Incel is The Dumbest Insult On The Internet

As you can imagine, this site receives a lot of hate mail.

I’m not exaggerating. Almost everyday at least one person, usually a woman, emails or comments because they’re pissed off about something. Lots of angry Reddit posts about me have appeared over the past couple months too.

Hundreds of women on Reddit complaining about me. Link here.

I ignore them, laugh at their stupidity, and move on with my life. No big deal, just part of running this type of blog.

However, normies have begun to throw around the term ‘incel.’

Um, what?

People on 4chan have described themselves as incels for years, but the SJW types recently latched onto the term and have been using it as an insult.

It’s the dumbest insult I’ve ever heard. Here’s why.

Life Isn’t Only About Sex

The main reason that ‘incel’ is such a dumb insult is that it places all the value of men on their ability to have sex with a woman, which is cringe. That’s almost as cringe as asking a woman a serious question.

In reality, a man’s value is entirely determined by the perceived value he has created and his ability to defend himself. Stuff like money, cars, height, and physical strength all factor into a man’s perceived value. It’s not about his ability to trick a woman into having sex with him.

Sex is simply cashing in on your perceived value.

Now, I expect women to use ‘incel’ as an insult because women are naturally narcissistic, and the thought of a man establishing value by anything other than his female company is literally incomprehensible to them. So it’s whatever.

On the other hand, men that use ‘incel’ as an insult are, for lack of a better term, complete faggots that base their entire life on female approval.

I will admit that it’s actually a great insult for guys to use… because it allows smart guys to quickly filter out guys that have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to women.

Incels Do Cool Stuff

Incels throughout history have done really cool stuff… certainly much more useful stuff than any woman has ever done.

Probably because those men weren’t seeking female approval via sex. Hanging around women also lowers your IQ – I don’t have any hard data on that. But I can assure you it does.

Famous incels include Nikolai Tesla and Isaac Newton. There are probably more, but I’m too lazy to look them up.

Women don’t idolize men like Tesla or Newton. Instead, they’d just call them an incel. They really dream of fucking violent criminals like Jeremy Meeks.

Editor’s Note: Women will always behave this way – it’s how they were made. Don’t complain. Accept it and use it to your advantage.

Would you rather live in a society that idolizes Jeremy Meeks or Nikolai Tesla?

thinking emoji

Female Opinion Doesn’t Matter

Finally, a woman’s opinion doesn’t matter. I don’t know how else to say this – it just doesn’t matter what they think of anything. They’re terrible decision makers, so why should you care what they think about you? Or anything?

Yeah, you shouldn’t. Look at the Reddit thread linked earlier, do those women sound smart? Do they sound like the kind of people you should take life advice from?

They don’t sound smart at all.

Don’t take advice from women.

What Is A Good Insult?

A better insult is loser or faggot. Those two sting more than incel.

They also don’t make you sound like a faggot when you use them.


  1. I have been to a few places in Asia and so far and Thailand is my favorite. It has a great cost of living to quality of life ratio. There are also many red pilled expats to hang with. Why do you prefer Vietnam? Is it just the visa? You can get a Chaing Mai Self defense visa for around 33k THB in case you didn’t know.

      1. If you do edu visa you don’t have to do visa runs at all and with CM self-defense visa you only have 4 hours of class (exercise) a week. The cost is ~100 a month for the class/visa. Seems like a pretty good deal to live in cheap, peaceful (Vietnam streets seem insane), and fairly developed (hospitals, western supermarkets, ect.) place. Although I have never been to Vietnam so I can’t say for sure.

        1. Yeah, most people prefer Thailand for those reasons in my experience. I eat the same 2 meals everyday and rarely go out, so it’s not that big a deal to me. Though it’s good to know that I have more options than Cambodia.

    1. Also the Baht is too strong now if you are earning in Euros or USD. I used to get 40 Baht for 1 Euro, now down to 33 Baht.
      And Thai people arent great, either. Very low English skills, and Thai women are normally after your money and thats it.
      How did you meet red-pilled expats there?

      1. 30 THB for 1 USD 🙁

        it’s even worse for Aussies. Honestly, I’d rather live in Luang Prabang. Really liked that city. But if I move, it’d most likely be to Cambodia. Probably Siam Reap.

        1. Why Cambodia? Wouldn’t their use of the US dollar increase costs? Plus the girls seem less appealing. The only benefit I see is more lax drug laws.

          1. Not too concerned with women, but yeah they’re not the best looking. Very sweet girls though.

            It was still cheap in Cambodia. Everything seemed to cost $1 lol.

  2. Those SJWs on reddit were hilarious. Most of the comments seemed to be about riding a bike on the sidewalk (some of them hadn’t even realised that you meant a motorbike) from people that have never left the West. If you want advice on how to seduce women, NEVER ask a woman, or these pathetic SJW types.

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