I Love When Asian Sluts Piss on Me

Got a bit of a doozy with this one. I’m finally going to come out and admit one of the only fetishes I truly have.


Despite sounding gross and humiliating, it feels great.

Asians sluts pissing on me feels great. Truly, one of the best feelings in the world.

Let me explain.

How To Have an Asian Slut Piss on You and Still Win at Life

I know, someone peeing on you sounds gross, but it’s really not gross if you do it right. Again, I’ll explain in this detailed guide.

Step 1: Find an Asian Slut

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The first step in having an Asian slut piss on your dick is finding an Asian slut.

This is not a difficult process. I’ve already covered it all over this website. Here’s a good article.

Vietnam Cupid Guide

Vietnam Cupid Box

Step 2: Make Her Drink 1.5L of La Vie Water

The first step in this marvelous process is to have your Asian slut drink 1.5L of water in a short amount of time. I recommend buying a 1.5L bottle of La Vie water because it’s the best water brand in Vietnam. You can find this at every Circle K, Family Mart, etc. in Vietnam.

It’s an amazing tasting water and extremely facey. The slut will see La Vie and be impressed by your ability to purchase such a high quality and expensive brand… of water.

You definitely don’t want to give an Asian slut Aquafina water or, gosh, Dasani. She’ll most likely leave your broke boi ass without pissing on your dick if you use either of those brands.

La Vie is the only option if you want an Asian slut to piss on your dick.

We will cover the differences between the different brands of water in Vietnam at the bottom of this article. This is an important step that can’t be ignored imo.

Step 3: Have a Wet Bathroom

The next step in the process is to have a wet bathroom. Actually, that should be the first step because you can’t add a wet bathroom in the time it takes her to piss after drinking 1.5L of La Vie water.

Anyway, a wet bathroom is important because it makes the entire process easier and cleaner. Just spray the floor after she’s done and you’re good.

You don’t want a girl, or anyone, pissing on your bedsheets or mattress.

You’re just going to have to trust me on that one.

Step 4: Fuck Her on The Toilet

Ah, now we’re getting to the fun part.

This step involves sitting on the toilet as if you’re taking a shit. But I don’t recommend taking a shit because it makes the whole bathroom smell, which kills the mood.

Just sit down on the toilet as if you’re taking a shit. Your Asian slut should then ride you while you’re sitting on the toilet.

You want her to stand with her legs on either side of the toilet, face you, and squat down onto your dick. It helps if the girl is taller or you have a low toilet – she can really get a deep squat going in either of those cases.

Alternatively, if the girl is short, then she can back onto your dick and ride it. It’s a little more difficult and not nearly as sexy when she pisses, so I don’t recommend this position.

The key in all this is making sure she squats with her pee hole above your dick.

One last thing, your legs will fall asleep if you sit on the toilet for too long, so make sure she begins when she has to pee. You don’t want to have tingling legs for the rest of the day because you fucked some slut for 30 minutes while sitting on a toilet.

The Pissing Part

line massage girl

Do you remember that 1.5L of La Vie water I told you to make her drink?

This is when it comes in handy.

The girl should have to piss by the time you start fucking. She literally drank 1.5L of La Vie water within a few minutes!

Now, right on the vinegar strokes you want her to stand up, but make sure she still has a squat going with her legs spread.

At this point, your dick should be throbbing and extremely close to spewing your baby batter.

This is when your Asian slut should unleash a waterfall of warm piss all over your dick.

I can’t emphasize enough how important is to make sure she’s squatting. If she’s not squatting deep enough with her legs spread, then the piss will kind of drip down her leg.

If you time it right with the piss, then you can spew your baby batter while warm piss is dripping all over your dick.

It’s truly one of the best feelings in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to use La Vie water?

It’s not necessary… but it’s pretty much necessary.

Now, you could use Perrier or Fiji water, but that type of water does not have the same level of faciness in Vietnam as La Vie. The taste is quite similar, I must admit.

All the water brands taste the same!

Ah, that’s a clear sign of someone that does not understand the myriad of different tastes found in water. There are different levels of minerals, chlorine, and total dissolved solids (TDS) in water. Not to mention that the pH levels vary quite a bit across the brands.

For instance, all brands not named La Vie have a slightly acidic pH that gives them a funky taste. An acidic water might even cause ingestion, which is something we want to avoid before sex.

La Vie, of course, has a slightly base pH that should keep your stomach calm and promotes good dental hygiene.

More importantly, the design of the water bottle evokes a certain level of power and wealth that the generic brands like Dasani and Aquafina simply do not have with there round, hard plastic bottles.

My favorite part of La Vie water bottles, however, is that the opening is slightly larger than other brands. This allows for faster consumption of water and a more comfortable drinking experience due to your top lip not brushing up against the opening of the bottle. Additionally, the softer plastic design with a slight hour glass design and ridged body allows for a more regulated drinking speed without having to physically tilt the bottle further back.

The design goes much deeper than just the geometric shape of the bottle, though.

Dasani has a subtle, fluorescent green cap and a white label with a green border that makes the brand appear cheap. You might think this is unimportant, but it makes the water taste cheap.

Aquafina has a slightly better color scheme than Dasani. For one, it’s a dark blue that evokes strength and vigor. Unfortunately, Aquafina messes the one thing they going for them by having the worst bottle design of any water brand – a cylindrical design tells an informed person that you are cheap and lazy. It also has phallic undertones that can cause a female to subconsciously compare the size of your penis to the size of the water bottle.

Aquafina is certainly a pass because of the terrible design of the bottle. Not to mention that the water TASTES LIKE PISS.

As for La Vie, the color scheme is the perfect shade of blue. Not too dark that it looks trashy, but not too light that it looks sun faded. The label also looks great because its can’t easily be removed from the bottle.

Simply put, if you can remove the label from the bottle, then it’s a cheap brand of water. You also run into a visual problem when the label begins to fall off due to condensation.

A water bottle with half the label falling off?

Give me a break. That looks awful and can completely kill the mood of any potential sexual encounter. It’s a fast way to dry up any vagina.

Does the pee smell?

No. The pee is crystal clear because she drank 1.5L of La Vie water in a few minutes. Hell, you can rebottle that piss and give it to the next girl it’s so clear and odorless.

It’d probably taste better than Aquafina or Dasani water tbh.


This sounds gross!

Well, it’s kind of gross.

But it feels great.

How does it feel with a condom?

I don’t use condoms because they show insecurity and fear – only men that are insecure about their wealth or scared of STDs wear a condom.

That said, I can only assume it feels like warm water dripping on a glove.

Do girls agree to this?

Have you done this? Is this a joke?

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