How To Start A Travel Blog

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Lots of people ask me how to start a blog. Here is my guide. Everyone covers technical stuff (for the affiliate income), so I’ll focus on the writing/marketing angle since that’s what a blog is actually about.

Also, don’t start a blog in this niche if you want to make money. This blog wasn’t started for money… and I’m glad it wasn’t because the top guys in this industry probably make like $5k/month. Some of them are getting demonetized.

Tow the politically correct line if you want to make money.

The Free Method

Don’t use the free method. Your blog will get shutdown if you post anything offensive. 

The Real Method

Cost: $40-60/year

The real method is what everyone serious uses to start an actual blog. 

Step 1: Buy Domain

Cost: $11/year

Just go to Namecheap and buy a domain. I recommend a .com since everyone just assumes you have a .com. They aren’t necessary, but it’s the best.

Don’t put numbers in your domain, don’t put non-words in your domain, ( and don’t make it difficult to spell ( 

You want it to be nice, short, and catchy. Alliteration works great.

Once again, the domain name isn’t super important. Don’t fret over it.

Step 2: Buy Hosting

Cost: $30/year or less

Buying hosting is easy. I recommend BlueHost shared hosting since most of you are going to quit within a month. It’s easy and cheap.

If you know what you’re doing, you can use Digital Ocean. I use Digital Ocean, but it’s a pain in the ass to maintain and not necessary in the beginning.

Step 3: Download WordPress

Cost: Free

WordPress is a blogging platform. I won’t describe how to download it here. Just go to YouTube and watch a video. It’s super easy.

Find a good free theme and download it. You don’t need to pay for themes.

Step 4: Setup CloudFlare

Cost: Free

CloudFlare is a DDoS protection application. It also makes your website run faster.

They also give you a free SSL certificate, which is awesome. Trust me, you want one of those since it helps with SEO.

Find a YouTube video on how to setup CloudFlare. It’s easy enough.

Marketing Your Blog

This is the meat and potatoes of running a blog. Any idiot can setup a website. 

Not many people can get people to read their articles.

Collect Emails

Collect emails from Day 1 so you can sell products to your list and build up a loyal base. Use MailChimp to do this (free) and build up an email sequence. 

The mail sequence is mostly automatic. Send them an introduction email with your top articles, people usually send at least one article with an affiliate offer for the $$$. You should then send them a weekly email with the article you published that week.

Make it personable and funny. 


No one makes anything personable and funny anymore.

Before anyone asks, no email list in this niche because I don’t want the extra work.

Writing Content

The first step of marketing your blog is to have content – great content.

We’re talking about a very specific definition of “great content” though.

You need content that’s provocative. Content that gets the people going.

Basically, you want to piss people off.

It’s hard to not piss off people in 2019. You shouldn’t struggle with this. Honestly, if you don’t have hordes of women pissed off at you, calling you a radical [whatever], saying you’re a CIA psyop, and so on… then you’re doing something terribly, terribly wrong. 

Offend any group of people – or one group in particular – and you’ll get plenty of backlash. It’s super easy and fun. 

Just one or two sentences or opinions sprinkled in each post will work ok. 

A full article works better. 

Making your whole site about pissing people off works amazingly well. 

The reason anger works so well is that people just have to share the content. This is literally how Donald Trump got “elected” president. Trust Me, I’m Lying covers how to use this strategy while giving plenty of examples. Highly recommend reading that book.

Read More

You want to read a lot. Become very, very acquainted with your industry and the thought leaders in it. Your writing will also improve.

Writing is difficult and you’ll suck when you first start. Practice makes perfect and all that stuff.

You’re getting better if your 1 year+ old posts make you cringe,

Make It Funny

You don’t want a super duper serious tone to your website. They say you have to be serious about serious topics, but that’s bullshit.

 Funny articles relieve the tension while still getting your point across. 

They’re way more fun to read too. 

Smart people and dumb people will happily read them. Using memes, making fun of groups of people, listicles, while writing useful content is like rocket fuel for your blog. That’s what happened with my Tinder article.

On the other end of the spectrum is a site like The Rational Male. He posts long-form content that goes into detail about a somewhat dense subject. However, it’s aimed at super analytical Big Brain men with a 110+ IQ. No humor. No memes. 

He’s basically writing a condensed college level essay for every blog post. 

He’s missing out on a big chunk of potential audience, which means his message gets less reach. 

It obviously works for him. He’s big and popular.

There are still better ways to do it if you’re starting in 2019.

Publish Consistently

You have to publish consistently. Once a week MINIMUM. You can try more if you can keep the quality high. Most people can’t.

This also depends on the niche, your writing skill, and speed.

Promote Your Content

You have two options here:

  • SEO
  • Posting it all over the internet

Do both and you’re perfectly fine. Even better if you post it on sites with audiences that hate you and audiences that love you. That’s how you get some nice arguments going in the comments section, which means a bigger reach.

Monetizing Your Blog

If you can get traffic, then you can monetize your blog. 

Affiliate, eBook, courses, coaching, native ads, pushing visitors toward a real business, and so on. Monetizing your blog once you have traffic isn’t too difficult… unless you’ve been banned from everywhere. 

Your primary focus should be on building traffic. Don’t worry so much about monetizing your site if you don’t have traffic. You’ll still make 0 dollars with or without monetization.

Again, don’t start a site like this if you want to make money:

  • It has a small market cap. 

You’re going to be a big fish in a tiny pond IF you get big. Don’t expect to make more than a couple thousand per month AT BEST and that will require a ton of work. You may as well put your time into something that will make $20k/month instead of $2k/month… know what I’m saying?

  • You’re literally not allowed to get big.

Read the Roosh article linked earlier. You really should read Roosh’s whole blogroll from 2017 onwards.


That’s about it. Buy a domain, buy hosting, and start writing.

Most of you will give up after a month because writing thousands of words with literally no pageviews sucks, but that’s how you do it.


    1. Yeah, just write and read more. I cringe when I read these old articles – the writing is awful.

      Proofreading is also good, but I don’t bother with that for this blog.

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