It’s Time to Go Home

This blog began as a way to document my life abroad, help other guys that want to move abroad, and piss off women.

All those goals have been accomplished.

My time abroad has finished. The return ticket was purchased months ago.

Life abroad was fun and I learned a lot. Living in a soulless concrete city in a completely alien culture does takes its toll on the spirit though.

The endless sex distracts you from the soul-sucking – by design – until you get numb to it. You just wakeup one day and think, “This is stupid. What am I doing with my life?”

It took me about 11 months to reach that point. And then you realize – Southeast Asia doesn’t have much to offer.

Unfortunately, my home city is basically a medium-sized downtown surrounded by suburbs built in the 1950s. It’s almost as soulless as Saigon.

Camping, fishing, and backcountry backpacking were the things I liked to do back home… when I had the time, money, and inclination to leave the city.

A life like this has always called to me:

What’s The Plan?

I have money.

However, I don’t have a lot of money. Definitely not enough to buy 5 acres of land, build a cabin, and start a pastured poultry business/hobby. Nor do I have a wife and kids to help me with that process.

So, the current plan is to earn that much money by online business ventures. Moving back to Vietnam might be required to speed up the saving process.

The chickens, log cabin, and backyard blacksmithing will come later.

What’s the status of the blog?

The blog is no longer updated, but I do approve all comments and answer non-stupid questions.

The site will stay up indefinitely since it can help men improve their life. There aren’t many sites talking about this stuff.

We also get random bursts of traffic (22,000 users yesterday!) when someone shares a post on Facebook or Reddit.

The comments and emails from very fragile people, and women, truly do bring a smile to my face. Please keep doing that.


  1. How’s life back in the first of first world nations, notwithstanding socialism and feminism being massively out of whack?

    I’ve been listening to the Jocko Podcast a lot lately, and it’s helping me to be tougher, especially mentally. It has the unfortunate side effect of making me hate Vietnam that much more, with its lazy, weak-minded slobs of a populace. This is what a country run by kindergarteners looks like. Can’t wait to GTFO of here.

  2. I recently wrapped up 2 years traveling through Asia/ Australia/ South America. Came home and now am working for a telecom company wearing ties 5 days a week, and am slowly succumbing to mindlessly desk-jockeying. I did a similar job before I started traveling, but felt that this was the only option available to me.

    I thought my 6+ years of sales experience would easily land me a top paying gig. I’ll tell you one thing – be mentally/physically prepared for a total paradigm shift when you do get home. It’s difficult to give up a cushy life in Asia (traveling in general) for the grind of just being an average Joe back home.

    I’m struggling with my next move, and feel a bit trapped here back at home. Now I have to make the choice: Pursue opportunities overseas or establish myself back here at home… Although I have friends bragging about making 100k+ back here in the States, I have no desire to follow suit. Definitely leaning towards getting a TEFL and then going from there. Thoughts?

  3. I suspect you know them but Roosh and Skins have made posts about this. Roosh ( talks about how we have the traded physical pain of labor for the mental anguish of modernity. Skins ( talks about the stages of exploration in life and hypothesizes that you need to achieve mastery of something to gain satisfaction.

    It also reminds me of a fightclub quote

    ““We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. ”

    As someone who has lived in overseas/Asia as well I can empathize with the purposeless existence that often becomes life there. The solution seems to have 3 steps. 1st You need to ask your self what you want to accomplish before you die (In the past it was having kids). Be reasonable and choose something that can be done in =< 10 years. 2) work to accomplish it. 3) Once you accomplish it you soul will be at rest and you will no longer suffer from guilt. The last thing you need to do is have some minor obligations (routine) and hobbies that allow you to feel like you've accomplished something. University or language classes are good for that as is a working out.

    In addition you need to make some like-minded friends. This will be tough by try going to BTC meet ups in Asia lots of smart like-minded people there.

    1. Thanks for the links.

      Roosh’s article is good. It reminds me of the Unabomber’s manifesto.

      The only way for me to truly solve the purposelessness is to have kids. Hobbies and money are fun, but there is still something deeper than that missing. My neighbors in the US are a yuppie double income no kids (DINK) couple in their late 30s. They travel to exotic places, party at fancy bars, drive nice cars, and eat at fancy restaurants… looks like a meaningless, albeit easy, life.

