I Got Fired from My Teaching Job For This DUMB REASON

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What’s up readers?

For those of you that follow my blog (I see you in my Analytics), thank you.

Anyway, a blog posts ago mentioned my new English teaching job at a Vietnamese public school and it was basically impossible to get fired…

Well, they fired me from that job yesterday for a stupid mistake.

Let me explain.

Note: Excuse this dear diary blog post. We’ll resume our regularly scheduled content next week. -Neo

Why I got fired from a Vietnamese public school

So, you probably think they fired me for being a lazy piece of shit that missed work.

Nope. My ass was at work on time every single damn day.

Ok, so maybe it was because of my utter lack of experience teaching English?

That is certainly a possibility. However, the job is so low oversight that it seems improbable.

There are two reasons they fired me.

Banging My Teaching Assistant

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The first, and most probable, reason I got let was because of my romantic relationship with my teaching assistant.

More importantly, she thought this relationship would blossom into marriage, we would have 5 hapa babies, and we’d all come to the US and live happily ever after (on my money, of course).

Yeah… no lol.

In reality, we went out for drinks one night, she spent the night, and then never talked again.

Two weeks later I am fired and a class she assists with is cited as a “problem class.”


I think not.

Should have just stuck with Vietnam Cupid for meeting Vietnamese women.

Vietnam Cupid Box

Knocked Over The Principal’s Motorbike

Also, I knocked over the principal’s parked motorbike the day before I got fired.

It was an accident, but he still did not look happy. He may have complained to my employer and got me fired.

This seems unlikely, but you never know with the Vietnamese.

How Not To Get Fired

Getting fired from a public school teaching job is difficult, but my story proves that it does happen.

Most people are fired because the school complains. The school usually complains because you are late, smell bad, wear the same clothes, come in hungover, or don’t even make an attempt to teach.

In my case, the school cited unspecified “issues” and then my private employer fired me over the issues.

Basically, don’t rock the boat at your place of employment and you should be fine.

Anyway, this website made well over $100 (we had 3 big affiliate sales) the same day this happened. It literally made more in one day than it has all year.

That’s an omen to quit fucking around teaching English for peanuts and focus on my online ventures. Yes, I believe in all that kind of stuff due to past experiences.


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