The Key to Happiness in Your Early 20s

key to happiness

What’s up readers?

My analytics tell me that the vast majority of my readers are men in the 18-24 demographic. Well, I got a nice little article for ya’ll.

How many of you readers are depressed/discontent/bored with your life?

Most of you, right?

It’s crazy, really. You can go to any college town in America and talk to a young guy. They might seem happy on the outside, no guy will say they’re depressed, but once you dig a bit you realize they’re depressed/discontent/bored whatever with life.

The reasons for the reasons are waaaaaayyyyy beyond the scope of this blog… and not really relevant anyway. If you do enough digging, then you will find the cause.

Anyway, this article will cover the two basic reasons for a lot of the depression/discontent, some of the false traps to cure the depression/discontent, and the real way to cure it.

Hint: Moving to Asia to bang a bunch of girls is not the long term cure, but it might help.

The Cause

The big cause of all this male depression is two-fold.

First, a large portion of the male population has been denied of their primal urge to have sex with attractive women. You notice this with trends like the incel (involuntarily celibate) movement and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement.

In other words, guys want sex with attractive girls. Guys that don’t get sex with hot girls go into a depressed state and try to cure it with drugs and videogames.

The other reason is a little more complicated and I haven’t seen other blogs talking about it. Frankly, it’s a much bigger deal than not getting laid.

There isn’t any big struggle for men.

Think about this, western guys born before the 1920s always had a major conflict to deal with in their early 20s. This could be something big like fighting in a war (our grandfathers’ did this) or something relatively minor like building a home for your family (most of our grandfathers’ did this) or collecting firewood for the winter.

What struggle do western men under 25 have in 2018?

Most of these ‘struggles’ are just basic consumer decisions that you use to form your identity.

McDonald’s or Burger King? Virginia Tech or University of Virginia? Soy latte or iced tea? Accounting or engineering? Honda or Toyota? Apple or PC? Coke or Pepsi? Apple or Android?

You get the point.

Men solve problems, which requires a struggle. That’s literally what we’ve evolved to do.

Unfortunately, there just aren’t many conflicts/problems for men to solve or many (any?) life or death struggles for us.

False Ways to Find Happiness

The lack of struggles/conflict leads to depression in men.

Guys try to cure this depression in a few ways, but we usually choose the wrong way.

Gurus might tell you to go to the gym, bang hot girls, and make lots of money…

but is that the right path?

Hell, I spent most of this year trying to solve this discontent problem the wrong way, which is why I’m writing this post.


A common way to try to cure this depression is drugs. I’m not talking about just alcohol either.

Marijuana, alcohol, heroin, and pharmaceutical drugs are the usual way to mask depression.

Anything to numb the pain of an unfulfilled existence and make you veg out on the couch. Personally, I’m not a marijuana, heroin, or pharmaceutical drugs type person. Weed makes me a paranoid schizophrenic. Heroin and pharmaceuticals are just a hell no for me.

Alcohol was something I drank quite a bit of this year though. It didn’t make things better.

It actually made me feel like shit.

Also, notice that I didn’t mention cocaine. Cocaine is not going to numb any pain and make you veg out on the couch. It does the polar opposite.

Cocaine is more likely to make you get off your ass and do something INSANE.

There’s a reason guys with Type-A personalities (Wall Street bankers, expensive lawyers, business executives, high level politicians, etc.) snort cocaine and don’t usually smoke weed.

Note: I’m not advocating you snort cocaine. Drugs are bad mmkay? Cocaine is certainly not the worst drug you could do though.

Banging Lots of Girls

Another way to try to solve this boring existence problem is to fulfill your natural urge for pleasure and bang lots of hot girls.

Guys in the pickup artist type community usually fall for this trap.

Hell, I fell for this trap and it’s part of the reason I ended up in Vietnam (not gonna lie).

Sex feels good and you’re just following your urges, but it still isn’t going to make you truly happy.

Trust me, been there done that.

Check out an article I wrote on how to meet sexy Vietnamese girls.

Let me emphasize, it feels good and it might or might not make you temporarily happy.

It gets boring pretty fast though because it isn’t the key to happiness. It’s just a part of happiness.


