majority of my online income comes from freelance writing. This is fine and dandy for now, but it’s not the end goal. It pays my bills and is enough to survive. It’s still a trade of time for money. No passive income deposits into my bank account while I sleep or bang girls off Tinder.

Anyway, you can create an account on and apply for any writing jobs you can find. I get invites for a new writing job almost every single day, so there’s plenty of work out there. You just have to hunt it down.

I suggest removing yourself from the platform as soon as you can though. I always try to get my clients onto PayPal after a few weeks of consistent work. It’s easier for them than Upwork and it saves me from having to pay Upwork a fee.

You can also email clients and offer your services to them that way, too. That’s a whole different strategy and you can charge more money.

Affiliate Marketing

Some of my income comes from affiliate marketing. Basically, you make money by recommending items by posting a link to those items. If you click the link and purchase the item, then the owner of the link gets paid a commission. This comes at no extra cost to the customer. The companies simply pay me money for sending them a customer.

I have affiliate links to Amazon,, VietnamCupid, and TunnelBear VPN. So I get a small kickback each time someone purchases something from those websites using my link. I only recommend products that I use myself, which makes me a little bit more qualified to offer advice and reviews.

Review Website

The final source of income for me is a product review website. This is a website that reviews products in a particular niche. It also provides other valuable information to people in the niche, which will help improve rankings.

For example, if my niche was grills, then I would review different grills. The site would also have articles about cleaning grills, grilling recipes, and the history of grills.

It could then move horizontally into promoting grill accessories like cleaning solutions and spatulas. Or other grill related stuff like BBQ sauce and marinades. Even better is moving vertically and launching a grilling based product and promoting it through the website.

You get the point.

Easy squeezy.

This requires a lot of work writing articles (or money to outsource), and I haven’t done much work. This means my site is relatively barren – it’ll get there eventually.

Other Ways to Make Money

Those are the ways that I currently make money online. However, those aren’t the only ways to earn coin. The following are some other methods you can use. These are here to give you some other ideas.

Write eBooks

This one seems popular with people in the blogging space. Possibly because we already write a lot.

You can write books on any topic you like and publish them on Amazon. The romance niche looks like a popular one. In other words, writing porn books for feminist housewives to read because they refuse to have sex with their limp wristed husband.

You can also write in other genres. If you are knowledgeable about a particular non-fiction subject, then that would be a good book to write. For me, that could be writing a book about how to become a freelancer or how to become a (s)expat. Anything like that would work fine.

Basically, choose an area that you’re knowledgeable about and write a book about it. Just make sure your area has some sort of demand for books or else it’s a waste of time.

The best part about this is that you can make money while you sleep.

Publish a Course

You can also create an online course instead of writing a book. The same rules apply. Just find a subject that you’re knowledgeable about and publish a course teaching people about that course.

This works especially well nowadays because people don’t really seem to want to read books anymore. People have published web courses on doing everything. I’ve seen ones for affiliate marketing, getting into a good university, learning English, building a website, getting web design clients, etc.

Just find something you’re knowledgeable about, build a course, and drive traffic to the landing page.

Sell Web Design Services

If you have a knack for design and sales (or can outsource either of the two), then you can build websites for businesses. I tried this myself, but I realized I wasn’t that good at cold call phone sales. Ok, I just didn’t want to put the effort in.

Same difference.

However, people out there are making very good money designing websites while traveling the world.

Sorry, can’t offer more advice other than that as I failed pretty hard at this one.


Another popular one that I know a lot of people are doing. You might wonder how you can make money from this while living abroad?

It’s possible with 3rd party logistics (3PL) or dropshipping. 3PL would be something like Fulfilled by Amazon where you ship your products to their warehouse and they ship it to your customers. You can sell on Selling on on your own website (and have Amazon fulfill orders) is also an option.

Dropshipping is a little different. You basically contact a manufacturer, or wholesaler, and have them ship products to your customer as orders are placed. Some people will dropship with a distributor from China, but the products take like two weeks to arrive…

Again, I’m not fully qualified to discuss this as my only eCommerce venture was a colossal failure (notice a pattern?). Try to choose a product that is unique and has no one selling the exact same product. Yes, I know those products are hard to find… that’s why they make the most money.

Don’t try to compete on price. You’re gonna have a bad time if you do that. Trust me on that one.

People do operate these businesses while traveling the world. It is possible.


Well, I think that about covers how to make money online. Hopefully, you can use the ideas listed above to make some money online.

Leave a comment letting me know if you use any of these methods to make money online. I always like reading the comments you guys leave me.


  1. Hey Neo…
    I’ve read many articles of yours, most times it’s a joy …
    Anyway, given that you’ve done freelance writing for a while, what do you think is lacking there? do you think can be made that makes the life of writers significantly easier? doesn’t have to be a CRM … or the other way around, do you notice a pattern from the client side that a part of it can be standardized and sold as a service… interested to hear from you on this!

  2. When someone writes an post he/she maintains the thought of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand
    it. Thus that’s why this post is perfect. Thanks!

    1. this is the shittiest fucking SEO method I’ve ever seen from an SEO agency. For anyone reading this, this isn’t how you do SEO or get clients. it’s also why you should never hire an Indian SEO company.

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