Dating Vietnamese Girls: Everything You Need to Know

We all know Vietnamese women are better than American women. That is obvious to anyone that has lived in Vietnam for longer than a day. However, what may not be so obvious is how to find a Vietnamese girlfriend.

Just kidding.

Finding a Vietnamese girlfriend is one of the easiest things you can do while living in Vietnam. You can probably find a girlfriend within 3 days of landing in Saigon. Almost every Vietnamese girl you interact with will want to be your girlfriend.

However, finding a good Vietnamese girlfriend is pretty damn hard. Things that make a good Vietnamese girlfriend good include the usual things like cooking, not being an obvious gold digger, and speaking English.

Here is everything you need to know about dating Vietnamese girls. It includes how to find the girls, how to make them your girlfriend, and how to have a happy relationship.

Go Where The Good Girls Hangout

Sorry guys, you aren’t going to find a good girl working at a massage parlor giving happy endings or at a girly bar. I once got in an argument with an American expat at a girly bar because I said to him “None of the girls working here [girly bar] are good girls.” He was genuinely offended at my statement and rejected my premise. What a complete loser.

I later found out that his ex-girlfriend worked at a girly bar while they dated.

So yes, I have to include this seemingly obvious fact.

Any girl that makes her money by sitting in a guy’s lap isn’t a good girl by any definition of the word “good.” If I told any of the actual good girls I know that they should work in a girly bar, then they would probably cry…

And then work in a girly bar because I’m such a pimp.

Where to find good girls?

vietnam farm girls

You can go to a farm to find good girls too.

Now that we’ve gone over where NOT to meet a good girl. Lets go over where we can find a good Vietnamese girl in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Vietnam Cupid

I think Vietnam Cupid is one of the better places to find a genuinely good girl. You can find any kind of Vietnamese girl you want on the site, which I wrote a blog post about (Vietnam Cupid guide). It’s like an Asian buffet, but instead of eggrolls and fried rice you have every category of girl:

You have the sluts, virgins, gold diggers, borderline prostitutes, girls looking for English lessons, and married girls looking for some fun.


Vietnam Cupid in a nutshell.

However, you do have to especially watch out for gold diggers on this website. I’ll write a full guide on how to screen for gold diggers in the future, but for now this article on girls asking for money should have you covered.

  • 23/9 Park

You can sit down at 23/9 Park (or Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi) and girls will approach you to practice English. If they’re hot, then agree to help them. Tell them you live in Saigon and ask them if they have a boyfriend. Sounds weird… It isn’t, this is a fairly normal question the girls ask so it’s easy to do the “No. And you?” line. Even if it is weird… who cares?

If they say they don’t have a boyfriend (she still might), then ask for a coffee date and get their Zalo number. You can actually find a decent amount of good girls with this method. The only issue you might run into is that if she can approach you, then she can approach other foreigners.

  • The Café

This one actually requires you to do some work in real life. I like to work in cafes and the cafes here like to hire cute 18-22 year old girls with tight little bubble butts to distract me from getting any work done.

The waitresses will recognize you after two or three times because foreigners stick out like a sore thumb. Sometimes they approach to “practice English”, but normally they just linger around and expect you to start a conversation.

Just ask what their name is and go from there.

After you’ve talked for like 30 seconds just tell them that you think they’re cute and want to know them better. Ask for their Zalo and setup a coffee date.

Approaching a girl in real life sounds nerve wracking because you’re probably a girly-man that only uses Tinder. Just don’t worry about what she thinks because she’s a girl and who cares lol.

For real, the girls working at the café make like $200/month. They view Westerner men as super wealthy and would love to date one.

She’ll also view you asking her out on a date as something from a romance movie. Rich foreigner meets a poor plain Jane girl working at a café.

Girls love that.

Making Her Your Girlfriend

The first step to making a Vietnamese girl your girlfriend is to fuck five different girls.

Yes. This is super critical.

