5 Things Every Attractive Guy Does

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Low key, is this a sex robot?

So you want to be more attractive, right?

Well, today we’re discussing five things that attractive guys do that ugly guys don’t. This comes in handy when you want to meet girls from Vietnam Cupid.

It also makes life so much easier. Attractive people earn more money, everyone likes attractive people, and attractive people are always winners. Life is pretty damn good if you’re attractive. It’s like being on the top of the food chain.

Obviously, every guy wants to be more attractive… that doesn’t need much explanation.

Unfortunately, most guys just take the cards dealt to them and don’t make any effort to improve themselves.

Pocket Aces

I wish I was dealt pocket aces.

Everyone knows guys that mope about being short, fat, ugly, or just plain bad with women… Yet, those guys don’t do a single thing to change any of it. If those guys spent more time improving themselves than complaining, then they might make something of their life.

Ok, enough bullshit and time for the five tips.

1.      Always Smell Good

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Yes, hopefully this is common sense for most of my readers. However, everyone knows that guy that smells absolutely awful. Does he even take showers? Or use deodorant?

Well, this tip is for that guy.

Take regular showers.

Make sure to use body wash.

Use deodorant.

Hell, invest in a nice smelling cologne.

Just don’t be the guy that everyone talks about that smells bad. Trust me, if you smell bad, people will negatively talk about you behind your back.

That isn’t attractive. Just take a damn shower and watch your hygiene.

2.      Dress Nice

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Another thing all attractive guys will do. I actually just recently wrote a fairly in-depth article about how you should dress.

I’ll just say this here.

How many attractive guys do you see wearing an oversized tank-top and baggy shorts?

Yeah, probably none.

Always dress nice. Yes, even if you’re only going down the street to the corner store. You never know who you might see.

What if you see a hot girl and you want to approach her?

What if you see your boss? Client? Business partner?

Long lost friend?

You get my point. Dressing well relates to one of my life mantras…

Always be prepared.

3.      Don’t Be Fat

This should probably be higher up on the list if we’re being honest. Obesity is one of the most unattractive features for a guy (other than being poor).

It subconsciously shows that you can’t control yourself and are lazy. No woman wants a guy with those traits.

Instead, you should hit the gym. Again, I wrote a fairly in depth article on how to get muscular, which will help you look better.

Quite frankly, other people will (subconsciously) look at you with disgust if you’re fat. Put the donut down and watch your weight.

Yes, it’s hard. Oreo’s are like 60 cents for a pack here and I eat them a lot. However, dying of a heart attack at 35 is a lot harder than not eating Oreo’s.

Now, you don’t need to be super skinny either. A little flab is ok. Just don’t be one of those guys in one of those electric scooters at WalMart.

That’s not a good look.

4.      Have Confidence

You might wonder what confidence has to do with being attractive.

Well, confidence is the most attractive thing for a guy. Confident girls don’t really move the needle for a guy.

When was the last time you said, “Wow! That girl is hot. I would sleep with her if she had more self-confidence.”

Yeah, I’m going to say that phrase has never been uttered in all of human history.

Increasing your confidence is not something that you can just do. You generally have to have accomplished something. Otherwise you just look like an arrogant asshole with no accomplishments.

One way to increase your confidence is to sleep with lots of women. It isn’t really an accomplishment, but it’s fun and it will improve your social awareness and stuff. Other ways could include actual accomplishments like making lots of money or becoming so skilled at something that you just know you can do it.

Kind of like the confidence a professional bowler has in his ability to bowl a strike.

Yeah, you want that type of confidence in social interactions… that’s how guys become attractive.

5.      Speak Slower

Speak Slower Sign

This one relates back to increasing your confidence. It’s different enough that it can get its own list article. Basically, you want to slow down your speaking.

You don’t want to be that guy that speaks super-fast-and-no-one-can-understand-a-word-he-says. It shows that you are nervous about other people interrupting you or losing interest. So you talk really fast to fit as many words as possible in before someone inevitably interrupts you.

I used to speak fast when I was younger.

Fortunately, I took up public speaking in high school, which taught me to slow down my speaking. So that’s one way to improve your speaking. You can join Toastmaster’s or something like that to practice your public speaking.

Also, speaking slower is something that just comes naturally with age, I think. You don’t see too many old people that speak very fast.



  1. #5 is an excellent point that’s not too often touched on. Also, slowing down your movements along with your speech can do wonders to convey a relaxed state of confidence.

  2. Not to sure about the last one? I don’t speak quick personally but I was trying to put a face or person to that trait and it was kinda difficult lol Anyways I like the blog you got going I wish I had done something like this while living in Qatar for a few years and traveling around. I stumbled across this because I’m looking for bud in HCMC right now. Keep up the good content. 👍🏻

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