The Only New Year’s Resolution Worth Doing


Happy (Roman/fake) New Year everyone. I’m sure many of you have a New Year’s Resolution that will last all of a week because that’s just how they always work.

You know they’re stupid, I know they’re stupid, we all know they’re stupid… kind of like women. We can only shrug our shoulders at this perpetual failure.

Anyway, one my New Year’s Resolutions is to spend less time on my computer. A difficult task when you literally work on a computer.

To help with this stupid endeavor, I set my computer and phone screens to greyscale (monochromacy) a few days ago in 2019. I have one thing to say about this change: “Wow!”

Everything online sucks in greyscale – that’s a good thing. It’s much easier to not spend hours on YouTube, or Facebook for that matter, when all the videos and pictures look like a 1930s movie. Not to mention that it’s so, so much easier on the eyes AND the real world looks more vivid.

I highly recommend greyscaling your screens. It obviously won’t work for people in the visual arts or whatever, but for most people it should work great to lessen your online time in 2020.



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