My First Apartment – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

My First Apartment

Before moving, people that have never lived in Asia always told me I would find an amazing apartment in Southeast Asia for a low price.  So, I joined the Housing/Apartments For Rent Facebook group. That statement my friends back home said was certainly true.  However, you have to live further from the city center where the peasants live (ew), sign a long term lease, and have a Vietnamese friend.  Things I did not want to do three days after arriving.  And if you don’t  do that, then you end up with this:  a $340 “apartment”  in the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.  Brace yourselves, this is going to be super amazing:

HCMC district 1 Apartment

My Apartment.

Life In The Apartment

Ok. I know it sucks and looks like a glorified hotel room (it is).  However, $340 in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City gets me a room with a security guard that does not check Vietnamese ID cards.  I can walk to the city center and enjoy some drinks on Bui Vien…. not like I ever want to do that. Water, electricity, WiFi, a TV, and a refrigerator all included for the grand price of $340. On top of all of that, I can call Thoa the Receptionist and have a free breakfast delivered to my room from 7AM-12PM.  Did I mention the mattress is like sleeping on concrete?

No Kitchen

You might notice there isn’t a kitchen, but I don’t even know how to cook.  Not like I need to learn when three steps from my door I can pay $1 for a street food meal.  Banh mi, pho, or fresh spring rolls. I don’t even know what I’m eating most of the time, but it’s good 95% of the time.  4% of the time it’s just ok. 1% of the time I shit my brains out a few hours later, which means the food tasted great.  Now, I don’t always spend $1 per meal.  Sometimes if I feel like blowing money, I will splurge and spend $3 on street food.

I recommend checking out this Saigon street food guide. Mark covers everything much better than I do (at least right now).

Beef pho breakfast in HCMC

Beef pho breakfast.

Just your average Vietnamese snack. This cost 15k Dong (75 cents).My next apartment might have a kitchen so Ngoc or Thu can make me dinner and I can save 50 cents per meal.  We’ll see.  I sure as hell will not make any meals.

My Bathroom

Asia has weird bathrooms.  They call them wet bathrooms because the whole bathroom gets wet.  The concept of shower curtains does not exist in your traditional Vietnamese bathroom.  You can stand literally anywhere and just take a shower.  I like to poop while naked only wearing socks, but that is impossible in this bathroom.  Wet socks suck!

Bathtub In My HCMC Apartment

A very strange bathtub.

Bum Gun Sprayer

This is Asia. I love these butt sprayer things.

Is It Worth It?

Probably not.  I plan on moving in a month to a more luxurious apartment in District 3, 7, or 10.  Also, bringing Asian girls back is never fun. They look at me with that face as if I’m some broke ass dude living in a third world country (Ok, I am).  Western girls might believe that I chose a “more local experience” (lol).  Haven’t brought any western girls back, yet.

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