It might be the most important step in this whole process. You don’t want to make a girl your girlfriend because you’re lonely and want human interaction. If you still want your original girl after the five girls, then she’s the one for you.

Anyway, don’t bother asking her to be your GF. Just wait for her to ask.

She might ask after one day or two weeks, but usually it will happen fairly fast. Also, you should know after the first meeting or two if the girl is girlfriend material or not (Does she cook? Does she suck dick?). Don’t do any of this “I need to know her for months” before turning her into a girlfriend. That’s bullshit…

unless you’re telling her that so you can keep boinking her for those months. Then feel free to keep doing that without having her officially be your girlfriend. All the perks of sex without having to commit to being her boyfriend.

Sounds like a deal to me.

How to Flirt with a Vietnamese Girl

Flirting with these girls is piss easy. In fact, you don’t need to play the whole cat and mouse game of acting disinterested and making her chase you like you do in the United States. I mean, you still do. Just not nearly as much.

You can literally just tell the girl that she is cute. Just don’t overdo it with the neediness, but telling her that she’s cute won’t make her instantly resent you like it would back home.

Don’t do anything cringey like show up with flowers for the first date.

Dating Culture in Vietnam

Dating culture here is a little different than dating culture in America. First, things move fast in Vietnam.

You can land at the airport, find a Vietnamese girlfriend, and then a Vietnamese wife in a span of a week. I’m not even joking. Things here move FAST.

Keep that in mind.

There also isn’t so much casual dating. These girls have one thing on their mind and that is marriage. If you say you don’t want marriage or kids, then you can expect your dating results to diminish. Just how it is over here.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of girls that are sluts.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it. That’s how you find a Vietnamese girlfriend.

I’m telling you people, this isn’t that hard. If you’re an incel that lives in the West and are considering taking the easy way out, then please just hop over to Southeast Asia and give life one more shot. You’ll probably like it.

The hardest part is finding a good girl that won’t take all your money and force you to suck dicks on Bui Vien for 100k Dong. I personally think the foreigners end up in that situation are guys without much experience with women. These clueless foreigners basically fuck and marry the first woman that shows over the top interest in them…

usually a gold digger.

I hope this guide can help you find a girlfriend.




  1. Your articles are absolutely appalling. A disgrace. Sorry its so hard for you to get laid by anyone with real intelligence and you can only pray on the ones desperately trying to survive. Sorry you have zero redeemable qualities and that you will never be truly loved. You’re a monster.

  2. This is fucking appalling. I’ve read some of your other articles about vietnamese girls. They are all so offensive and degrading! What’s wrong with you!?! You’re such a horrible arsehole of a cunt that there’s no amount of bad words can fully describe what you are!! How many vietnamese girls have you met? If you think and treat girls this way, no wonder why you’ve only met “gold diggers”. Since the intelligent and nice one can see you’re a dickhead and don’t want to have anything to do with you. It’s not like western countries have gold diggers or anything right? just vietnamese women, yeah? You frame it like all vietnamese girls want to jump on any white-guys dick they meet. You know the dating culture in Vietnam but do you even bother to understand why it is like that? I bet not! I’m so sick of all of you entitled fuckers coming to vietnam and look down on the women here. Yes, there are some bad ones that date white guys for money or passport. but unless you’ve met ALL vietnamese women, you have absolutely no fucking right to generalise us like that. Try and treat people with respect and see the difference! People say, treat people the way you want to be treated because what you give out to the world is what you’ll get back! If you don’t put any effort into knowing the girl, and only trying to get into her pants, how the hell can you expect the “relationship” to be deep? And if that’s your only goal, why bother getting a vietnamese “girlfriend”? just go and pay for prostitute. Stop objectify Vietnamese women like we are some kind of sex toy to you and then turn back and insulting us like this. That’s like a stupid dog who turn around and bite the person who just feed you! And what if the girls just want to have sex too? There’s nothing with that! It’s the same how you guys have needs too! It’s so irony how you would call them “slut” and “easy” while you’re doing the exact same thing! it’s so fucking immature and sexist to do that when Sex, when consensual, involves two grow up adults who can think for themselves, agreeing to do it. One can’t tango alone. If you don’t want it, then don’t do it! No one is saying you have to fuck every girl you talk to. And if that’s what you want to do, then don’t talk shit about it! Also, as i can see from your screenshots, the girls who talk to you have terrible english and probably used google translate. So next time, maybe you coward dipshit, who probably scared of smart girls who will call you out and won’t take your bullshits, should try and meet up with girls who are educated and can actually speak english. If you ever lucky enough to meet one, i think the chances you’ll get slapped, punched and kicked are probably higher than you getting laid!

