5 Tips to NATURALLY Maintaining High T-Levels While Living Abroad

Having high testosterone levels is one of the most important things you can do as a man. In fact, testosterone is literally what makes us men.

Anyway, I won’t go over all the benefits of having high testosterone in this article, but you should definitely strive to keep your levels as high as possible.

This article will focus on what you can do to stop your t-levels from getting too low.

Don’t Drink Beer

The easiest way for most men to (probably) raise their testosterone level is to remove beer from their diet. Beer is made from hops and hops contains a hormone called phytoestrogen, which may have the same effects on the body as estrogen.

For those that don’t know, estrogen is the opposite of testosterone. It is something that we do not want.

Note: Scientists don’t know if phytoestrogen has any affect on the body. However, scientists also said smoking had no affect at one point in time. Is drinking beer really worth messing with your endocrine system? (1)

Keeping that in mind, we should probably just avoid beer since it does have phytoestrogen in it. Why risk it for something not required to live?

Clear alcohol, like vodka, is probably ok to drink since it doesn’t have phytoestrogen.

Lift Heavy Ass Weight

A great thing to raise you testosterone is to lift heavy weight. High weight and low reps are best. You should be doing stuff like squats, deadlifts, power cleans, and bench press. (2)

Don’t do long distance running or something stupid like that. That’s not good for your testosterone levels and it literally makes your muscles smaller. (3) Sprinting is probably good. Heavy weights are still the best though.

Plus, higher testosterone levels will make you lose fat. It’s natural and probably the best way to lose weight. (4)

Check out my article on getting big in Vietnam.

Avoid Plastic

Plastic is another thing you should avoid. (5)  I’m not say you should avoid it a little bit. This is something you should totally avoid.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much impossible in the 21st century in every single place on the planet. It’s especially impossible to do in Southeast Asia.

However, a good place to start is to avoid plastic silverware and drinking from plastic bottles. The only plastic bottles that are somewhat safe are ones that have the number 2 on the bottom. So milk bottles and other hard plastics.

Ones with #6 are especially dangerous. #6 is Styrofoam, so all that takeaway Asian food we all love is not good for us. Styrofoam is especially bad when it warms up because the chemicals leak into the food.

In fact, don’t heat up any plastic. Ever.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t be chewing on your pens or being a BO BF (bendover boyfriend).

Source for all this: EarthEasy

plastic table

Don’t Smoke Marijuana or Tobacco (Or Do Any Drugs)

Yeah, probably going to get flak for this one from the marijuana cult. Don’t care.

Marijuana and tobacco both interfere with your endocrine system in some way. Though scientists can’t agree on whether marijuana raises your t-level or lowers it.

Here are some primary sources:

Marijuana lowers testosterone in various lab animals.

There was a study in Denmark that found marijuana users had higher testosterone levels…. compared to cigarette smokers.

With that said, you should just avoid marijuana all together for other reasons. It gets expensive, makes you crave junk food, wastes a shitload of time since you’re basically useless while high… And it may or may not lower your testosterone levels.

I can’t think of any good reason a healthy man should use any drug. Most people can’t either. But I’m not your dad or an authoritarian leader (…yet), so I can’t force you to do anything.

We do know it messes with your endocrine system though, which isn’t good.

Everyone already knows that cigarettes, meth, heroin, and crack (not cocaine) are bad. Don’t really need to explain those ones.

Don’t Eat Processed Food, Soy, or Nuts

Processed food is full of all kinds of chemicals and all those chemicals lower your testosterone. In fact, there isn’t a single artificial chemical in food that will raise testosterone. (6)

Soy, and soy based products, are the same. (7) Soy is in just about everything that comes in a package too. And it is especially common in Asia. Hell, people eat soy bean smoothies and all kinds of other soy products.

soy meme

Before you eat food you should ask yourself, “Would a man in 12th century Europe have had access to this food?”

You should probably avoid it if the answer is no. That obviously isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it will keep you safe most of the time.

Also. Look at the food label and if you see really long ingredient names that you can’t pronounce, it’s probably bad for you.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s about all I can help ya’ll with for raising your t-levels. Following all this advice should make you much healthier both physically and mentally. The most important ones are probably cutting out all your beer, lifting heavy weight, avoiding plastic, and avoiding soy.

I’m just a guy on the internet. This isn’t health advice. What do I know?

And yes, I’m now on a mega-health kick.


  1. Eat heo quay (Vietnamese roasted pork belly). You can buy it for 20-25k per 100 grams at any vit or banh mi shop and you don’t have to eat any fillers like rice or bread. Straight protein and fat, great for testosterone. I usually microwave it or fry it in a pan (to eat eggs with after) just to kill anything that be living on it, since it’s hanging in open air all day. But I’ve never had any issues.

    1. Excellent tip.

      EDIT 3/25/19: Heo quay is really good and cheap. Highly recommend this instead of a shitty protein shake scam that doesn’t even work. 1kg from a butcher costs 200k-300k/kg and it lasts me two days.

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