      1. I don’t think having children is necessary but they may be the simplest solution. What children do is 1) Give you a reason to live and work 2) Give you a connection to the future 3) Give you a sense of achievement/reward/fulfillment as you watch them grow. However, I think all of these things can be achieved through other vehicles. The key is to have a purpose greater than yourself. The great spiritual leaders, politicians, scienists, inventors, authors, ect. had greater purposes unrelated to child rearing. Something to think about

      2. If you went along with that idea, where do you think you are most likely to meet a suitable long term partner? SEA, US,somewhere different all together?

  4. Dude, these three videos really opened my eyes to ideas I had never considered before. Thanks.

    To all the haters out there, Neo is the type of guy who’s always giving tremendous value and the type of node in your network any sane person would covet. Great getting to know you; hope we stay connected.

  5. This is depressing man, but good luck.

    Sounds like you just need more money and to do something physical.

    I’m pretty much the same except came to hcm making 100k/year in my biz.

    The following year I made 10k haha.

    Too much girls, booze, and hanging around poor expats makes you poor.

    You need to give your balls a rest bro your bank account will thnk u for it.

    1. I’ve been seeing this a lot. Nearly all expats here smoke; nearly all drink; a lot do drugs; a lot validate their existence by fucking large quantities of women (used to be me); a huge proportion are total scumbags, degenerates and losers. Vietnam is opening its doors a little too wide IMO.

      It’s hard to build a quality expat network here (and even harder to build a quality VN network here aside from women to fornicate with). If you can meet quality guys in the first place, they either move away quickly or are holed up and don’t go out much. Expat women are to be avoided entirely for obvious reasons.

      Vietnam is merely a stop on a long journey, full of temptation and great stories but little else. It’s still very poor, backward, provincial and very low in sophistication and richness. Personally, guys who make this their long-term home are a huge red flag IMO.

      1. Excellent comment. Agree 100%.

        This seems to be the story all over SEA other than Singapore and maybe Bangkok.

        To all the haters out there, Neo is the type of guy who’s always giving tremendous value and the type of node in your network any sane person would covet. Great getting to know you; hope we stay connected.

        Thanks man, appreciate it. Definitely keep in touch.

      2. You are one to judge expats living in Vietnam? Sounds like you ran full speed and jumped with your hind legs head first into the arms of these Vietnamese women you regard in a negative light. Did you learn Vietnamese? I’m sick of you crybabies in SE Asia. Try going back home see how you like being surrounded by flabby feminists. You all come running back!

  6. Didn’t you say in another post that you had an Uncle with an IQ of 150+ who decided to live off the land in Montana, and that in your opinion that was a waste of his IQ.

    I’m just asking because I’ve thought about doing that sort of thing and your post on your uncle made me reconsider.

      1. Darn, I should have known that.

        But also, have you thought about actually doing the homesteading/ permaculture thing in Vietnam rather than the US? If you’re in Vietnam, you grow cool stuff like banana plants since it’s frost free.

        1. Yeah I’ve thought about it. More likely Cambodia since foreigners can actually own land. Not sure how the locals would react to some white dude parachuting in and kicking ass in the farming industry.

          Fun fact: My family had a few banana trees growing up.

          1. Your gonna come running and stumbling back to SE Asia. But before you do learn some f#%k!ng Vietnamese! Your an uneducated ingrate Alien in Vietnam!

          2. You sound like a loser expat trying to justify your shitty life abroad. That’s my theory on why some of the older expats get irrationally angry at expats getting burned out on the 3rd worldness of this place.

            Vietnam is just a stop on the journey for me. It’s not the final destination, but I’ll probably be back.

  7. Ho man you will get bored after 2 months, trust me, especially if you stay in a 2nd tier city.
    Although imperfect, South East Asia beat first world countries in many ways unless you are extremely rich or much older.
    But I understand you really need to get outside of Saigon from time to time. The noise and pollution impact the quality of life. And being more selective with girls and a bit less dick dependent is also important in the long term.

    1. I need to do some kind of work with my hands and live near nature to stay not depressed, so Saigon is most likely a no for long term living. Da Nang might work though.

      1. No, don’t go to Da Nang please, we don’t welcome you. Enough loser expats here already, don’t come and shit my city. You can stay in Texas and masterbate with the images of Asian girls on your phone if that helps you, we are already sick of white loser guys who come and desperately try to get laid like you.

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