Bar Fights in Asia Get Ugly Quick – My Story

This is just a quick reminder post.

Asia has this concept called face. I won’t explain this whole thing. This blog isn’t really about that. Basically, it’s just not embarrassing other people or making them feel bad. This is why girls will (almost) always give you their number if you ask, but then never respond to your text message. Or at a job interview they say you did great and they’ll call you back… and they never call you.

You get the point.

This also applies to losing your temper. Losing your temper is a quick way to make everyone around you lose “face” because it makes them embarrassed. Ever notice how Asians never seem to get angry?

That’s because they don’t want to lose face.

However, when you force an Asian to lose face you will see some disastrous results. This could include suicide as was the case with a lot of Japanese during WWII (also why they didn’t surrender after getting nuked). It could also include angry, and potentially deadly, outbursts.

Ok. Now that we got some context I can tell a story about causing an Asian to lose face.

The Bar

My Vietnam Cupid date didn’t want to go up to my apartment (She was butt ugly anyway. Ugly girls are usually harder to fuck in my experience). I ended up talking to my expat neighbors and decided to go out with them. It beat jacking off or something.

Anyway, we go out and have a jolly old time. We go to a hostess bar and have some drinks. Everything is going great and we’re all laughing.

The bar eventually gets boring so we decide to go to a bar on Bui Vien. This is where stuff gets interesting. We’re just sitting around on the sidewalk tables out front when one of the expat guys disappears to the convenience store down the street. I think he was just getting ice cream.

Anyway, he walks back after five minutes. Right as he’s about to sit down some toothless woman and her teenage son run up to him. She starts slapping him in the face. He just stands there looking at her.

She stops for a second, picks up her sandal, and starts hitting him with it. He got sick of this pathetic beatdown, so he grabbed the sandal out of her hand…

waved it in her face and threw it down the street.

It was at this moment that things got ugly.

Her manlet son who weighed like 110 pounds and had noodle arms got pissed at this. Mr. Noodle Arms didn’t have the strength or size to throw a punch, so he grabs MY beer bottle off the table and smashes it on my friend’s head (it still had beer in it too).

My friend doesn’t even get KO’d from this (lol). He somehow has a little blood on his hand.

The Brawl

Mr. Noodle Arms tried to punch my friend, but two other (large) expats we were with jumped on him before he could do anything. This fight spilled out onto the street. Suddenly, two Vietnamese guys show up with big ass PVC pipes and start swinging at the two expats.

They dodge these crazy mofos with the pipes. Eventually sexy women in short skirts run up and breakup the fight… that’s typically how fights between guys end.

In total, one of the expats hurt his hand from punching the Viet kid. The other expat took a glancing blow to the back and face. He had a pretty nasty scar, but nothing too bad.

The guy that got bottled had a big lump on his head for a week.

The drove off on her motorbike… without her sandal.

The Cause

The whole reason for this fight was stupid. It all started because she almost bumped into the expat while on her motorbike. He got mad and kicked her motorbike.

She didn’t like that.

Now, he should have just said ignored her and kept walking. Shit happens in Asia. This lady was a toothless old woman. She was the equivalent of trailer trash in America.

The bottling only occurred because he tossed her sandal down the street. If he didn’t do that, then they probably would have just left.

I don’t blame the expat guys for fighting. What guy doesn’t like a fight?

You just have to be careful.

The Big Lesson

A few lessons. Don’t escalate situations in Vietnam. Vietnamese don’t like losing face and will react violently if you cause them to lose too much face. Also, don’t be a dick.

The other lesson involves the two expat guys. Be very careful when fighting in Southeast Asia. Those expats were actually Viet-Kieu. It didn’t matter.

Locals hate seeing other locals get beat up by foreigners.

This is super important and is worth repeating. Random locals get super pissed if they see foreigners fighting any Vietnamese person (or Vietnamese looking person) and will pile onto you. I’ve seen it before. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of this happening. It’s a pretty well known phenomenon.

The angry mob will likely beat the shit out of you. Maybe kill you.

Life is cheap here. Stay safe.

Don’t get in fights unless you’re Brock Lesnar or some shit.


  1. This could have easily been avoided. We have to remember that we are a guest on their country as Foreigners. The kid going straight to smashing a bottle and then using it is gnarly though wow. Glad no one died.

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