On the opposite end of the sex scale is the MGTOW and Incel movement.

These guys have given up on women to focus on other guy stuff. They’re on the right track, but in typical male fashion they take things to the extreme.

They completely ignore women and watch porn instead, which is unnatural (mistake). And the guy stuff they usually end up focusing on is videogames, which is just an unnatural simulated hyper-reality (mistake).

Making Lots of Money

The other way guys try to solve the lack of struggle/conflict is by making a lot of money.

Making a lot of money is not a bad thing or a good thing. Money is not inherently good or evil. It’s just a representation of value.

Check out 7 different ways to make money online.

However, the reason you want this money is a good indicator of whether you will be happy or unfulfilled.

Do you want to make a lot of money so you can purchase consumer goods to validate your existence and attract more women?

Or do you want to change/conquer the world and destroy your “enemies,” which will result in you earning a lot of money?

You can probably figure out which one will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

The Key to Happiness

I kind of hinted at the key to happiness throughout the post. The higher IQ readers may have noticed it.

You have to conquer your environment.

Men evolved to conquer our environment to provide for our children.

This can mean a lot of different things for different men, but the general concept is the same.

Conquering our environment in the modern western world is a little different. Back in the day we could do this by killing an animal for food, digging a well to survive, conquering other nations for more women/resources, building a home, and so on.

Western men don’t do any of that anymore. Fresh water is delivered to our home at the turn of a tap, a drive to the grocery gives us access to thousands of food choices, a small professional warrior class goes to war on our behalf, and our homes were built by our fathers/grandfathers or professional builders.

Conquering Your Environment in Your Early 20s

Guys in their early 20s can’t conquer their environment.

There isn’t anything left to conquer.

Lots of men resort to videogames like Call of Duty or MMORPG’s to simulate conquering (this is why videogames are extremely popular with men), but that is all a fake reality. Other guys conquer women.

A very small minority of guys, like Uncle Ted, live off the land in Montana. Plz don’t send hate mail to people like Uncle Ted. His method was not a productive use of male energy and a waste of his 165 IQ. It was basically MGTOW on steroids.

In my experience, the best way to conquer your environment is to start a business that provides lots of value or some other BIG PROJECT that provides value.

It’s like the modern version of war. You, a male, will get pitted against other males fighting for a prize. The winner gets spoils (money, glory, women) and the loser… doesn’t.

It requires careful planning and strategy. The battle never ends. You’re always fighting.

It’s basically a videogame, but with real prizes and real loses.

Business is really the last remaining place for men to conquer their environment in any meaningful way (sports aren’t meaningful). Who knows how long we will have this environment though, so make sure to get in on the action before it’s too late.

One last thing, these things aren’t mutually exclusive. You can focus on conquering while still banging girls and doing drugs. In fact, that is probably the best way to live a nice and healthy well-rounded existence in your early 20s. Have some kids too.

Final Thoughts

Overall, don’t listen to the false prophets or gurus.

Banging lots of women, stacking lots of cash, playing videogames, and doing lots of drugs will not make you happy in the long-term.

The only way to find long-term happiness in your 20s is to conquer your environment. Do this by starting a business in a competitive industry or launching some sort of BIG PROJECT that will provide value.

Something that requires a long term plan that you can work toward is the goal here. Short bursts of pleasure will not make you happy.

Anything that simulates war is a good place to start. You want something that requires a clear strategy, careful planning, and that has consequences if you lose and rewards if you win.

Sports, business, and war are the only ones that really meet this requirement. War is not available to most of us and sports are a false reality, but business is a real reality.


  1. “There isn’t any big struggle for men.”

    There is no fear in society anymore… at all. When was the last time someone worried about starving to death? Sure, people may miss a meal or two and be hungry… but starvation? Doesn’t happen. An asswhooping in a bar… pretty rare (well… rare in most places, but in military towns a lot more). The chance of some war destroying your hometown. The West has it so good, they don’t know how to appreciate it anymore. Having a shitty time makes the goods times that much better.

  2. Nice article. I agree that making sex your sole focus is a mistake. It sure feels good though lol

    Are you going to say the cause of this problem?

    I’m curious

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