How to be a Budget Sugar Daddy in Vietnam

Sup expats. Got a doozy of an article today – I’m covering how to be a budget sugar daddy without getting cucked.

Now, this topic came up because I was browsing the manosphere and couldn’t help but notice a recurring phrase:

Alpha fucks; beta bux.

The manosphere, in their very black and white view of the world, assumes that every rich guy is a beta and every alpha is some poor schmuck working at McDonald’s.

That’s a cope.

Anyway, this article will cover how to have your cake and it eat, too.

Note: I won’t cover how to get rich because I haven’t actually done that. But I come from an upper middle class family, so it’s ok.

Step 1: Don’t Be a Beta

Sexy Vietnamese Girl

The first step to being a sugar daddy without getting cucked is to, well, not be a cuck.

In other words, don’t be a beta.

Look, I don’t care if you’re Jeff Fucking Bezos or Bill Gates. If you’re a little beta bitch boy, then your female companion is going to dump your ass and fuck Jamal, Tyrone, Daquan, AND Marshawn!

This website is full of articles that explain how not to be a beta – it’s not hard once you have the proper mindset. Simply put, if your gut reaction to these articles is that you want to physically harm me, then you’re not ready.

Here are a few articles off the top off my head:

How Masculine Men View Women

Don’t Walk Behind Your Woman

Step 2: Find A Girl That You Can Afford

Time for the meat and potatoes. The first step to being a budget sugar daddy in Vietnam is to find a girl that you can afford:

That means you’re going to be stuck with average looking women. Here is a price chart of Vietnamese women:

You know those super hot, model-tier Vietnamese girls that that you see on Tinder?

Yeahhhhhhhhhh, you can’t afford those girls. Especially as a foreigner that does not speak Vietnamese.

Sorry, that’s just how it works with women… everywhere.

Those super hot girls get to partake in a lifestyle that involves BMWs, G-Wagons, Range Rovers, full blown mansions, lots of drugs, private drivers, fancy restaurants, a partner that speaks Vietnamese, and other rich Vietnamese people stuff.

…and you think she’s going to give that up to come ride around on your Nouvo, stay in your studio apartment, and not even be able to have a conversation with you?

Eh. Doubtful. At least not on Tinder – maybe in real life if she’s a little older and the rich guy hasn’t divorced her.

Takeaway: Budget sugar daddies have to stick to average looking women!

Step 3: Where to Meet a Vietnamese Sugar Baby?

I wish I could say that you have to meet a Vietnamese sugar baby on Vietnam Cupid.

Vietnam Cupid Box

Of course, it is the best place to meet one. But it’s not necessary.

I’ll be straightup, fam. If you – a foreigner – get a Vietnamese girl on a date, then you can turn her into a “girlfriend” or “friend with benefits” – and from there you can turn her into your Budget Sugar Baby.

In other words, you can turn any average Vietnamese woman into your Budget Sugar Baby.

With that in mind, just meet Vietnamese women wherever you normally meet them. Tinder, Badoo, Vietnam Cupid, cafes, English clubs, and so on.

It literally doesn’t matter. If she’s willing to go on a date with you, then you can turn her into a Budget Sugar Baby.

Step 4: Start Out Slow With The Money

This is the most important step of the whole process. The amount of money you spend on the girl is determined at this point. There’s one principle to understand when being a Sugar Daddy:

It’s much more difficult to cut your sugar baby’s allowance than raise it.

Personally, I like to start out with no allowance, no mention of money, or anything like that for the first few weeks. The reason?

She can rationalize to herself that she “loves” me for than my money.

Now, this might be true. She might actually love you for more than your money. Women have an uncanny ability to rationalize literally everything.

Unfortunately, it’s a little harder for her to rationalize loving you for more than my money when you’re literally paying her from Day 1.

That’s a little too much like prostitution for even women to rationalize. You want to make sure the girl will be around you without having to directly pay her… if she doesn’t want to be, then the Sugar Baby relationship is doomed to cuckoldry.

Takeaway: Don’t pay her money for the first few weeks. And pay as little as possible because it’s harder to cut her allowance than raise it.

How Much To Pay Your Budget Sugar Baby

Ah, the price you pay your Budget Sugar Baby.

I’ll base this on my personal experience. I pay 50k Dong (like $2.20) for a blowjob and nothing for sex.

Of course, I pay for her food, Grab, and for everything when we got out… so basically nothing because everything is cheap af in Vietnam.

Again, this is why it’s important to make sure you don’t start paying the girl from Day 1. Vietnamese women would laugh if you offer them 50k for a blowjob, but if they already like you, then they’ll be ripping your pants off at every opportunity for that 50k payday.

Is it a little beta?

Perhaps, but it’s $2 for a blowjob lmao.

Step 5: Only Give Her Money If She Fucks/Blows/Rims

Next step. You have to treat your Vietnamese Sugar Baby as an employee. And, I mean, you’re not dating a Vietnamese woman for the amazing Google Translate conversations…

Yeah, everyone knows why you’re dating a relatively cute girl that speaks broken English.

No harm. I’ve been doing it for years.

Anyway, don’t make the beta mistake of paying her money for….. standing around?

Absolute nonsense.

All money you pay your Budget Sugar Baby must be attached to some form of sexual or other service (cleaning, cooking, not talking for 30 minutes, etc.). Period.

I don’t care if you’ve already fucked twice, gotten two blowjobs, and a backrub on the same day – you’re gonna have to have to man up and nut a fifth time to maintain the “money = sex” aspect of your relationship.

This is paramount. You do not want to be in a situation where you pay a girl with no sex attached to it – that is a very bad habit.

This might sound easy, but when you’re a Budget Sugar Daddy your Sugar Baby will be asking for money a lot. You can accept or decline, obviously.

Just don’t give away your money for free. It’s of the upmost importance that you associate money with sex in these relationships.

Step 6: Attach Performance Metrics To Your Relationship

Another critical step is to attach performance metrics to your relationship with her.

I’m not talking about making her happy or gay shit like that.

No, the performance metrics are concerned with her weight. To be fair, this applies to all relationships.

You must keep a woman in a constant state of fearing that you will dump her if she gets fat.

Would you actually dump her if she gets fat?

Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she believes you’ll dump her if she gets fat.

For my relationships, I kept a scale in my apartment and told her she needed to stay under 45kg or else I’d find someone else.

This sounds evil, I know. But women like men that have high standards and lots of options.

They don’t like guys that say gay shit like, “I love you unconditionally no matter what you do.”

Telling a woman that you will dump her if she gains weight implies you have options and clearly shows you have standards. Both of which are chick crack.

Plus, women love looking great for a man that has standards. This is an important step in maintaining a strong relationship – don’t underestimate this aspect of your Sugar Baby relationship.

Step 7 (Nuclear Option): Burn Money In Front Of Her

An optional step in the process is to burn money in front of her.


If she starts bitching about you being cheap for not giving her money or only paying 50k for a blowjob, then pull out a 500k ($22) note from your wallet and light it on fire in front of her.

The 500k notes do burn despite being plastic… trust me on that one.

I yell something along the lines of, “It not about money. I have money. I not want give you that money,” as the money burns in front of her face.

The girl will get pissed off and start yelling at you and/or cry. Guaranteed. But it sends a clear message that you have money.

You’d just rather see it go up in flames than spend it on her.

It’s a dangerous move (and illegal), so watch out. The fallout from this will result in one of the following two scenarios occurring depending on how you play your cards:

  • The girl never talks to you again.
  • She falls madly in love with you.

It’s not recommended unless you want the girl out of your life because the risk is huge.

Use with caution and at your own risk.

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