    1. Breaking my #1 rule here, but I’ll humor myself.

      >How many vietnamese girls have you met?

      Over 100 at this point.

      >It’s not like western countries have gold diggers or anything right? just vietnamese women, yeah?

      All women are “gold diggers” to an extent as in they look for guys with money to provide for them. Vietnamese women are just very poor, so they go after every Western guy.

      >but unless you’ve met ALL vietnamese women, you have absolutely no fucking right to generalise us like that.

      It’s called a sample size determination. Guess they don’t teach stats in Vietnam.

      >There’s nothing with that! It’s the same how you guys have needs too! It’s so irony how you would call them “slut” and “easy” while you’re doing the exact same thing!

      Not how the world works.

      >If you ever lucky enough to meet one, i think the chances you’ll get slapped, punched and kicked are probably higher than you getting laid!

      A girl physically assaulting me?!? Wow I’m terrified… LOL. I doubt they would anyway. Women LOVE me.

      1. I can understand why Angry Vietnamese Girl is angry, I completely agree with her attitude towards your attitude in most of your blog posts about dating us local women. But you’ve got a point, the dating behaviour from the majority of Vietnamese don’t help this argument. Perhaps it would be fair for one of us to start a blog telling the other half of the story: dating/fucking/gold digging a foreigner.

        1. I’m also curious how all you Vietnamese women find this blog. I get angry emails from Vietnamese women (or “Vietnamese women” that speak perfect English…) almost every week.

          1. tbh I find it to be a good laugh. and like you said , truth is ugly. consider doing stand up comedy in Saigon?

          2. Ah. Glad you like it here and understand where I’m coming from.

            My anonymity allows me to be much more real with my commentary, so probably not. Don’t think I would say a lot of this stuff to a public audience.

  3. hello neo, when it comes to dating, i am just beginner in this field, i read some topics in this site but i find nothing attractive when you just talk about how to take an advantage of your strong as expat but hid the tactic, can you show me some tactics that you used in your dating. ps i am vietnamese and looking for your support on me.

    1. I’m not sure how a Vietnamese guy would do it, but here we go:

      1. Invite a girl for coffee.
      2. Invite her to your apartment.
      3. Once in your apartment you should ignore her for like 10 minutes.
      4. Pull her into you for the kiss after 10 minutes of ignoring her.
      5. Take her shirt off.
      6. …

      More importantly, do not even listen to anything she says. Treat all women like your 10 year old sister. Do not take them serious. Trust me, this works with women in every culture.

  4. Girls here seem to be working some angle and most take forever to put out. I really hate going on 2nd dates…or hell, stuffy awkward coffee dates that go nowhere.

    Philippines is much much better for quicker sex but the girls are less refined and living in that snake pit of a country will drive you insane.

    Good blog.

    1. Thanks man, glad you like it.

      Yeah, coffee dates aren’t fun and especially in VN where the English can be so-so. Sitting side-by-side at the bar near the big window (most coffee shops have this setup) works good though. It just makes it a bit more bearable.

      Never been to the Phils, but I’ve seen enough that I know I’d probably hate it. Vietnamese girls look much better too.

  5. I want to marry a Viet woman. I have blue eyes and want a kid with blue eyes.

    Do you think they would like it if we adopted a white kid?

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